Master Astral Projection, and increase your psychic abilities! is the best place to learn about Astral projection (also known as Astral travel or OBEs). You probably have a few questions, and that’s fine. We’ve created this site to be the number one resource for astral projection. Let’s start with a few basic things to get started.

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is the ability to separate your physical body from your ‘astral’ body and travel around the astral planes while still being ‘connected’ to your physical body via a ‘cord’. Sound confusing? Well, the more you read, the more you’ll understand how it works.

The basis of astral projection is that you can, with practice, separate your astral body from the physical. An important part of astral travel is actually believing that there IS an astral body and it CAN be separated from the physical one. If you don’t believe this, you’ll find it very difficult!

Why would you want to do that?

Well, the idea is that you can transcend worldly things and achieve a higher state of consciousness. You’re also said to be able to connect with entities such as angels, spirits and other astral beings. These beings and entities can give you answers to questions you may have, or connect with you in other ways. Here are some reasons you might want to learn how to astral project: 

  • Unlock your mind and explore the spiritual realm every night
  • Learn more about the world, the astral realm, and everything in it
  • Begin to connect with your higher consciousness and raise your vibrations so you can feel better, have more energy and learn who you truly are
  • Be able to astral project anywhere, whenever you want

Is astral travel the same as a lucid dream?

Well, yes and no. They’re not the same thing but they are similar in terms of HOW you have the experiences, the exercises you should do to have the experiences, and the sort of feelings you’ll have when doing them. Confusing, we know. We have more information on the similarities between astral travel and lucid dreaming if you’re interested!

Where to get started?

Astral projection can seem strange and at the start, VERY confusing. Especially if you’ve never done it before, and so for that reason we’ve created a detailed and effective guidebook to walk you through the beginner steps and just make sure you astral project fast. The guide is currently being offered at a huge discount, so check it out! Learn more about the beginners astral projection guide (PDF).