What is the silver cord (relating to astral travel)?

It’s the thread connecting you to your physical body so you don’t get ‘trapped’ or lost in the astral realm. It’s debatable whether or not you COULD get lost in this way but it’s fairly well known that the silver cord connects you to your physical body.

It can help you navigate around the area near your physical body and it helps you to return to your physical reality whenever you want. It can help you instantly get back to your physical body if you want to.

The astral cord

It’s also known as the ‘sutratma’ or the ‘life thread of the antahkarana’. This means the link from the higher self or ‘atma’ to your physical body.  It’s useful to at least know a little bit about the silver cord when you’re learning how to astral travel.

What does the cord look like?

The silver cord has been said to look like an inch wide strand of tinsel. It’s also been said to look something like an elastic string of energy. It really depends on the person, as some people don’t even see anything at all.

Here’s the weird part:

Despite it being commonly known and referred to, it’s actually not seen that often. People only report seeing it when they have a NDE (near death experience) and for most astral travelers, it’s invisible. Rather, regular travelers report just feeling ‘separate’ from their physical body without actually being able to see the cord.

Even if you don’t see the silver cord it’s still there, in the form of a ‘tethering’ energy keeping you linked to your physical body. Don’t worry if you don’t see it. Not everyone does, but just know that is IS there all the time.

What happens when the silver cord is broken?

When the silver cord is broken, you’re dead.

Sounds pretty dark, but don’t worry. It’s NOT easy to break the silver cord, and it’s not like you can ‘accidentally’ break it just by doing normal astral travel. Usually, the cord can only be broken when your physical body is killed.

Depending on HOW you’re killed or die, you may have a NDE. This means ‘Near death experience’. Let’s say for example, that you have a heart attack. Your astral body will start to move further and further away from your physical body, still connected by the silver cord UP TO A POINT.

If you’re revived before you’ve traveled too far, then you can be pulled back using your silver cord and brought back to life.

This is why many people have reported seeing themselves rising up out of their bodies when they’ve had heart attacks or other near death experiences.

They’ve experienced their astral body being separate from their physical body. Much longer and the cord would have been broken and they’d be permanently dead.

Your body is smart though:

If you’re about to die from something SUDDEN like a car crash, plane crash or from falling from a building then your body will snap the cord for you before you impact the thing. This is to stop you from experiencing the intense sudden moment of pain before death, and allows you to pass peacefully.

History of the silver cord

The silver cord in the bible

The silver cord has been referred to again and again thorughout many cultures, religions and history books. The most popular mention is actually in the bible. (It’s specifically mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 in the Christian old testament).

The meaning of the silver cord in the bible is as follows (direct quote):

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

That being said, there is some debate as to EXACTLY what it means as when it was translated, it was slightly unclear what the exact translation should have been. It’s still clear from this that it has been talked about and known about for many many years.

The link between the silver cord and the umbilical cord

There is a well known link between the silver cord linked with astral travel, and the umbilical cord, birth, and babies.

Here’s how it works:

It’s said that the experience of traveling through a ‘tunnel’ like formation is similar to when a baby is born and travels through the birth canal, connected via an umbilical cord. There are strong connections between these two experiences. It’s said that astral travel is linked to getting closer to the origin and meaning of life, and involution.

The silver cord and birth

It’s also said that when a baby is first born, they’re very close to the ‘answer to life’ or ‘ascension’, because they’re as close to death as they’ll ever get (until they actually die for real). The umbilical cord is life giving for babies, and a baby would die if it were cut during pregnancy.

In the same way, the silver cord gives life to your body and connects your physical body with your higher self (or your atma). It’s also been said that those born through a C section who go on to learn astral projection DON’T experience the silver cord (they don’t see it at all).

How to protect your silver cord

In terms of protecting it, you don’t need to do much. That being said you should make sure your chakras are kept clean and unblocked, and that you practice meditation regularly. This will help keep you in line with your higher self.

Tips and important warnings

There are a few things you really should be aware of when astral traveling regarding your silver cord. These should be read and understood before you attempt to astral project: (click a button to unlock)