Most if not all of us have at some time experienced a dream where they are falling into a bottomless pit. I remember when I was a kid, I used to jerk awake frightened of the experience.

It would occur again the following night as I was fast asleep. When I told my sister about it, she said she also had such dreams and rumours were if you ever reached the bottom of the pit, you would die.

Well, that was a long time ago. But it goes to show that such an experience is fairly common. It is called an OBE or out-of-body experience. Another term is astral projection and it refers to when the spirit leaves the physical body and travels to the spirit world or astral realm.

While it occurs involuntarily for some people, others have been able to induce this state. It is an interesting experience and once you embrace it, is not as frightening as my childhood dreams.

List of the best crystals for astral projection

Here are the best crystals for astral projection. They can enhance your body’s relaxation when placed within the vicinity of your sleeping area. Here, we wish to look at some of these crystals in detail to understand what makes them ideal for astral travellers.

1: Blue Calcite

This stone comes with plenty of benefits. It brings a calm and soothing effect helping you relax more. Deep relaxation is needed in order to astral project.

Blue Calcite

When you are in the process, blue calcite will enable the spirit to move freely and with less effort out of your body and into the astral plane. An extra benefit is that this stone will actually help to keep off negative beings that are normally found in the lower levels of the astral plane.

2: Ametrine

You cannot separate your body from your spirit without the will to do so. This is where Ametrine comes in. It provides you with the willingness to want to astral project. More desire to push yourself into the spirit realm with give you greater understanding of the concept of life.

3: Iolite

Astral travel is even more of a wonderful experience if you can remember it when you wake up. Iolite improves your memory. Once you re-join your physical body, you will be in awe of all the wonder that the spirit realm holds. This will make you want to do it again. An extra benefit is that iolite enhances the desire to explore meaning that you will want to travel through the astral plane even more.

4: Tourmaline

When on the astral plane, your level of energy determines which elevation you will be on. Lower levels harbour negative entities that will drain your energy.

Tourmaline crystal

Higher levels are the realm of more positive beings. To protect yourself from beings that will pull you down by sucking all your energy, make use of black tourmaline. Its high positive energy will keep you rising.

5: Quartz

Quartz is a famous rock that is used to enhance the power generated by the above crystals. This makes astral travelling easier as you will have enough energy to do so. Clear or plutonic quartz should be used to complement other energy giving crystals.


6: Labradorite

This crystal works in a similar fashion to iolite. But while iolite enhances the desire to explore, labradorite makes you more adventurous. You will want to know what lies beyond the next bend. When combined, the two form a powerful energy that enables you to flow with no effort across the spirit realm.


7: Flourite

Coming in a range of colours that may include purple and yellow, fluorite is a beautiful stone. Regardless of the differences, the energy it gives off is the same. Its main purpose is to clean out your energy giving you a pure aura. This will help you travel easier in the spirit world.

8: Moldavite

This crystal is perhaps one of the most fascinating to us humans. Why, because it is the only stone known to be from outer space. When astral projecting, Moldavite will help you separate with more intensity. Beginners are advised to be careful with this stone.

9: Angelite

This crystal promotes positive vibrations of love, calm and serenity. Angelite will therefore help you move further up the levels of the astral plane. A benefit of this is that you will be able to avoid the negative entities that seek to drain your energy. As you rise further, you will come into contact with angels and guardians that will add onto the vibrations leaving you with a peaceful feeling once you are awake.

10: Faden Crystals

These appear as a line inside a tabby crystal. These line enables one to gain a better, stronger connection between their physical body and the spirit especially when they are separated during astral projection.

11: Amethyst

When it comes to the actual act of astral projection, we know that relaxation is a big factor. Amethyst is popular among people who induce an out-of-body experience for especially this reason. It will help you relax deeply in order for you to separate your physical body from your spirit and enter into the spirit realm.


12: Astrophyllite

When using similar stones and methods in astral projection, it is easy to develop certain patterns. These patterns may prevent you from realizing your full potential once you have accessed the spirit world.

Astrophyllite breaks down the monotony making you more perceptive, sensitive and intuitive to what is around you. Add it to your stock for an even greater out-of-body experience.

13: Galaxite

Once you are on the astral plane, you will encounter different forms and beings each with its own intentions. Some have positive energy while others should be stayed clear of. Galaxite will cleanse and protect your aura from impure energy as well as enable you to contact other beings.

As for the number of crystals that you require, there is really no criterion. Just use as many as you like and place them wherever you want in your sleeping quarters. Under the pillows, bed, on shelves or on the table or desk. The choice is yours. Feel free to turn your bedroom into an ideal place for an out-of-body experience.