Are you wondering if free will really exist?

There are so many debates around free will that’s why this is a controversial topic.

If you ask people, of course, they want to say that they have free will. They want to feel like they are in charge and they are making their own choices.

Some people say that it’s only an illusion, that we don’t actually have free will.

But the answer is really simple and that’s what we will be discussing today.

Most people don’t know this and they don’t know that they are trapped.

Do you want to know the truth? Do you want to know if you are trapped and what’s causing you to be trapped?

In this article you will learn:

  •  What is free will?
  •  Can everyone have it?
  •  The problems and facts about it

What I’ve Learned About Free Will

Free will appears to be so evident. I just do anything I want to do. But can ‘I’ be tricked?

Some argue that free will is an illusion, which they back up with scientific evidence.

Others believe that free will is a mystery. Others change the notion of free will in order to be “compatible” with determinism.

But what is the truth?

Can Everyone Have Free Will?

As a general rule, everyone can have free will. 

Humans have free will, but they rarely exercise it. Will is doing what you want.  We have the freedom to do or not to do things like steal, cheat, lie, or start wars.

We always have the option of deciding that there may be a better approach and then looking for it.

When people think twice about a situation and look for the truth before acting or speaking, they exercise their free will. Instead, we have a majority that talks first and then thinks.

They respond in ways that have been programmed by society rather than thinking for themselves.

For example, a person who grew up with abusive parents has the freedom to repeat the cycle when they have kids or break the cycle.

Because it’s what’s familiar, they may think that it is their will to repeat the cycle again, totally unaware that it’s been programmed to them but it’s not actually what they want.

They have the freedom to think for themselves and do things differently. They have free will, they always have a choice.

Once they become aware of this, they can now operate through their free will instead of subconsciously acting based on the automatic programs they absorbed from their external environment.

free will

Free Will Definition

What is free will? Is free will an illusion?

Free will means that everybody has the power to choose what to do. 

From my research and understanding, it seems like this illusory, almost like a simulation, a world that we live in is supposed to operate on free will.

We’re supposed to have free will, to be able to consciously decide what to do, what to create, and how to live our lives. 

Why Do We Have Free Will

There are different reasons for this. Some have speculated that it’s because God wanted to experience himself through many different viewpoints.

Others said that he wanted to enable people to have free will so they could choose to love him instead of being forced to, which is not real love.

There are various theories about free will. How it’s like a universal law, one of the laws of the universe, and how it’s just how things work. 

But what’s happening now is very interesting and explains why. 

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What I Learned About Free Will

Everyone wants to think that they have free will. We seem to make decisions all the time.

But how do we make decisions? How do we evaluate what we consider a decision unconsciously?

Many of you who have done a lot of inner work is aware of how much the unconscious ego limits your capacity to recognize choices.

It’s like being imprisoned in a jail cell and being told you can go wherever you want. The more unconscious we become, the less we notice the walls and bars.

But for those of you who have knocked down a few walls, you know how little free will you have. Much of it has been ego programming.

woman leaning on wall

If a computer is solely configured to run Microsoft Word documents, it will not be able to operate other applications unless they are taught to do so.

It is also taught how to operate Word in very specific ways. It has no free will.

Everything is determined by the scripts, and in many respects, our unconscious ego defines much of how we may live.

That being said, I’ll discuss 6 things, problems, and facts, that I learned about free will.

free will

1: We Are Programmed By Our External Environment

The problem with free will is that most of what we think, do, and believe, don’t actually come from us. 

They have been programmed into us through various different things: The culture, society, your peers, your parents, even your subconscious mind, and the things that you subliminally absorb without realizing it. 

Let’s use money as an example. What do you want to be when you grow up? What course are you gonna take in university?

sleeping in library

When we ask most people these two questions, most of the time the answers are completely different.

“I want to be a musician but I’m gonna study nursing because I want to have a stable career and be able to buy a house as soon as possible.”

We have been programmed so much by society and our parents that we think that it’s our will to take a safer course instead of what we really would love to do.

But this is not our will. We just absorbed these beliefs from a young age and accepted them as truths.

The world is not scarce, but others made us think that it is. They made us think this is not possible.


People who exercise their freedom break free from this trap. Just like me, I am doing what I love while living abundantly.

More and more people are exercising their freedom, doing what they love, and traveling the world while having so much time and money.

Most of us aren’t aware that it is possible because we are programmed to believe otherwise.

That’s why I have created this free video training to help you change your programming and by the end of it, you’ll know that it is possible to do what you love and live in abundance.

2: People Use It To Manipulate Others

Another problem is that some people use that free will to decide to manipulate other people.

That’s what we have in the world today. It’s been the case for thousands of years. 

You probably know the whole story. Elite bloodline families, institutions, and organizations have conspired together to manipulate, control, and dictate what goes on in the world.


The point is that people are using their free will to interfere with the free will of others through predictive programming, brainwashing, and in some cases, overt coercion.

They tell you to do something that is not in your best interests. Technically, that’s allowed to happen because they’re using their free will to do what they want to do even though it interferes with others’ free will. 

3: We Always Have A Choice

When someone manipulates you into doing something against your will, you don’t have to go along with their various agendas and plans. 

Obviously, there are some exceptions but in most cases, nobody’s forcing you to feel worse, to watch the television and get depressed and fearful, to eat junk food, and put chemicals in your body.

Nobody’s physically forcing you to do that. It’s important to realize that most of the time, we do it to ourselves. 

Now you could say: “Well, they’re influencing me to do that.”  Of course, they are influencing it. But we always have a choice.

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4: We Are Not Aware That We Are Trapped

We don’t know that we are trapped and because of that, we don’t feel trapped. It all just feels natural and familiar, so we never try to escape. 

Have you watched “The Truman Show”?

Truman Burbank, a man who was born in a gigantic bubble and has no concept that his whole existence is essentially an expertly produced fiction, broadcast to the globe at all times.

Truman’s life changes as he begins to suspect something is off, and he wonders whether he can break free from the construct and forge his own path, even against the show’s creator’s wishes.

Though it is probably the most well-known, The Truman Show is only one of many films in which a character realizes that they are being controlled.

Their actions are predetermined by a force greater than themselves.

Another metaphor is with a goldfish who was born in an aquarium. They’re not aware that they’re trapped in an aquarium because it’s all they’ve ever known.

Until we become aware that we’re trapped, we won’t feel trapped and we won’t try to escape. 

guy staring at blank tv screen

5: We Are Too Distracted

The second way is to make it so appealing that we, in many ways, are distracted. 

We want to stay on the farm. We kind of know things are going on but we don’t really care because we’re watching the Olympics,  we are trying to save up for our new car, our new trip, a bigger house, etc.

We are distracted by the game of capitalism and materialism so that we don’t truly look at who and what we are. 

We don’t look inwards because the noise of external distractions is too loud.

We think that what we own, the clothes we wear, and how many followers we have determine our identity and self-worth.

But these are the exact things that keep us in chains.

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6: The Answer Is Within Us

In the spiritual community, there’s this false idea that we’re going to be saved by something external, some higher power outside of ourselves.

There’s supposedly a savior, some kind of a hero figure that will sweep in and save the day.

Having this belief makes us give up our power.

“It’s okay, somebody else will save me, somebody else will change the world.”

Sit back and trust the plan. Don’t do anything, because it’s all being taken care of by the alliance or by the good guys.

And then you have the ancient aliens theory that we don’t really have much control over the world.

That there are more intelligent, extraterrestrial races that running the show.

aliens in car

Again, we’re giving our power away to something outside of ourselves.

I’m not saying that none of those things are true, because we honestly don’t know enough.

What I am saying is it’s very likely that the answer is not found outside of ourselves. It’s always been inside ourselves, in the recesses of our consciousness and awareness. 

That’s where I think the truth lies. There’s even a mention of free will in the bible and other spiritual texts. It’s stated that God is within all men. 

Not one man or even a group of men, but in each one of us. 

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What Is Free Will Vs Determinism?

Determinism is the opposite of free will philosophy.

The determinism philosophy proposes that all behavior has a cause and is thus predictable. Free will is an illusion, and our behavior is governed by internal or external forces over which we have no control.

Free will philosophy is the belief that we have some control over how we act and that we are free to select our conduct, in other words, that we are self-determined.

Is Free Will A Gift From God?

It is time for us to consider God’s gift of free choice as a blessing rather than a constraint. Free choice liberates us from being God’s puppets and transforms us into God’s partners.

According to a scientist, humans’ free will is identical to that of basic creatures such as flies.

The concept may merely require a redefining of “free will,” yet experiments indicate that animal behavior is neither entirely limited nor completely free.

Can Everyone Have Free Will?

Everyone can have free will because we always have a choice.

Most of what we think and do are not from us but have been absorbed by us subconsciously from our environment.

We think they are our own, but once we become aware, we can question those same beliefs and actions.

We think that we have to do or think the way we do but we always have a choice.

It is the awareness that can help us escape from this trap and finally exercise our freedom to choose how we want to think and act.

Others’ free will can only interfere with ours if we let them because we have the same freedom as they do.

Now you’ve learned the truths about free will. Do you think everyone can have free will?

Let me know in the comments!

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