Ever heard of the 11 starseeds? Are you wondering if you belong to any one of them? This outline of the 11 most common starseeds can help you figure it out. Starseeds refer to the human form who live on earth, yet, their spirit originates from another universe, galaxy, planet, or star system.

Physical life on earth has a deep and complex meaning – depending on how you look at it.

One way to look at life is through starseeds.

If you think of it, every soul on earth originates from somewhere else and is only here in the form of incarnation.

The only difference is that each person comes in their own specific form of incarnation

Some people live on earth as Starseeds.

Starseeds live on earth by incarnating and their purpose is to repay karma, learn new lessons, and enhance their inner light.

Starseeds are also sent to earth to protect and SAVE humanity.

Well, enough of the jibber-jabber, let’s take a look at the different types of starseeds to get a better understanding of what each one is.

Types of  Starseeds: Signs, Traits, and Personality

There is a myriad of starseeds in the universe. In fact, it is likely that some people have lived in more than a single starseed through the incarnation and picked up different traits from different starseeds.

Let’s take a look at the 11 of the starseeds.

1: Orion Starseeds

The Orion starseeds originate from the Orion constellation.

Remember starseeds have origins.

So, whilst individuals may have incarnated in multiple star systems, their first starseed is where they originate from.

Alternatively, the Orion starseed may have been a starseed you had more recently before your earthly one.

Within the Orion constellation, they are other planets you may have lived on too.

Amongst some on the planets in Orion include Mintakan.

Now, let’s check out the signs and traits of these two origins.

Orion starseed signs and traits include;

  • Typically incarnate as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn earth signs
  • Being a scientific being – interested in all things science such as astronomy, chemistry, genetics, etc.
  • Intelligent and metal beings – but lacking emotions thus, they are here t learn how to love and experience emotions
  • They may come off as unemotional
  • Great sense of humor and fun-loving
  • Have knowledge of different topics
  • Possess excellent self-control and a sense of perspective
  • Tasks and results-oriented

Mintaka traits include;

  • Strongly drawn to the water element – thus, you love all things water such as beaches, the ocean, etc
  • Dreams of and loves to live on or by the ocean or lakes
  • Intense connection with whales and dolphins
  • Full of compassion and love to help others
  • High levels of sensitivity to others – highly emphatic

2: Acturian Starseed

These starseeds originate from the Arcturus star – located in the Bootes constellation. These types of starseeds tend to frequently incarnate on earth.

Acturian star beings on the other end can easily be contacted through channeling and divination.

Many spiritualists believe that humans pass through the acturia realm when they die as part of the return journey.

Arcturian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Most commonly incarnate in darker skin – although arcturian starseeds vary
  • Increased confidence and leadership skills – may come off as arrogant at times
  • Leaders in communities and workplaces
  • Good planners
  • Excellent public speakers
  • Interested in technology, mathematics, and metaphysics
  • Show anger as an emotion when hurt or upset
  • Some have telepathic abilities – can easily read people’s thoughts

3: Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadian starseeds originate from the Pleiades star system.

They consist of seven bright stars and their star bearers live n multiple dimensions whilst incarnating in the earth from any of the dimensions.

Pleiadian starseeds signs and traits include;

  • Humanitarians
  • Soft-spoken, polite, and empathic
  • Interested in healing and metaphysics
  • Sensitive but, also people pleasers
  • They may have a big mission on earth
  • They are commonly family-oriented
  • They understand polarity – how different energies draw each other

4: Draconian Starseed

Draco refers to dragons, thus, these starseeds are linked to dragons ad reptiles of different kinds.

In fact, the reptile race is believed to come from Draco.

The Draconian starseeds come from the Draco constellation.

Draconian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Selfish and some times evil
  • Wake humanity and raise consciousness
  • May be leaders in communities and their fields
  • Drawn to science, technology, and math
  • Can be manipulative and opportunistic
  • Talented with leadership and planning skills
  • Committed – finish what they started!
  • Attracted to reptiles, amphibians, and dragons
  • May even have lizard-like physical characteristics and lower body temperatures
  • Many can be in politics, military, and construction

5: Sirian Starseeds

The Sirian starseeds originate from a bright dog star Sirius in the night sky – a two-star system.

It is also known as the alpha Canis majoris.

It is quite prominent in ancient Egyptian and some African tribes.

Sirian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Drawn to ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Naturally drawn to the Sirius star system
  • Love for dogs and other canines such as wolves – sometimes cats
  • Embrace the earth
  • Down to earth individuals
  • May have difficulty expressing emotions – may appear to be introverted
  • Superstitious and spiritual
  • Lve science fiction – in books and movies
  • Extremely creative
  • Love tattoos and piercings
  • Throat and scaral chakra alignement
  • Connected to the water element – the ocean  and beings such as dolphins

6: Lyran Starseeds

Many humans originate from Lyra whilst a significant ancient race of beings called felines also comes from Lyra.

Originating from the Lyra constellation, their main planet is vega.

Lyran starseed signs and traits include;

  • Often incarnate into fire zodiac signs, particularly Leo and Sagittarius
  • Cat or birdlike physical features
  • Love exotic experiences – food, drinks, sexuality, etc.
  • Athletic in nature and enjoy exercises
  • Can shift consciousness much easily
  • They sleep more than the average human
  • Grounded but also risk-takers
  • Enjoy to be social settings but as observers
  • Goal-oriented but easily distracted

7. Venusian Starseeds

Since Venusian starseeds originate from venus, it is believed to have once supported life.

Generally, Venusians live in the 4th dimension and are referred to as hathors – an ancient  Egyptian cow goddess of love and motherhood.

It is believed she was from venus and seeded Venusians to earth to teach love.

Venusian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Sensuality and passion
  • Highly spiritual
  • Very tall with attractive
  • Nurturing and compassionate facial features – model like
  • Connected to the universe and higher self
  • Interested in metaphysics, outer space, and ancient civilizations

8: Martian Starseeds

As their title suggests, Martian starseeds originate from Mars. similar to the venus, this proves to have been life on mars many years ago.

In fact, even astronauts have found water on the planet.

There isn’t very much known about these starseeds.

Martian starseed signs and traits include; 

  • Connection to mars
  • The desire to advance the human race
  • A strong connection to water and fire elements

9: Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan starseeds originate from the Andromeda galaxy. But, there very few andromedan starseeds on earth.

Andromedan starseed signs and traits include;

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Mild-mannered and laid back
  • Possess a light aura
  • Sometimes act and look childlike
  • Love to travel and explore
  • Cannot commit – even t a monogamous relationship
  • Work as artists, spiritual leaders, teachers, or writers
  • Live a carefree lifestyle

10: Polarian Starseeds

Polarian starseeds originate from the North star Polaris. It is believed that spiritual beings from Polaris were the first on earth and were giants at the time.

Polarian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Extremely tall in height
  • Maybe androgynous or nonbinary
  • Drawn to the north star
  • Feels comfortable and the familiarity of earth
  • Can feel natural disasters such as earthquakes in their souls and bodies
  • Excellent mediators
  • In tune with the Earth’s energies
  • Love monogamy
  • May gain wealth easily
  • Into spiritual enlightenment and metaphysics
  • Believe they have a purpose in life
  • Not flexible during change – they prefer stability

11: Hadarian Starseeds

Originating from Beta Centauri, Hadarian starseeds are all about love and spreading more of it in the world.

It is believed that they escaped enslavement on their planet after invasion.

Hadarian starseed signs and traits include;

  • Their affinity for love and unconditional love
  • They can be gullible
  • They want to create strong relationships
  • Can come off as hippie
  • Emphatic people
  • Shy and introverted
  • They are not opportunistic or malicious
  • They work as philanthropists, counselors, or humanitarians

Which Star Seed Are You?

Whilst each star seed lists its signs and traits, it can still be difficult for an individual to pinpoint their actual star seed.

As mentioned above, there is a myriad of different starseeds beyond the common ones we have listed above.

  • So, don’t be too concerned if you can relate to any of the ones above.
  • Starseeds are distinct from one another, but, they may still share several traits.
  • Again, it is worth remembering that there are many different starseeds since the universe is quite large.
  • The best way to figure out what starseed you are is to continue reading more about them.

Plus, this shouldn’t be the only method to have a deeper understanding of yourself spiritually.

When you are still exploring what your starseed is, you may continue finding more clues through other means such as reading more on your star sign.

Alternatively, you can do a numerology test. This will tell you a LOT about your life, purpose, destiny and where you’re from. Or you could check out my review of the free reading. 

After all, these tests also give you a better insight into yourself spiritually.

Another really important thing is to check for your starseed ‘markings’, as this will give you a really clear indication if you’re definitly a starseed, and which one you might be. The link goes to a blog post I wrote explaining how to easily find your markings, understand them, and learn what they mean. 

By the way, if you’re wondering why Earth seems CRAZY right now, you’re not alone.

There are many things going on, and it’s going to all make sense very soon. For more, watch my video below: