Astral projection is the act of sending your astral body out of your physical self. You will have to practice to be able to successfully astral project, which may leave you wondering why to put your time and effort into doing so.

Well, there are numerous benefits to exploring astral projection. Many people who experience Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) describe the experience as being scary, exciting and enlightening. If you train your mind and body to master astral projection, it will have numerous positive effects on you.

Although it may take time and lots of concentration to acquire the skill to astral project, it’s well worth persevering because there are countless ways in which OBEs can improve your life.

What are the benefits of astral projection?

Benefits of astral travel

1: Loss of a fear of death

Essentially, the fear of the body’s death isn’t important when you realise you’re in the astral realm. This is a live-changing realisation! Once you access the astral realm, you’re psychosoma (or ‘astral body’) is existing outside of your physical self. This means that your energy and astral self can exist independently of your physical form, and free of any limitations that may be placed on your body through illness or injury.

2: An increased respect for life

You may think that discovering that death isn’t frightening would have a negative impact on your love of living. After all, why do you need your physical body if your astral body can reach the astral realm without it? However, this discovery of a whole new experience will more likely awaken an appreciation for the world that is around you.

By comparing the astral plane with the world on this plane, you’ll begin to appreciate all of the things that make the physical world special. Life will become more of an adventure to you.

3: Personal development

Through this expanded vision of the different realms, you’ll see the physical world from a new perspective. This openness will overflow to your physical life, where you will grow and be ready to face more of life’s adventures.

4: Improved sleep

Mediation and breathing are important factors when training to astral project. By mastering the rhythm of your own body and learning to be truly relaxed, body and mind, you’ll become more in-tune with yourself. This inner calmness will undoubtedly lead to you having a much more restful night’s sleep.

5: Heal your body

When you’re asleep, your body heals itself. If you miss out on sleep for too long you can even die, as your body isn’t able to recharge and restore itself. Astral projection means your astral form leaves your physical body behind, putting your body in a similar state as to when you’re asleep.

Because of this, having an OBE is a great way to allow your body to heal. However, because your energy is in such a raised state during astral projection, healing that would take hours in sleep takes only minutes during astral projection.

6: You’ll achieve an energy equilibrium

Similar to your improved mindfulness through meditation, the connection with your inner energy will improve. Like a muscle that will gain in strength through use, training to connect with your energy will get easier every time, until you are completely calibrated within yourself.

7: Gain access to psychic abilities

As you unlock your inner energy and become in-tune with it, your psychic abilities will develop. Some people report being able to enter different rooms in their home during an out of body experience, and are able to learn the location of objects someone had placed in the room without them seeing it on this plane.

Others say they have been able to meet deceased relatives in the astral realm, giving them closure when their physical brain and parabrain (or ‘astral brain’) reunite. In the book Adventures Beyond the Body, there is an instance of just that happening to author of the Jurassic Park series, Michel Chrichton, where Michel tells of when he met his father and was able to properly say goodbye.

8: Recall past lives

Life regression is a rather commonly reported journey people take when having an OBE. It is a common theory that life isn’t linear and that these lives are actually happening parallel to one another, which may be why so many people say they have been part of a ‘past’ life during astral projection.

Have you ever felt a special energy at a particular location? This may be a residual energy from where your lives are intersected! Sometimes, visiting the astral dimension will involve ‘living’ your past life and seeing things through their eyes. Other times, you’ll be able to see them as if you’re watching a movie.

9: Meet your spirit guide

Through astral projection, you’re able to connect with other entities such as angels, spirits and other beings. They may be able to give you answers to questions about the universe and beyond. Alternatively, their role might be to direct your life, and lead you down the right path. Either way, meeting other beings in the astral realm is never dangerous as you’re the one in control, so you can always feel safe and positive when meeting a someone in the astral dimension.

10: Have fun!

Lastly but certainly not least, exploring the astral realm is great fun! In fact, many people begin exploring OBEs because they’re looking to escape from the stresses of the physical world and simply have fun. You get to discover a whole new realm, where you can fly free and are safe. In addition to staying focussed when preparing to astral project, it’s also really important to bring a child-like curiosity to the experience.