Astral projection is a powerful experience that allows you to travel to new realms. During this process, it is common to experience strong sensory responses, including the astral projection buzzing noise.

If we are not prepared for this distinct buzzing noise, it can cause discomfort.

Anticipating it and understanding what it is will help us to successfully astral project without fear.

The dream state takes us deeply into our subconscious minds, where we can travel to alternative realities and experience an array of intense emotions, sensations, and stimuli.

Done correctly, astral projection is a hugely impactful undertaking. If you understand the experience and prepare yourself mentally and physically, the common buzzing noise can be a comforting aspect rather than a disconcerting side effect.

What is the Astral Projection Buzzing Noise?

To the average person, the concept of experiencing a reality that goes beyond the limitations of the five senses seems inconceivable. The truth is, anyone can astral project, but many are unprepared for the sensory reactions that occur.  

The astral projection buzzing noise is one of the most common side effects of the practice.

How this buzzing noise is experienced varies depending on the individual.

Some describe it as a low, constant hum that makes them feel connected to a universal vibration.

Others find it to be an overwhelming white-noise that challenges their ability to remain in the astral projection state for very long.

There are multiple theories of what causes the astral buzzing sound.

To understand the nature of this noise, we must examine the state that astral projection provokes, and the deep sense of connection such an experience leaves us with. I have covered this in detail in another post.

All of our sense perceptions are ultimately happening inside our minds.

Although it may seem that the external world causes the sights, sounds, feelings, scents, and tastes that we experience, in reality, they are all inner experiences.

To simplify: when we look at something with our eyes, vibrational light waveforms enter our retina, where they are transformed into neural signals, which are then transported through the nerve passageways, into the brain, and an image is created on the screen of our mind.

Likewise, noises that we hear are simply sound waves that vibrate at a certain rate, which enter our ear, where they are converted into neural signals, and sent to the brain via a complex series of nerves where they are converted into what we call “sound”.

The astral projection buzzing noise is no different from any other sound. It may appear different because it is being created inwardly rather than through external stimuli, but it is still just as real as the sound of traffic or a dog barking in the night.

One popular theory is that the buzzing noise that many people experience when traveling in the astral realm represents the underlying interconnecting energy field of the entire Universe.

That explanation may seem a little woo-woo at first, but if you keep in mind that there is a strong creative energy that animates all things in our physical reality, it makes sense that this energy could be received as noise by human beings.

Similarly, the very fact that we are alive in this time-space reality at this very moment is evidence of an energy that links us to all other living beings.

When we experience the astral projection buzzing noise, we are simply entering a state where that connection becomes more apparent and is presented in the form of auditory stimulation.

How Astral Projection Buzzing Noises Work

Each individual is likely to experience the astral projection buzzing noise in their unique way.

In this sense, one could compare the buzzing noise to the common condition tinnitus, which causes a person to have constant sounds in their ears.

Tinnitus sufferers report a wide range of sounds, from high-pitched hissing to low, pulsating bass notes.

The buzzing noise we experience when astral projecting is similar in terms of variety, however, it differs from tinnitus purely based on the fact that it is impermanent, and generally only lasts for the time that someone is experiencing astral travel.

This buzzing noise can occur at different points in the astral travel experience, but it usually becomes noticeable during the deep phase of the practice, when a person starts to experience alterations in their reality.

Astral projection requires you to surrender completely to the experience, and detach from the logical, skeptical mind.

In this sense, it is very similar to the practice of meditation. It requires us to let go of any tendencies to cling to our preconceived thoughts, and to be completely open to the possibility that the “reality” we know is not the only form of existence.

In the same way that meditation takes us to a deeper level than the conditioned mind, astral projection takes us beyond the confines of the physical reality we experience from day today.

Tools like psychedelics also take us into this realm, where we become highly aware of our nature as creative spiritual beings, and transcend the surface-level experience of the ego.

Whenever we undertake a practice that plunges us deeper into our true selves, there is a relative reaction that is experienced by our sense perceptions.

Deep meditation often evokes strong emotional responses because we create a gap for suppressed feelings to be acknowledged.

Psychedelics cause us to see, hear, and experience the world through new lenses where transience and motion are emphasized.

Likewise, when we experience the astral projection buzzing noise, it is simply an indicator of our state of deep connection with the universal energy field that permeates all things and animates the world around us.

Why Do We Hear Buzzing Noises When Astral Projecting?

Astral projection takes us deeply into a new state of reality.

Although this reality is different from the physical existence we experience in our waking state, it still feels real when we are immersed in it.

The common astral projection buzzing noise is one of the strongest elements of the whole experience.

There are several potential reasons that we heard buzzing noises when astral projecting. Learning about these will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed when it occurs, and provide you with a sense of comfort.

Below you can find the most common reasons and causes of buzzing noises experienced when astral projecting.

Let’s dive in!

1: Interconnectedness

“Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you.” – Eckhart Tolle

The astral projection buzzing noise could be interpreted as a sign of the interconnectedness of all things within the Universe.

There is a creative power that animates the world around us and allows us to experience life through our sense perceptions.

When you enter into the state of astral projection, you become more sensitive to the vibrational reality of existence, which is screened out by our conscious minds in everyday life.

2: Tuning in to the Frequency

If you’re familiar with the process of manifestation and the law of attraction, you’ll know that the frequency we tune in to is ultimately reflected in our external world.

When you feel good, you are tuning in to a high vibrational frequency. Conversely, when you feel bad, you are tuned into a low vibrational frequency.

The buzzing noise that is experienced when astral projecting has a frequency, as any thought, emotion or sense-perception does.

It could be argued that this buzzing noise is always present, but the process of astral projection simply allows us to tune into that particular frequency.

To illustrate this point, I encourage you to try a quick experiment. Pause your reading for a moment, close your eyes, and listen intently to every noise that you can hear, whether clearly or in the background.

You probably heard many noises that moments ago, you were completely unaware of.

To hear them, you had to tune into the frequency, which required a state of intense sensitivity.

The astral buzzing noise is no different. When you hear it, you are simply becoming aware of its presence through your sensitivity to its vibrational frequency.

3: It Encourages Us to Go Deeper

Although the buzzing noise may be uncomfortable if you’re not prepared for it, once you understand why it is there, it can be a powerful catalyst for deeper experiences.

The beautiful thing about meditation is that you don’t need to sit in absolute silence in the full-lotus position to experience the state.

Meditation is a practice that can be undertaken in any situation. All that it requires, is using the external stimuli as a way to go deeper within ourselves, beyond the conceptual mind.

The astral projection buzzing noise is there to encourage us to go deeper.

What do I mean by going deeper? Well, usually when we hear a noise, we react to it with our primal instincts, which then provokes a thoughtful response.

We label the sound, pass judgment over it, and try to make sense of what it is based on prior knowledge of logic.

If we approach the astral buzzing noise from this same vantage point, it’s easy to see why it could cause us to feel uncomfortable, and potentially ruin the experience.

However, there is another way.

We can use the buzzing noise to go deeper into the meditative state and refrain from labeling it.

This is the same principle as the process of alchemy – transmuting base metal into gold.

We are transforming a mere buzzing noise into a powerful trigger for going deeper within the astral projection experience.

4: Increased Awareness

Astral projection increases our awareness of alternative states of being.

With this newfound awareness comes the realization that the physical dimension that we experience in our daily lives is not the be-all and end-all of existence.

We can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch things that exist on the mental or spiritual plane.

The buzzing noise that we experience when astral projecting is a result of our increased awareness and sensitivity to our inner worlds.

It allows us to realize that there are many realities that we can explore within ourselves.

5: Vibrational Indicator

We’ve established the reasons that many astral projectors experience a buzzing noise during their travels to other realms.

The nature of that noise is likely to vary depending on the individual.

The specific buzzing noise that you hear could be an indicator of your current vibration.

Your current vibration is a result of the thoughts and emotions that you have held in your mind for significant periods.

If the buzzing noise is high-pitched and moving quickly, it is an indicator that you are vibrating at a high frequency.

Likewise, if the noise is more bass-heavy and slowly pulsating, this could be an indicator that the vibration you have been practicing is a low one, and you should probably work on raising it.

Raising your vibration is easy if you follow some simples steps, which I cover in detail in my free training course.

Dangers & Tips

Astral projection is considered to be a relatively safe practice, but like with any powerful state-altering experience it should be treated with caution.

If you become overwhelmed by the buzzing noise that occurs when astral projecting, it might be a good idea to halt the process and try to reflect on the emotions that arose.

The reflection will allow you to realize why you were afraid, and you will be better equipped to deal with the buzzing noise in future attempts at astral projection.

It is not advised to enter into the state of astral travel when you are intoxicated. Mind-altering substances can be powerful in their own right, but they are not required for this practice.


The astral projection buzzing noise may be uncomfortable at first, but now that you know why it occurs, you can learn to accept it as part of the experience.

Surrendering to the buzzing noise makes astral projecting even more powerful.

Do you feel ready to encounter new realities with an open mind? Are you excited by the prospect?

You should be! Now it’s time to enjoy this unique, deeply powerful practice.