Today, we’re exploring the Andromedan starseeds, and what their purpose is. We’ve explored ALL of the starseed types before but this is more specific.

The truth is:

There are many different starseeds incarnated on Earth and aiding our planet’s ascension.

Most of them work as healers or great scholars and teachers. Some are fewer than others, and some simply prefer to work on smaller scales.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the Andromedan starseeds, delightful souls that are very easy and fun to be around. If you ever find yourself in the company of one, you won’t forget it. But who are they exactly, and where do they come from? And most importantly, how can you know if you are one?

Who are the Andromedan starseeds?

Many scholars believe that Andromedans are predominantly humanoid races from the Andromeda galaxy, more precisely, the Zenetae star system.

But their civilization isn’t comprised solely of humanoids; other life forms exist there too, like the etheric and plasmic lifeforms.

In total, the Andromedan civilization includes at least 28 different races of beings, and only some of them are humanoid in form.

Their human representatives are 7-10 feet tall, winged humanoids that exist in the higher existential planes and dimensions. It’s believed that they draw origins from the Avian races, though there are no explicit confirmations to such claims. All their humanoids have light blue skin and slightly larger eyes than those of typical humans.

In their works of fiction, the humans depicted Andromedans as having tall but thin bodies, with delicate hands and elongated fingers. However, this is not an entirely accurate depiction.

Andromedans are higher than typical humans, standing at 7-10 feet tall, and regardless of sex, weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

They are 45.000 years ahead of humans in scientific and technological terms.

Still, their technological and scientific achievements tend to pale before their advanced spirituality. And despite their advancements in all fields, Andromedans always keep a watchful eye on Earth and its humans. They did play a crucial role in our creation, after all.

Andromedans and The Great Experiment

A short time after the Sirians established colonies throughout the planet and began the Great Experiment, Andromedans requested a few outposts for themselves. Of course, the Sirians welcomed them and honored their requests granting them several outposts around and within the planet.

These facilities were used as research stations since Andromedans weren’t exactly interested in hybridizing humanity. Their main focus was to study the ecosystem and perform scientific research on flora and fauna.

Andromedans revere the universal law of free will, which is why they didn’t want to interfere with the human species’ evolution. However, they shared their research with the Sirians, which helped create more durable bodies for their human genome project.

Andromedans contributed only a small portion towards human evolution, mainly in domains of mental abilities. They did contribute to some physical changes in the human genome, but the work was, for the most part, Sirian.

As a result, only a small portion of Andromedan DNA is currently present on Earth, mostly in some regions of Asia. That also explains why there are fewer Andromedan starseeds than those seeded by other star races.  However, they did make an impact on our society.

They’re also powerful!

The winged humanoids from Andromeda appeared on Earth in several instances during our cultural and spiritual development. The depictions of winged humanoids are found on several historical artifacts worldwide, throughout writings, reliefs, and paintings. It’s very much possible that our descriptions of archangels are actually referencing visitors from Andromeda.

Who are Andromedan starseeds?

Andromedan starseeds are highly advanced, extraterrestrial or celestial souls that incarnate here on Earth in human form.

And as you might’ve guessed, Andromedan starseeds originate from the Andromeda Galaxy.

We can’t really say that they’re our closest neighbors, but we’re getting closer by the day, according to human scientists.

The Andromedan's Home

Andromedan energies vibrate on exceptionally high frequencies, as they exist on higher existential planes, and most of them come from the 12th dimension. More on this later. 

The thing is:

This makes them less likely to seek incarnation here on Earth due to various limitations implied by our three-dimensional plane.

That’s one of the reasons why there aren’t many Andromedan starseeds on Earth.

The other reason lies in their involvement in our evolution or the lack of thereof. Andromedans kept the “hands-off” approach to the Great Experiment, and as a result, there very little of their DNA present on Earth. This also makes them less likely to incarnate here on Earth.

Still, hundreds of thousands of Andromedans answered the call to volunteer here on Earth, and guide us in our period of Ascension. They come here to help us restore peace and freedom across the planet and help Earth shift towards a higher existential plane.

Their individual missions here on Earth vary, but their collective tasks are oriented towards teaching and spiritual work. Andromedan starseeds are also exceptionally intelligent, which helps them excel in many academic and scientific fields.

How do Andromedan starseeds look like?

People would argue that Andromedan starseeds share specific characteristics with Andromedans back home. But the truth is entirely different: Andromedans left very little trace DNA here, and their starseeds don’t share any physical similarities.

That said, some distinctions are to be made. Though they’re indistinguishable from typical humans, Andromedans tend to incarnate among Asians. The exact cause of this is unknown, though many believe that they fit better into eastern-philosophical societies. As such, their main physical traits are those found in the Asian genotype.

However, they do incarnate in various locations on the planet, exhibiting traits that correspond to the native genealogy.

What are Andromedan starseeds like?

Andromedan starseeds usually live understated lives as humans, spreading their influence and teaching on smaller scales.

You’ll often find them in roles of small community leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge giants if they benefit their community. Andromedan starseeds are also known for voicing ugly truths over pleasant lies, making them incredibly popular in their communities.

However, because of that specific trait, they’re often seen as “going against the grain,” especially in their youth. This often makes them into rebellious teens and youths who adore discrediting popular beliefs or archaic societal norms.

Andromedans are incredibly interesting at their young age.

Because of their innate awareness of archaic origins, they tend to assume protective and parent roles towards their peers. This makes them mischievous and freedom-seeking, as young children should be. But it also makes them inspiring, protective, and selfless in the eyes of their contemporaries.

Andromedan star children won’t hesitate to question and challenge adults and superiors’ authority, a trait that follows them throughout their lives. Because of that, they rarely fit into societal molds and have difficulties adapting to 9-to-5 routines. Any resemblance of routines, especially imposed ones, doesn’t resonate well with Andromedan starseeds.

They value freedom and nurture an excellent distaste for manipulation, hence their disdain for imposed routines. Given their love of liberty and their archaic origins embedded in their souls, Andromedans quickly recognize manipulation. So, you can’t actually manipulate and Andromedan starseeds easily.

They’re very protective of their emotional boundaries and dislike drama and mass- and social media.

Andromedan starseed signs and traits

There’s more to be told about Andromedan Starseeds than first glances reveal.

By the way, I made a video about the most common GENERAL starseed signs:

If you identify with our description of Andromedan starseeds, then you very well might be one. Here’s a list of traits that might reveal your Andromedan origin:

1: Rebellious freedom seekers

Andromedans are renowned for their perspective on personal freedoms, and their starseeds tend to reflect that. They’ll never compromise their free will and freedom, as long as their freedom doesn’t compromise another.

So, the thought of giving up your life rather than spending it in subjugation is one of the significant indicators of Andromedan origins. Which is precisely why these starseeds have difficulties in following government laws, regulation, and rules. Especially when they’re facing corrupted bureaucracy.

If you’re struggling with deciding whether or not to quit your job, maybe you should consider opening your own business. Andromedans dislike having their productivity evaluated by others while they’re sitting their lives away in a cubicle. They prefer to travel.

2: Great travelers

Andromedans like to travel, and some of them even choose a nomadic lifestyle. If you’re trying to escape your own cubicle, many unconventional jobs allow you to travel and get paid for traveling.

Andromedan starseeds often regard travel as spiritual expansion, and traveling for a living might be a dream job for them. No 9-to-5, no cubicles, no bosses.

Be your own boss, travel the world. This aligns with their natural affinities for ancient civilizations. As members of archaic societies, Andromedans find great pleasure in exploring cultures of ancient Egypt, Atlantis, or Machu Picchu.

It naturally aligns with their freedom-seeking nature, love for travel, and disdain for routines. So, if you’re looking for high-vibrational energies to reconnect with your Andromedan self, we suggest visiting the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

3: The odd one out

Andromedans exist in a 12-dimensional space, and their starseeds have their origins embedded in their souls.

As a result, there’s a couple of things that Andromedans struggle with. If you don’t understand any of the following things, you shouldn’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with you – you’re simply an Andromedan starseed.

Firstly, many of these star people don’t understand the concept of taxes. Why should anyone pay someone or something to live on this planet. Off all the starseeds from the surrounding galaxies, Andromedans have the most challenging time understanding this concept.

Secondly, they find minor and significant labeling and societal categorizations entirely unreasonable. Most humans would say that prejudice is useful, as it allows you to make quick assumptions. Andromedans don’t share those views, sometimes to their own detriments, and believe that the only label humans should have is – human.

Though we tend to agree with them on the second point, that’s very conflicting since most Andromedan starseeds question their human nature. They’re very perceptive of the behavioral differences they exhibit and are often worried about how others perceive them. This might cause a lack of confidence in younger starseeds, which they’ll overcome once they realize how much power a single individual possesses.

4: Selfless and Inspiring

As they’re unwilling to sacrifice their freedom, Andromedan starseeds often change friends, partners, jobs, and even an address. We previously mentioned that they dislike manipulation and require autonomy as a prerequisite for normal function. So, as soon they notice someone’s too controlling, they’ll abandon the ship and swim away. Sometimes literally.

However, when they ascend and reach their soul’s truth, they’ll realize that true freedom comes from within. They settle down and transform into reliable, loving, and caring individuals capable of leading and caring for smaller communities.

Though they mostly live understated lives, Andromedans tend to be very inspiring in their desire to learn and grow. They’ll often inspire those around them to seek the same and strive for the same virtues. Innately, Andromedans are teachers and guides, and people will always look to them for a piece of advice or simply look up to them.

5: Humorous

Andromedans genuinely are an odd mixture of qualities.

They’re gentle and kind, yet unforgiving if you cross them. They’re incredibly intelligent and somewhat self-conscious. All these traits describe stand-alone comedians of Earth, who contribute to soulful healing through laughter.

Andromedan starseeds are exceptionally easy to be around, and they’re great at making jokes about themselves. Sure, they might be shy in youth, but once they overcome that shyness, they’re capable of becoming great entertainers.

Final Thoughts

All starseeds come into this world, carrying with them nothing more but the instinctual knowledge of their origins.

The fantastic spiritual potential is what hides behind the locks of our consciousness. So, if you ever felt out of place, you might be a starseed – an Andromedan starseed.

Your power and many of your strengths will become apparent to you as you progress to unlock your soul’s truth. By just being here, you managed to bring two galaxies closed together. Stay positive, and spread good vibes.

What to do next?

Well, what do you feel called to do?

If you think you ARE a starseed, it’s very likely you came here for a particular mission or purpose. Time is limited, and it’s ESSENTIAL that you raise your vibrations as HIGH as possible. 

I made a free video masterclass that explains how you can do that, and you can watch it here