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What Is The Offer?

The main front end offer is a high quality package of wealth manifestation audio tracks called Shifting Vibrations, which helps people manifest abundance and wealth, enhance their body and mind, raise their frequency, sleep better and much more.

We challenge you to watch the first 60 seconds of the VSL to see for yourself why it converts so well.

You can watch it right here.

It’s very popular and can help potentially anyone, although it does the best with a spiritual/alternative audience.  


Wealth Manifestation is REALLY popular right now and this product has a unique angle involving the Ancient Egyptians, linking it to the pineal gland/third eye and frequency.

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BEGINNERS – How To Create Your Affiliate Links

Here’s how to join our high ticket affiliate program and start earning passive income.

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Pixel Placement

From April 2021 onward, ClickBank has revamped its tracking mechanism, empowering affiliates to embed pixels on their own, without requiring intervention from the product creator.

Affiliates have the flexibility to integrate pixels through the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI), along with options for Google, Yahoo, and Voluum. If you encounter a particular pixel that isn’t covered in the subsequent guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re eager to help streamline getting it setup for you. For detailed guidelines provided by ClickBank, visit this page.

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I filmed a video training for you below, where I share a very simple and easy system that you can use to generate millions of views and get thousands of sales, for free without running ads, having a website or having your own product.

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THE MASTER GOOGLE DOC with instructions, links etc:

That google doc has all the instructions, links, resources and links to the videos and how to get started.

Bookmark it and save it.

Promote Our Other Offers!

We have several other offers you might want to test. 

Each is a very unique product and mechanism that hasn’t really been seen before in it’s market. Click the button below to get links, information and swipes for our other offers! 

Affiliate Terms/Guidelines

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  1. Affiliates must ensure that their advertisements and landing pages refrain from using language deemed as non-compliant by the FTC or FDA. It’s imperative to align with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, notably the Federal Trade Commission Act (“FTC Act”).
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  5. Affiliates are barred from directly routing traffic to the AstralHQ order form page.
  6. It’s impermissible for affiliates to assume the role of a “reseller” for AstralHQ products on other platforms. Any endeavors to market products under the guise of AstralHQ, especially on commercial sites like Amazon or eBay, are prohibited.
  7. All customer support duties will fall under the purview of AstralHQ.
  8. By choosing to promote this offer, you concur that AstralHQ, alongside its parent entity and partners, holds no responsibility for any potential financial or other forms of losses you might endure.

Violating any of the aforementioned terms will result in an immediate ban, and revoking of eligibility for future engagements.


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