Astral travel or projection is the ability to separate your spiritual body or form from your PHYSICAL body and explore the ‘astral realm’.

This opens up many questions, and this post is going to be a quick introduction to astral projection, and what exactly it is and how it works. So to get started:

The astral realm

The astral realm is supposed to be a spiritual place that people who are experiencing OBEs can travel to, to explore or learn from. It’s a place that can take a lifetime to fully explore, and it can be discussed with other astral travelers.

What that means is that you can meet up with OTHER people who are astral traveling, and talk about the SAME things that you’ve both experienced. This means it’s not a place that is INTERNAL (like lucid dreaming, inside your own head) but rather a place that is EXTERNAL to your mind.

The astral realm is the space between heaven and earth, a sort of light space in between these two places (in between life and death) which is supposedly filled with angels, demons and many other entities and energies. It can be dangerous to explore but as long as you know what you’re doing, it’s fine! (You’re also linked to your body with a strong cord)

What is astral travel?

Astral travel is actually bringing your consciousness or awareness OUTSIDE your physical body and into your spiritual body so you can explore the astral realm.

For most people, this will be a completely new, scary and interesting experience, but for those of you who have done this before, it will simply be part of your life and you’ll just accept it, just as you accept going to sleep or eating as part of life.

The idea and ability has been around for thousands of years but was mainly rooted and sort of ‘proposed’ in the 19th Century. It’s been strongly linked to dreams, meditation and mindfulness over the years and sort of bunched together with the same cliche.

Different meanings in different countries

Just like lucid dreaming having different meanings in various parts of the world (tibetan dream yoga, western lucid dreaming etc) astral travel means something different wherever you go.

There are parts of the world where it’s linked to their religion, and they believe it’s contact with the divine, and there are tribes that believe it’s a way of attracting good luck when hunting in the forest.

No matter where you go though, the description of the EXPERIENCE remains the same:

Traveling OUTSIDE your body and to other planets, stars, places and worlds. It’s like seeing your body from ABOVE as if you’re floating outside of your body and bed, and then being able to move with great speed to anywhere you can possibly imagine.

How to get started

To get started with astral projection, try reading our full OBE guide and then getting a set of binaural beats like these. Listen to them as you practice the steps outlined in the article, and you’ll be having OBEs and astral traveling in no time at all!