This website collects some of your information and this page is here to explain how we use that information.

Email address

There is an option to enter your email address on this site and receive emails from us about articles, products and other updates. By entering your email into any of the opt in forms on the website, you agree that you’re giving us permission to email you, and you’re allowing us to send you messages.

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We promise to never give away, share or otherwise abuse your email address.


This website collects little bits of information about you called ‘coookies’. These are bits of information that tell us about how you browswe the internet. For the most part, (in fact, almost all the time) we never even see these cookies. They’re only there to provide third parties like Google with information about how to better advertise products to you. They’re also sometimes used by us to track whether you’ve subscribed to our email list already and other little things like that.

If you’re not okay with the use of cookies, you can easily turn them off by going into your internet browsers settings and disabling cookies.

Your agreement

By using this website you agree that all of this is fine and that you understand how to remove cookies, and that your email address is safe etc.