We’ve collected a load of astral projection resources and tools for you here, to help you on your journey. They’re sorted by category and constantly updated to remain relevant for you. Enjoy!

Tutorials and courses

  • The beginners astral travel guide (PDF ebook) – One of the best ebooks about astral projection that will walk you through the beginner steps and help you overcome most problems that you’d run into.
  • Brainwave entrainment A guide to using sound waves to boost your chances of having an OBE naturally. These can cut your learning curve in half very fast.
  • Astral projection mastery: A complete 15 hour video course going through absolutely everything you need to know to astral project and much more. Probably the most detailed and effective course on the internet, and THE place we’d suggest you start if you’re new here.
  • Reiki and chakra mastery: If you’re interested in learning about the chakras, and how to unlock the energy systems in your body (which will ultimately help you induce more OBES) then this is a great place to start
  • Lucid dreaming mastery: A complete animated whiteboard video course on lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams and become aware that you’re dreaming, and is very closely linked to astral projection.

Brainwave entrainment

There are certain types of soundwaves called ‘binaural beats’ or ‘Isochronic tones that make your brain glide into an OBE easily. They work very quickly, and very well.

These can be listened to whenever you like through stereo headphones. There are lots of fakes out there, so we’ve collected only the highest quality and best producers of these beats for you guys:

  • Ennora: powerful binaural beats designed to help you induce OBEs and astral travel FAST
  • MP3 meditation club: Very well crafted tracks that go on for a long time, and help you induce deep meditative states easily
  • Zen meditation: Guided meditation program designed to help you reach deep relaxed and spiritual states in a matter of minutes
  • Astral acoustics: This is the most effective binaural beats provider specifically for astral projection, and their astral projection package REALLY does work fast. That link should give you a discount there as well.

Crystals and physical aids

You can use crystals to help you become more likely to have an OBE. There are certain crystals which have natural powers in them giving you more chance of being able to travel the astral realm.

  • Astral travel crystal: The most commonly used crystal for astral projection, from a high quality supplier. They ship almost anywhere in the world.
  • Incense to help you relax: This incense is specially blended to help you increase the chances to astral projecting. It’s sometimes out of stock though, be warned!