It’s been about 2-3 years since the launch of and we’ve learned a lot.

This site was started as a way to teach the world how to Astral project.

It’s created and run by a highly motivated team of starseed lightworkers.

In a world we know so little about it’s always a good idea to be open minded, and to try new things.

Astral projection is something that most people think is nonsense, but when you learn the proper techniques and methods, you can really experience some incredible things. This site aims to make things like Astral travel and spirituality more available to a wider range of people, people who might not otherwise know anything about it.

This site aims to also become the leading voice and source of knowledge for astral travellers and even just for people who are curious about how all of this works. We’re run by a small team of passionate astral projectors and free thinkers, and we’re always open to working with people who share our passion!

If you’d like to get in touch you can do so on our contact page but for now, just enjoy the ride. There are dozens (even hundreds) of free articles to read, techniques, tutorials and reviews all on this site. Why not start by reading some of the following beginner guides and articles:

Can anyone learn this?

We believe anyone can learn astral projection, yes. It comes down to practicing the right things, and having the right mindset. This is something that you can build up over time, and develop. 

If you’re skeptical, you’ll have a hard time learning it. This is something that most people have NOT been practicing for their entire life, so they’re OUT of practice. To learn it again requires being completely open minded.

Why it’s important

Well, as this site grew, we started covering not just astral projection, but other spirituality based topics as well. This is very important, as we believe that our purpose here on Earth is to help humanity ASCEND. 

This means raising your vibrations, and frequency. 

This is something the site and we as a team are massively focused on in the future, especially the part about ‘raising your vibrations’. We believe this is something everyone should be doing, and as such:

We’ve created a small research and development team that are constantly researching and compiling the most effective ways to:

  • Upgrade the body and mind
  • Raise your vibrations and frequency
  • Open your third eye
  • Pursue personal growth and development
  • And much more

We put lots of time, money and effort into researching and learning about this.

This is something that will be MASSIVELY important for humanity going forward, and we beleieve it to be out DUTY to help accelerate this. We’ve actually put together a really effective system called the Superhuman Optimisation system to help you raise your vibrations.

You can learn more about it by watching our free video training masterclass. 

Get paid to work with us or create content!

Also, if this resonates with you, and you’d like to get involved or work WITH us on this project, please get in touch.

We can offer several ways to do this, such as:

  • You becoming our affiliate partner (promote our products and you’ll get paid a large commission)
  • You getting paid to write for us (email us please!)
  • We can pay you to create other types of content like TikTok videos or other platforms
  • We can interview you/each other on various platforms like podcasts and YouTube
  • And much more!

This site is literally run by a team of starseed lightworkers, so please get in touch if any of this resonates. 

Ready to astral project?

If you want to get started with astral projection, and you’re ready to actually learn how to practice the methods, techniques and dive deep into your subconscious mind, then you’re ready to take our flagship astral projection course.

It’s a collection of the most effective methods and ideas we’ve collected over the years, and it’s based only on what actually works.

Click here now to start astral projecting!

Or, if you’re not quite ready to learn in that much detail, get our free email lessons and tips as well as a free PDF ebook of useful astral tools.

This is a great way of testing it out and getting into this slowly.