Are you an apollonean starseed?

Do you ever get the feeling that you have peculiar traits and are different than most people out there?

Do you ever wonder whether your life is meant for a higher purpose?

It’s not just you who feels this way.

There are many people who feel like they have come from some other place to fulfill a special mission on this planet.

These people are called starseeds.

And one such starseed is called the Apollonean starseed.

You might not know it yet, but you just might be one.

Do you want to find out what an apollonean starseed is and see if you are one?

Let’s dive in!

apollonean starseeds

What Are Apollonean Starseeds?

While other starseeds types are quite popular, not much is known about the Apollonean starseeds.

Apollonean starseeds are highly evolved souls who have a deep connection with the energy of light and creativity. 

If you feel drawn to this word, there is a possibility that you are one of the Apollonean starseeds.

Definition of Apollonean Starseeds

Starseeds, as the word suggests, are beings that originally belonged to other star systems, galaxies, or even universes, and they reincarnate on Earth for specific purposes.

But what about Apollonean starseeds?

There are many starseeds from different star clusters and we have a name for each depending on where they come from.

Check out this article for the 11 common starseeds and their signs and traits.

Apollonean starseeds are what we call the spiritual beings who originate from the Apollonian star cluster (most likely the Alpha Centauri star system).

If you’ve ever wanted to know the Apollonean starseed meaning, now you do!

Traits of Apollonean Starseeds

There are many traits of Apollonian starseeds that distinguish them from others. They are deeply curious people who are driven to increase their skills and talents.

They have a deep interest in talking and sharing their knowledge. They also like helping those in need and a lot of them work as healers.

apollonian starseed meaning

Types of Apollonean Starseeds

As there are many starseed types, there are also types of Apollonean starseeds: The earthbound apolloneans and the cosmic apolloneans.

Earthbound Apolloneans

Earthbound apolloneans have an exceptional capacity to empathize with others and to utilize that skill to assist others in healing and releasing emotional pain and anxiety.

There is a profound appreciation for beauty and the environment.

Earthbound Apolloneans frequently rely on nature’s beauty and calm to cure themselves and achieve inner peace.

There is an overpowering sensation of intuition and spiritual connection.

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Cosmic Apolloneans

Those from Apollonia may have thought of themselves as unusual or enjoyed being “different” but that’s because they are.

We have this type of starseed called Cosmic Apolloneans.

Cosmic Apolloneans are the healers who guide people in healing from the cosmic realm. They are not in human form, some may call them angels.

But when you ask the universe to help you heal from emotional pain, anxiety or grief, these cosmic apolloneans are usually the ones to heed your call.

fixed stars for starseeds

They help you feel calm and achieve inner peace. Have you ever meditated and felt like someone is in the room with you and you just feel safe and extremely calm?

A cosmic apollonean may be in the room with you!

Origins of Apollonean Starseeds

Also, there are many starseeds types based on where they originate from.

There are starseeds from Sirius, starseeds Arcturian, starseeds Pleiadians, and so on.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the origins of  Apollonean starseeds.

statue of apollo

What Is The Apollonian Realm

The apollonean realm is located in the Alpha Centauri star system. This realm also inspired the people of ancient Greece.

In Greek mythology, Apollo signifies harmony, progress, clarity, reasoning, and the individuation principle.

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The Galactic Federation of Light

Over 4.5 million years ago, the Galactic Federation of Light was formed to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from controlling and abusing this galaxy.

There are currently approximately 200,000 member star countries, confederations, or unions.

Approximately 40% are humanoids, with the remainder being other sorts of sentient entities.

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The majority of Galactic Federation members are fully aware entities. Each of our universe’s inhabited galaxies has a galactic federation.

The Galactic Federation of Light is a group of entities dedicated to the protection and ascension of all life in creation.

Security and exploration aid in this process, but there are other methods to attain these objectives.

The GFL needs more starseeds to awaken in the continuing battle between light and dark purpose!

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Role of Apollonean Starseeds in the Ascension Process

Apollonian starseeds are aware that they have work to perform on the planet; they have adopted a healing approach owing to their intimate connection to the planet and her needs.

They see energy fields, auras, and spirits early on and are drawn to spiritual studies as a method to obtain answers and knowledge.

Spiritual Awakening and Apollonean Starseeds

Every starseed is programmed with a DNA activation or wake-up call that activates at a certain time.

The activation releases the potential of these starseed entities, which may occur as a result of spiritual awakening.

Most starseeds feel like misfits on Earth as they go through life; they have a sense of emptiness within them and desire to return to their actual home.

woman staring out the window

Then there are some who have made Earth their home and are using their spiritual knowledge to aid and guide mankind.

Apollonian starseeds are eager to learn and improve their talents in whatever way they can.

They have varying levels of enthusiasm in attending lessons to improve their talents.

Simply said, Apollonians refuse to be confined in any way. They despise being classified or restricted in their positions.

Identifying Apollonean Starseeds

I’m going to talk about Apollonean starseeds and their traits and purposes. Check out the list below and see which ones you resonate with.

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Signs and Symptoms You’re an Apollonean Starseed

1: Strong Connection With Creativity

Creativity is one of the telltale signs of Apollonean starseeds. They absolutely love expressing themselves in various ways.

It could be through writing, music, art, dance, or other forms. This is why they are often seen as innovative people who can think outside the box.

2: They Are Natural Healers

Apollonean starseeds have a powerful healing ability. They can use this ability not only to heal themselves but other people too.

One way to tell if you are an Apollonean starseed is to see if people feel calm and peaceful in your presence.

Your energy will feel very soothing to them!

women doing energy work

3: They Are Intuitive And Empathic

Since Apollonean starseeds are so connected with the higher consciousness, intuition comes naturally to them.

They are able to perceive things that are simply not available to other people.

Their connection with the higher consciousness also allows them to understand and relate to other people’s feelings.

4: They Are Seekers Of Knowledge

This is one of the clearest starseeds signs of an Apollonean. They have an undying thirst for knowledge and they constantly keep trying to understand how everything works.

woman lying on a blanket in forest

5: They Have A Deep Connection With Nature

Apollonean starseeds also have a deep connection with mother nature.

Do you hate seeing trash on the beach? Are you using a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic? Are you using organic, reef-safe sunblock?

Apollonean starseeds care to live a sustainable life and ensure that their actions won’t harm their surroundings in any way.

6: They Are Visionaries

These starseeds type happen to be visionaries. They usually have a clear understanding of concepts and a clear vision of how they want things to unfold.

And they have a knack for turning these visions into reality.

Do you often have ideas that no one else has? Maybe you are an Apollonean!

person walking between forest trees

7: They Are Lightworkers

These people are popular for being starseeds lightworkers. This basically means that they carry the energy of light and love into the world.

They are reincarnated to spread the message of positivity and brotherhood and help people understand their real selves.

8: They Are Highly Spiritual

This is another clear sign of Apollonean starseeds. They have a natural understanding of the spiritual nature of reality and have a deep connection with the spiritual realms.

As such, they can easily access higher consciousness and communicate with beings from higher realms.

silhouette of person looking at the moon

9: They Have A Strong Willpower

Apollonean starseeds have a very strong sense of willpower. No matter how many hardships they face, they are always determined to reach their goals.

Sometimes their willpower is so strong that they look stubborn. But this stubbornness other people perceive is what makes them reach their goals.

10: They Are Empowered Leaders

Apollonean starseeds are natural leaders. They have this effortless ability to motivate other people and help them understand their true potential.

Not everyone has a knack for leadership. But this starseed is one that you won’t be scared to put in authority.

They have a natural talent that makes people want to support their cause.

man holding a glass ball

11: They Have Telepathic Abilities

As I mentioned above, Apollonean starseeds tend to be very spiritual. This also gives them psychic abilities like telepathy, empathy, intuition, and so on.

Especially apolloneans. They have very strong intuition it’s almost like magic.

They can even sense nature or animals.

12: They Are Highly Intelligent

This is another quality that differentiates Apollonean starseeds from other starseeds. They happen to be highly intelligent beings who can quickly figure out how things work and how to solve challenges.

woman studying

13: They Are Light Warriors

Apollonean starseeds are popular for being the voices of the good. They will not hesitate to stand up for other people and defend the light against darkness.

They know what they stand for and they are not afraid to do so.

14: They Are Highly Sensitive

Despite their strong willpower and tendency to fight for the good, Apollonean starseeds are highly sensitive beings. As such, they are easily affected by the energies around them.

15: They Are Bridge Builders

One of the purposes of Apollonean starseeds is to serve as bridge builders. This means they are here to help people make connections between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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How to CONFIRM You’re an Apollonean Starseed

How do you confirm if you’re an Apollonean Starseed? It’s simple.

If you resonate with the majority of the Apollonean signs and traits mentioned above, then you are an apollonean starseed.

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The Glorious Mission of Apollonean Starseeds

Starseeds are reborn extraterrestrial creatures in human form who will guide mankind toward a bright future.

Some have reincarnated on Earth hundreds of times, yet they are still from space.

They normally don’t remember who they are, but they have unique genes that activate at some time in their lives to assist them in regaining their lost memories.

woman sitting near white door

In general, starseeds’ mission is to continue to study and experience, but more importantly, to share their light, and wisdom, and promote love on our often harsh planet.

But each starseed type also has a specific mission.

As I have mentioned, Apollonean starseeds are aware that they have work to perform on the planet.

They have a strong connection to the planet and her needs.

The mission of Apollonean starseeds on Earth is healing, as they’re so connected to the planet’s needs.

They can easily sense auras, energy fields, and spirits which draws them to spiritual studies as a method of discovering answers and explanations.

crystals for healing

These energy qualities lead them to do healing work with the planet, animals, or humans at some time in their lives.

There is frequently a fondness for youngsters and a desire to help children and people in need. This might be as a parent, teacher, counselor, or just a curious friend.

There is a significant ability to empathize with others and use that skill to aid in the healing of others.

The Purpose of Apollonean Starseeds on Earth

Apolloneans like learning new skills and expanding their repertoire. There is frequently a desire to take a variety of classes and develop a wide range of skills.

Apolloneans have a profound inquisitive temperament that drives them to seek answers and satisfaction.

starseed marking astrology

This may result in a variety of occupations or hobbies throughout the course of a lifetime as they attempt to expand their knowledge base.

They may feel like “sponges” at times as they suck in a variety of information.

They may look to others as “professional students” or as being unable to decide what they want to pursue. This is not true.

It’s just that Apollonians don’t like being restricted.

There is a strong desire to be self-sufficient and avoid relying on others, either financially or emotionally.

They may need to remind themselves from time to time to enjoy life and make time for fun, since they have a tendency to be fairly serious.

If they are focused on a path of study or accomplishment, this might be quite clear.

It should be highlighted that even the uncommon Apollonian who chooses a route of pleasure seeking and play over serious study will be equally intensely and completely engaged on that path.

apollonean starseeds


Are Apollonean Starseeds Good People?

Yes, they most definitely are. In fact, they are light warriors, which means that they often fight for the greater good. They make sure that no injustice happens to the people around them.

Are Apollonean Starseeds Good At Astrology?

Due to their spiritual nature and psychic abilities, Apollonean starseeds are deeply connected with spiritual subjects like astrology. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they are quite skilled at it.

Can Apollonean Starseeds Talk To Other Starseed Systems?

Yes, a lot of them can. But before that, they need to become aware that they are starseeds and they need to go through an awakening process.



Apollonean starseeds are deeply curious people who are driven to increase their skills and talents.

They have a deep interest in talking and sharing their knowledge. They also like helping those in need and a lot of them work as healers.

It can be quite difficult to wrap your head around the concept of starseeds. But if you spend time learning about them, an entirely new door will open for you.

For instance, if you happen to be one of the Apollonean starseeds, you can understand where you come from and the abilities you possess.

You can also learn about your purpose here on Earth and make sure you live a meaningful life.

If you are an apollonean starseed, the Galactic Federation of Life needs you in the continuing battle between light and dark purpose!

In general, starseeds’ mission is to continue to study and experience, but more importantly, to share their light, and wisdom, and promote love on our often harsh planet.

But as an apollonean starseed, as you’re so connected to the planet’s needs, The Earth is in dire need of your healing abilities.

You have a strong desire to be self-sufficient and avoid relying on others, either financially or emotionally.

Remember to enjoy life from time to time and not to be too serious.

Do you think you’re an apollonean starseed? Let me know in the comments!