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FREE VIDEO TRAINING: Learn How To Upgrade Your Body And Mind By Raising Your Vibrations

What Is Spirituality And Consciousness?

AstralHQ home for starseeds and lightowkers

Spirituality and consciousness is very important in todays world. Knowing or exploring who we really are, and WHY we’re really here is critical to long term happiness.

AstralHQ is a place to learn about various elements of spirituality and consciousness. We explore topics like:

Our Best Programs

Superhuman Optimisation System

This is our most advanced and effective program. In Superhuman Optimisation, you’ll learn how to raise your vibrations and frequency. This directly helps you astral project, but it also helps you access your Higher Self, manifest your dream life and get ‘unstuck.

You can either read more about it now, or watch our free video training that introduces the idea of raising your vibrations (do this first).

Shifting Vibrations’ Audios (Popular)

Shifting Vibrations is our collection of custom binaural beats specifically to help you astral project, and raise your vibrations. These have been laced with Subliminals, ambient noises, binaural beats and unique audio features.

Listen to them every morning and night to increase your chances of astral projecting and opening your third eye.

Helping Humanity Ascend…

We believe that there are basic ‘building blocks’ that EVERYONE can learn.

These building blocks will help you raise your vibrations/frequency, change your reality and therefore, change the WORLD and the reality we’re all experiencing.

There’s clearly lots going on in the world today, and it can seem like chaos on the surface level. But beyond that, there’s a spiritual event taking place. Humanity is ‘ascending’ and growing into something better. This site focuses on helping you through that transition and enhancing your body/mind, and raising your vibes.

FREE VIDEO TRAINING: Learn How To Upgrade Your Body And Mind By Raising Your Vibrations