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  1. Create your affiliate links here (search marketplace for ‘astralhq or ‘astral43’
  2. Download zip folder of graphics to use
  3. Copy your free email swipes (copy and paste to email list or autoresponder)
  4. Download your Instagram story highlight slides that sell the program (Ideally you need over 10K followers)

UPDATE 2021: We now have a high ticket affiliate program, LIVE. Scroll down to learn more about how it works. We’re now accepting all new affiliates to the affiliate program. If you have a website or platform where you talk about: 

  • Astral projection
  • Starseeds
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Binaural beats
  • Raising your vibrations
  • Spirituality
  • Astrology

Then we could be the perfect affiliate program for you. Our products are highly targeted and convert well. You can join the affiliate program for free here. Just click here and create a free clickbank account, and then search for ‘astralhq’ in the affiliate marketplace. 

How to create your affiliate links

Here’s how to join our high ticket affiliate program and start earning passive income. 

1: Create a clickbank account and search for us

Create a free affiliate account at clickbank.com.

Search for ‘AstralHQ.com’ in the marketplace, and look for this listing:

2: Then, click ‘promote’

This will show you a selection of our products that you can choose from, to promote.

This is a high ticket affiliate program, and your commission if you sold a ‘Superhuman Optimisation Program’ would be upwards of $350 or more. That being said, the DEFAULT hoplink links to our astral projection video course, which is mcuh more suitable for people wanting to astral project. 

You can read more about our products and who they’re for on our store page.

3: Copy your affiliate links

Then make sure you copy your unique affiliate link, and share it wherever you can!

High Ticket Affiliate Program

We’re now focused on our main, flagship program, the Superhuman Optimisation System

There is now a high ticket affiliate program for this which enables affiliates to earn over $300 per sale.

Just sign up for an account above, and follow the instructions!


It’s very important that I mention this.

This affiliate program is an opportunity for you to earn money by promoting our astral projection ebooks. Don’t get confused about this though, I’m very passionate about this topic.

I truly believe in astral projection and the ability of these products to teach people how to do it. If you’re just looking to make money, please go somewhere else. Ideally you’ll have an interest in astral projection, and own a website talking about spirituality, raising peoples vibrations and ascending the planet in some way.

How to make the most money

To make the most out of your link and make the most money, you should think about starting a website. With a website you can share your link and as you begin to write articles about astral projection people will naturally find your site. These people can click your link, buy the ebook and make you money even while you sleep. Here are some things that you might find useful for starting a website:

  • Web hosting: To get started, you’ll need to think of a domain name and get web hosting. Web hosting is the company that holds your website files and makes them easy for people to access.
  • Aweber: For email marketing. This is a software tool that lets you create email templates and can automatically send emails out on your behalf to your customers and blog readers.
  • Elegant Themes: Get nice looking website themes like the one this site is built on at very low prices. This is the best thing if you want your site to look great, and make you money!

What you’ll be promoting

Our products are Ebooks and digital downloads (and courses) for astral projection and spirituality. They range in price but at the moment, the main product is an astral projection ebook course.

We’ve quickly become the authority in the astral projection space, so you’ll do very well by sharing our link with your audience or friends!

Graphics To Use

I’ve created some graphics and images you can use to promote our product/s. These are mainly for use on your website or blog but you could also use them as a social media post or even an ad that you run. Make sure to do your own research and follow all relevant guidelines if you’re using these for an ad! 

You can also download a zip folder of all of these graphics here (or just right click on the image you want to use, and click ‘save image as ‘ or ‘download image’. 

Free Email Swipe Files (Copy and Paste)

We’ve written and shared several high converting email swipes for you. These are emails we’ve tested tweaked and optimised for conversions. Just copy and paste them into your email autoresponder or send a broadcast! (Make sure to change the links to YOUR affiliate link)