What is spiritual Ascension energy? Today I’ll explain exactly what it is, and how it works, because there’s a lot of conflicting information about ‘ascension energy’.

And most of it is kind of messed up or wrong.

So, so right now, the physical reality or what we call reality is being rebooted or upgraded, uploaded into a different version. And everyone’s being rebooted or upgraded in terms of their energy, their spiritual and Ascension energy.

And you’ve heard this term probably a lot, especially on in the comment sections with everything that’s going on now.

Now I’m going to explain what it is, but firstly, just realize this:

It’s normally linked to what we call the ‘dark night of the soul’, which is where like you have this period between a few days to a few weeks where you’re really depressed and sad.

Although you’re a high vibe person and you’re becoming an even higher vibration person, you tend to, you get this dark night of the soul, where you feel really depressed and sad.

It’s normal:

Maybe it’s usually linked to when you realize something, when you realize how the world is working or what systems are in place and how, you know, things behind the scenes are working, it’s kind of dark stuff and you will have this dark night of the soul.

Now don’t worry about that.

That will pass.

But usually, that happens before or during your ascension.

The Stages Of Ascension And Your Symptoms

There are several types of ascension energy and they kind of have different side effects and symptoms. So I’m going to explain them all in this post.

So make sure you read the whole thing.

I’m also going to give you some tips as well, which you do not want to miss. So trust me, read this whole thing. So firstly, we have the awakening or Ascension of the mind, okay.

1: Awakening/Ascension Of The Mind

This is probably the most common stage.

And this is usually what happens first.

It’s usually experienced as like a synchronicity or a feeling where everything kind of clicks into place.

Almost like when you know something before, you know how you know it, it’s kind of like intuition, but more in the mind based that’s kind of like ascension energy.

And if you have that, that’s a good sign that you’re on the right track to ascending.

Another sort of side effect or type of ascension energy is that you might have a new personality. This might be like a new way of being a new set of mannerisms or new belief system, which will slowly start forming based on your Ascension.

And this is very common. This is incredibly common.

You might a good way of knowing if that’s happening to you is people will start commenting saying you’re acting a bit different or something’s kind of different with you.

Usually they will say it’s a positive change, but if people are ingrained in their old ways of thinking, they might think, oh, why are you acting all weird and spiritual and happy all the time?

That’s a really good sign.

And then you have your energetic awakening.

And there’s different terms for this.

Prana, yoga, Kundalini, these energetic movements that are happening within you will get more and more intense as time goes on. Things like yoga, meditation, gratitude, positive thinking.

These will sort of increase that energy, but it can also, I mean, usually it will increase over time, right?

But it can also happen as like a burst or spontaneous, uh, event or moment. This is known as enlightenment or awakening different terms for it.

Maybe enlightenment is probably the wrong term in this example because it’s not the final stage of awakening. It’s more like one of the beginning stages. It can be painful. I’m going to get into the side effects as well of ascension energy soon.

It can be painful and annoying, but don’t worry about it for now.

2: Awakening Of The SOUL

Now, we have awakening of the soul, which is where things like your intuition, your third eye pineal gland, your you’ll start having more OBS, astral projection, more lucid dreams.

You might even have contact from your twin flame; If you have one, and these sorts of things are associated with your soul awakening, which is a part of the Ascension process, but not the final stage.

3: The Final Ascension Stage: Total Awakening

The final stage is actually what we call enlightenment or total awakening.

And the each level has different amounts of spiritual and essential energy associated with it. So when we say essential energy, we basically mean a raising or an upgrading of your person, your energetic body.

And this can be in the form of physical energy in waking life, but it can also be mental energy. It can be solar Ascension, really all of these terms sort of relate to the same thing, which is awakening and Ascension and our total Ascension or awakening and enlightenment.

It is difficult.

And it’s going to take a while to reach that stage.

However, it’s becoming more and more easy now, you know, as with everything that’s happening in the world, as we ascend from a 3D to 5D planets, Ascension and enlightenment will become easier, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be simple.

You know, it might take some people longer than others, but it basically refers to when you’re able to completely dissolve your ego and realize that you are both nothing and everything at the same time, a weird concept.

If that sounds crazy to you, you’re not quite there yet.

But it’s okay!

And so you need to do more work on yourself and go inwards to really understand and internalize that when you truly believe that, then you’re one step closer to enlightenment.

So in terms of the energy itself, we’re going to explain how that works.

What IS Ascension Energy, And How Does It Work?

So why do you have ascension energy? Why is there a weird feeling of ascension energy? Now, when I say that I’m referring to not just the positive side of it, where you feel good, energetic, and you have this motivation and life force flowing through you, but it can also be painful or annoying.

And there’s a reason for that.

This is important: This Ascension energy is basically light and consciousness flooding into you, that was ALREADY you, before.

It was ALREADY you.

You’ve just been ‘held down’, for so long.

You’ve ‘forgotten’ your true self.

If you imagine yourself as this infinite great, powerful being, which has been condensed, or a tiny part of you has been condensed into this dense body that we call the human body.

When you ascend, you’re basically letting more of that light into your human body.

Why Ascension Energy Can Hurt Your Body

The human body is not really equipped to deal with all of that.

The human body is like a vessel or a vehicle to allow us to transport ourselves to that.


When we ascend, we’re basically letting more light into the human body and the side effects of that for some people is it can be headaches. You can have like tingling sensations, pressure.

You might feel like your bones are stretching.

There’s all kinds of weird, essential energy symptoms, which might be painful or annoying. They might be overwhelming and scary as well.

It’s really common to feel like crackling sensations or even like a pressure in your veins, in your blood and your third eye, especially. But don’t worry. That is just a normal side effect.

It’s very common.

And it’s basically you’re recoding your DNA.

It’s almost like you’re rebuilding yourself from the inside out. But what happens is, as you ascend, you also help others ascend. And the reason for that is because of resonance.

How Vibrational Resonance Works

We know we’re all vibration.

That has been proved by science. It’s not just a crazy thing.

Like look up quantum mechanics, everything is a vibration or an oscillation.

This has been referred to as like an oscillation, a wave, you know, wave form a wave reality. We’re all the vibration.

So when you change the vibration of one thing by default change or effect to the vibration of things near that thing. So the most obvious example of this is a tuning fork. Okay?

If you take two tuning forks, you hit one against the bar and then you hold that tuning fork next to another tuning fork. Eventually over a few seconds, they will both be vibrating at the SAME frequency.

You can test this yourself.

If this actually happens and in exactly the same way, when you ascend or raise your vibrations, you affect everyone around you within a small distance.

But also if you set your intention strong enough, (this is why mass meditations are so important), and if everyone does it at the same time, then the effect is amplified.

Small tangent: If you are living with a partner is important to meditate at the same time, because you amplify the effect of both of your meditation. And it’s not like one plus one is two, it becomes one plus one equals three. In terms of the effect that your meditation has on both of you, but going back to Ascension and resonance.


When you ascend and raise your vibrations, you, you affect everyone else as well.

Why Ascension And Awakening CAN’T Be Stopped

At the moment, we’ve reached a ‘critical mass’ in this reality, where enough people have ascended and raised their vibrations, that it’s created a snowball effect.

It can’t be stopped.

Everyone else around them is going to start ascending as well. And this has been a long time in the making. This has not happened overnight.

This has taken a long time to build up to this point, but that’s why it’s so exciting.

That’s why right now you might be noticing that Lightworkers, starseeds, high vibe, people are attracting themselves to you, or vice versa. You are being able to manifest things really easily. Obstacles and challenges are falling away.

Your limiting beliefs are falling away, being left behind because we’ve reached that critical mass where Ascension is becoming a lot easier. And I’ll go back to the symptoms you might feel with this ascension energy.

You’ll feel this more intensely as time goes on.

How Ascension Is UPGRADING Your Body/Mind

So, you’re having these weird symptoms, you’re feeling weird.

It might be like Kundalini symptoms. It might be, energetic vibrational symptoms.

You might feel like you have really weird dreams or you astral project. Your intuition is going crazy. Your third eye is tingling or hurting. Just remember this:

Your physical body is a tiny, tiny fraction of your potential, as a consciousness and as a being as a soul. So this body is basically a shell.

So although as the light is coming in, it might feel like it’s hurting this body.

You shouldn’t care about that. You shouldn’t care about what is happening to your senses in this physical body, because this is just a vehicle and a vessel. When this avatar shell is, is done is used.

You will ascend and go on to the next thing. So don’t worry too much about it. I know it might seem like it hurts, but it’s not doing any physical harm to your physical body. It’s the opposite. It’s actually upgrading it.

I’m trying to think of an example that everyone will understand.

I don’t know if anyone’s watched X-Men okay, but in the X-Men film, when Wolverine first gets his claws…

They inject this adamantium into his bones, which makes him indestructible.

It’s like an upgrade for him.

But at the time it really, really hurts him because his physical body is not used to holding that POWER.

It’s the same kind of thing the light is coming in.

You’re not used to this amount of power and energy.

And so, as it surges through your body, at least at the start, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to feel weird. It’s going to be uncomfortable. Not always, but for most people.

It’s going to become more and more common for people to get this Ascension energy and these symptoms. So literally all we need to do then is just stay in that state of being stay in that positive high vibration state, let negative beliefs fall away.

From this point on, you shouldn’t need to do much intense work on your negative beliefs because they will just sort of drop away themselves. For most people. At least they don’t just completely give up and just relax.


Limiting beliefs will tend to fall away more easily now than ever before because of that critical mass thing I said, and because of resonance, because everyone around you is raising and ascending at the same time. So it makes it easier for everyone at the same time.

I hope that makes sense.

Just basically carry on doing what you’re doing, and step into your purpose.

How To PREPARE For Ascension

By the way:

This is NOT the time to get a ‘dead end’ job, and listen to your peers and friends and parents telling you to do what they think you ‘should’ do. This is the time to basically be very courageous and bold and do exactly what you feel you should be doing in your heart.


This is the time to do that.

You do not want to be wasting your time right now, going to university learning some pointless subjects that you don’t care about, to try and get some pointless job to pay your taxes.

That’s the old reality.

That’s the old paradigm that is dissolving right now.

So ignore that focus on following your heart and doing what you were meant to do your purpose. And trust me, if you just take the first step, it will become so easy.

You’ll be miles ahead in terms of how easy it is, how fulfilled you feel, than everyone els,  who does what they were told.

And right now, there are two versions or two realities happening at the same time.

You have people on earth right now who are still living in 3D.

They’re still concerned with material possessions that still going into their jobs that they don’t like, they don’t understand or know about any of the stuff going on. And then you have the other people who are in 5D already, or moving towards 5D.

When they’re working on raising their vibrations, they’re working through their purpose, their positive, their default state is happy and positive. You have these two different realities at the same time happening, but don’t let that put you off.

Don’t try and focus on that and think, ‘oh, I’m better than them because I’m ascendant’. It’s nothing like that.

They’re just the different stages of the journey.

How To Raise Your Vibrations To Prepare More

In my opinion:

The best way to prepare for ascension, and all of these changes?

Is to raise your vibrations NOW.

To prepare your mind, body, and spirit by just rising up to match the frequency we’re all moving into. If you don’t do it now, you’ll just find it harder later.

Ascension really can’t be stopped. At all.

So raise your vibe now! I put together some resources for you to help you out with this.

  • Superhuman Optimisation System: A very powerful and highly effective program to raise your vibrations and become a ‘superhuman’. My best work.
  • Free raise your vibrations TRAINING: A video masterclass I put together that ‘introduces’ the superhuman system, but gives you powerful, practical hacks and things you can implement NOW. You can watch this training for free, right now.

And above all else, don’t fear anything.

There IS nothing to fear.

We planned all of this.