That loud ringing noise in your ears.. Do you hear it?

Not everyone does, but you might soon. If you’ve had more than a couple of astral experiences, you’ve probably experienced a sort of buzzing noise in your ears as you try to leave your physical body.

This ringing noise is common to astral projection and is nothing to worry about.

What is the astral projection buzzing noise?

It’s essentially what you hear when you’re separating from your physical body. It can be described as a ringing, buzzing, popping noise, roaring, or whining noise in your ears.

It could also sound like white noise, a swarm of bees or a lot of flies etc.. Regarding what it actually IS, it’s debatable. Here are some common theories for what it means:

  • It’s your spirit guide – The buzzing noise is your spirit guide trying to make contact with you through the astral plane. The sound you hear is because there isn’t a way for the astral entity to communicate properly, or you’re not ready to hear the message just yet.
  • It’s aliens – Aliens are trying to contact you and much like the astral guide, they don’t know how to communicate, so this is interpreted by your body and mind as a loud roaring noise or whining sound.
  • It’s just a side effect of projection – It happens normally when you astral travel and means that you’re doing it ‘right’. Some people also say that it means you’re separating from your physical body properly. It means that your link to your physical body is strong and stable.
  • It’s nothing/no explanation – The noise doesn’t mean anything. It just happens, and that’s that!

So why do people hear this humming noise?

It’s unclear. There are several suggested reasons, but we do know that the noise is entirely internal. It’s not an ACTUAL noise that could damage your ears in your physical reality. If you’re not sure about this, just record yourself doing astral projection and play it back. You’ll see that there isn’t any actual noise. It’s internal.

It doesn’t do any damage, but if you find it uncomfortable or that it hurts in any way just take a break from astral travel for a few days. Don’t do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable or could discourage you from wanting to learn more.