AstralHQ was started as a way to share my more ‘spiritual’ experiences and knowledge with the world. At the time, I only had my lucid dreaming site and channel as an outlet and I felt I needed another place to share this sort of thing.

I’ve been obsessed with personal growth, spirituality, consciousness and biohacking for the better part of a decade now.

In that time, I’ve researched and even now LEAD a research team to grasp various concepts and understand the world. I have felt more and more that I needed to share this information, hence this site and channel.

I’m passionate and obsessed with spirituality and consciousness.

I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and living this stuff.

I’ve completely changed my life, cured depression, anxiety, shyness, healed chronic acne and a rare knee condition, manifested abundance, owning a house and the love of my life. I’d always loved figuring out how things work, and I took it to the extreme, learning how our brains, bodies, and reality works in detail.

But that wasn’t enough…

I wanted to go deeper, so I created a small research team. We summarised and linked hundreds of dots from ancient knowledge, to modern quantum physics, biology, biohacking, psychology and much more.

We wanted to see what all of the spiritual and personal growth concepts had in common, and what really worked.

Eventually, things started making sense: What the Egyptians were saying 5000 years ago, matched what todays quantum mechanics is proving.

What the gurus of the 5th century were saying, had lots in common with modern day psychology, as well as 1000 year old wisdom from ancient China.

AstralHQ really started out as a place to talk about astral projection, but quickly became more than that. 

It has now grown into a spiritual ‘hub’, and various articles, videos, products and a research team.

We focus here on sharing content that helps you advance spiritually, and that includes various methods and concepts. For example, AstralHQ shares content on topics like:

And much more.

Why Raising Your Vibes Is Important

I think vibration or frequency are the core ‘building blocks’ that make up our reality.

Everything starts at, or IS a vibration.

This means that by changing our energetic state and intentions, we can literally change the physical world around us, in various different ways.

I’ve experimented with these ideas over a decade and come to some very interesting conclusions.  Long story short, there are powerful, and highly effective ways of raising your frequency that ANYONE can start doing. These things have a measurable and significant effect on your life, reality, and day-to-day life. Some good places to start would be:

Getting Started With Raising Your Vibes

Spiritually, there’s a LOT of information out there.

What we’ve done, is to go VERY WIDE. To look at the broadest possible range of sources of information.

To summarise multiple books, instead of diving deep into one specific area. By summarising books, condensing expert interviews and making it all more concise, we’re able to cover a lot more ground.

Our approach is based on gathering lots of ‘dots’, and then connecting them together. To match up 5000 year old knowledge from the Egyptians with modern day neuroscience and quantum mechanics.

To link philosophy with astrological cycles, or solar activity.

To link ideas that SEEM separate, with other ideas, and summarise what they’re TELLING US.

This not only saves time but means our conclusions are infinitely more likely to be correct.

And then from that approach, we can give highly targeted, personalised answers to a wide range of questions. If you want to learn more, and START using ‘spiritual biohacks’ to improve your life, the two best options I would suggest are: