In this article, I want to talk about whether astral projection is a sin or not. Astral projection can be defined as leaving your physical body and exploring the astral wrong with your Astral or surreal subtle body.

It gets a bit complicated now though because you have to consider what counts as a sin in various religions.

Ready to dive in? 

Certain religions count different things as sins, so it’s not as simple as just saying that astral projection is or is not a sin in any particular religion. You have to look at what counts as a sin in a specific religion, for example, Christianity.

Let’s look at Christianity as an example for the majority of this article.

Is astral projection a sin for Christians?

So before we get into this make sure to subscribe to our email list, because I post weekly astral projection videos and tips. So we have to consider first what astral project and is like we said at the start its the ability to become astral.

To have an out of body experience and to experience things outside of your physical 3-D body. Now, what is defined as a sin in most religions?

What counts as a sin?

Usually, it’s something that goes against the religious teachings of any particular deity, and this can vary massively depending on which religion you’re thinking about.

For example, in Christianity, there are chapters in the Bible which prohibit the use of anything occult or related to sorcery.

Now the question becomes is astral projection considered sorcery or occult.

The answer to that is it can be, but it depends on how you use astral projection.

If you’re just using astral projection to do love based, positive things, then it’s very different from an AP practitioner using it for something negative. You have to consider basically what you’re using astral projection for.

If astral projection IS sorcery and it is used for occult all of the time then it WOULD be counted as a sin especially in Christianity, but the truth is astral projection is not sorcery.

It’s not occult by nature.

Most of the time astral projection just means being able to separate from your physical body and has been mentioned or throughout various religious texts throughout ancient history in many different formats.

What does this mean?

Astral projection is just about connecting to a higher realm and disconnecting from the lower vibrational physical realm that we usually inhabit.

Now he’s white doesn’t matter whether the astral projection is a sin or not, the thing about astral projection is that it enables you to separate yourself from the physical reality that we all live in. Now by doing that by nature, you open yourself up to everything else that is out there.

Not just the good things, but also the bad things that evil entities and the negative entities in the world.

Some people can allow these negative entities into their lives and their minds if they’re not strong enough.

If they don’t practice safe astral projection techniques (and this is where the confusion comes regarding whether astral projection is a sin or not) then you might be at risk.

All religions in the world have basically the same BASIC sort of ideas about God and source.

The basic idea is that there is a creator who has intelligently designed the world and everything in it and everything that you could call this reality, and then largely what happens after this life is for the most part unknown.


At least until we cross over into the next life or into the next experience, whatever that may be. No one can say for SURE what the experience is, and for that reason, religions have very varying and differing beliefs and ideas on what happens when people die.

Some religions, for example, think that you reincarnate as either an animal or another person.

Others would say that you have ONE life, and then once you’ve had that life you go to heaven and there are different names in versions of heaven throughout different religions.

Why it doesn’t matter if it’s a sin

Here’s why it doesn’t matter whether it’s considered a sin or not.

Astral projection is an incredible way of separating yourself from the physical reality that we live in most of the time. This allows you to connect to your soul and wherever your soul is connected.

It also allows you to access those experiences, and those things as well.

This might be past lives, it might be different times, different dimensions, and even different realities. The problem with some religious systems is that they are confined and restrictive in the way of thinking.

They don’t allow you to believe things like past lives, like reincarnation, or even like being able to explore and experience limitless things once you’ve died in this physical life.

You see the problem here? 

This is and this has happened for several reasons.

The main reason I suppose, is that many religious structures throughout history have been based on control and power. As a result, they’ve dictated what you should believe, and what you shouldn’t believe.

And if you go against that, historically things turned nasty pretty quickly.

The idea that we are intelligently designed is fairly universal among most religions, probably 90% of religions believe something like that.

The idea that we should do to others what we would like to have done to ourselves, is also pretty universal. Where it varies depends on where you are which country you are looking at, what the culture is like, what the history is like, and in particular the history of that religion.

So astral projection can be used for good or bad and doesn’t have to be confined to any one particular religion or even a religion at all. You can Astral project whether or not you believe in any sort of religion because the experiences that you have prove THEMSELVES.

That’s the cool thing about it!

You don’t need to rely on a religious belief system to have an astral projection experience.

You can do this for yourself,  right now just by learning the basic techniques and if you check my website, you’ll find a load of tutorials and techniques that you can read for free. You can learn how to get started right now.

Summary: Is astral travel a sin?

So to summarise the basis of any religion and any human life should be centered around love positivity and raising your vibration. Astral projection is a beautiful and effective way of doing all of those things and more, so even if your religion at the moment considers astral projection to be a sin, think about whether you consider it to be a sin.

The chances are that the belief that it’s a sin is based on historical or old teaching, things that don’t apply anymore.

It’s also worth noting that pretty much all religions don’t say much, if anything, about astral projection in any of the religious texts. It’s hard to find a desk it’s hard to find a really specific mention of astral projection.

The only real opinions that you have, especially in the Christian community, are from people who apply one Bible verse to astral projection and say god was talking about astral projection. 

The truth is it’s not CLEAR what the Bible says about astral projection because it’s never mentioned specifically. So it comes down to people’s interpretation of the Bible, and this is where we get a bit sticky and a bit debatable, to be honest.

Seeing as the Bible never mentions astral projection specifically by name, you can’t say whether they consider it a sin or not. So really it’s entirely up to you. If you think of good positive reasons to astral project, I don’t see any problem with astral projection being used.