One of the main challenges that is faced by beginners of Astral projection is accomplishing the act itself, and a lot of beginners make the same simple mistakes when trying to have an OBE.

There are many methods that can be used (like the rope method) and some of them have been around for hundreds of years. This is because since the earliest days, man has been endowed with an innate capacity to appreciate life beyond the physical.

Many religions teach of an afterlife and that this world is only the beginning of your journey through the universe. We are taught of a heaven and a hell as well as angels and demons.

When you encounter someone who is capable of inducing an out-of-body experience, it is easy to believe that what they are telling you is untrue. But if you are the enthusiastic kind who believes in more than what you see, then the desire to visit this enchanting realm of spirits can be overwhelming.

Disappointments sneak in when you can’t seem to astral project. You believe in it, but it’s not happening.

List of the most common astral projection mistakes

The first and most obvious answer is to shift to a different method. Let us look into some of the common mistakes first time astral travellers make and how we can learn from them for a better and easier transition.

1: Errors at the Hypnogogic state

This is where you reach the perfect balance between being awake and being asleep. The physical body needs to be completely relaxed on the verge of complete slumber. The mind however, needs to remain conscious.

Only then can you be in a position to separate your spiritual being from the physical. The vibrations start when you are ready to make the transition. This is the key point to note.


When they do appear, and they will only do so when you are completely relaxed, concentrate on increasing their frequency. If you can achieve this then it will be easy to separate yourself from the physical body and float above it onto the astral plane.

2: Lack of patience

To accomplish astral projection, especially when you are a beginner, one of the main factors that cause people to fail is their lack of patience. You try one method, it doesn’t work as you expect and then you move on to the next and get the same results. There is a likelihood that you will end up giving up.

Its important to note that when it comes to astral projection some people find it easier than others. For some it is possible to achieve great results within the first attempt while for others it takes months. Keep trying and practicing your chosen method and do not give up. Everything will pay off eventually.

3: Trying at the wrong time of day

Or night! There are certain times that are definitely not good for astral projection. Night time is one of them. Also, when you have overworked during the day but decide to astral project in the afternoon, this is not a very good time.

To accomplish an out-of-body experience, one needs to be in the right state of mind. Your body must be relaxed and your mind needs to be able to concentrate. This can only happen when you are not worn out physically.

At night, your mind already registers that it is time to sleep. If you attempt to astral project, more often than not you will end up asleep.

4: Fear of The Unknown

It is normal to have a certain level of fear when you try something out for the first time. Astral projection is no different. Many beginners carry limitations with their fears making them unable to fully commit to the process.

Fear of the unknown

Some of these fears include being possessed, losing the connection with your body when still on the astral plane and not being able to regain it.

Before trying out astral projection, understand that the mind is conscious while the body is not. This means that you will be in control the whole time.  Understanding that you will come to no harm will help you take the plunge.

5: Self-Doubt

You cannot achieve anything that you do not believe in. you must have faith that it is possible to astral project and that the spirit realm is real. When you are lying on your bed with your eyes shut, block out all thoughts.

The idea is to stare into the darkness without any other thought crossing your mind. This is how you will slowly reach the state where your mind is awake but your body is not. Going into astral projection half-hearted means that you will not be able to give your all to the process making it difficult to get results.

6: Not breathing the right way

One of the things that you can easily control is your breathing. It is of significance importance in astral projection because it helps in relaxation. By regulating your breaths, you are more in tune with your body and you can send yourself to a place of calm and serenity.

When your breathing is not right, you will not be able to relax or concentrate enough. This in turn will inhibit the astral projection process as these two are among the most important elements to make a successful out-of-body attempt.

7: Panicking!

As we have seen beginner astral projectors have quite a few fears that make it difficult for them to achieve an out-of-body experience. One such fear is during the time of transition. When the body and spirit are separating, you will feel the vibrations begin to intensify. This is usually something that those starting out are not used to.

Feelings of anxiety, as well as shock that it is actually happening may be overwhelming causing them to back off pulling their astral body back into the physical.

8: Lack of Memory

Many beginners who have attempted astral projection and claim to have failed may simply be lacking memory. Their astral projections may have worked but they completely forgot their experience.

In order to counter that, it is advisable to record your dreams immediately you wake up. You will be shocked at what you might jot down.

While it may seem difficult to achieve an out-of-body experience, persistence is always the key. Follow the procedures laid out and continue practicing. The experience will be more enlightening than you could ever have hoped for.

Some useful tips:

Try listening to these soundtracks designed to help you astral project. Also, you could try this astral travel course and just power through it in a few days!