If you’re looking to enhance your out of body experiences (OBEs) there are numerous products that can help you along the way.

When you think of these products, I’m sure your mind jumps to illegal substances and herbs, but medicinal supplements can also be very helpful in aiding your efforts to astral project.

This is because they can help you to reach the ideal state for separating your astral and physical bodies – whether that means helping you to relax or supporting the production of certain brain chemicals.

Astral pills

That’s because they aren’t necessary to astral project and it’s advised to keep usage of them to a minimum so they don’t become a crutch that you rely on every time. That being said, supplements can be very useful, when taken properly.

The best astral projection supplements in 2021 (list)

This is a list of the best pills you can use to astral project. Now I actually want to mention one nootropic before we get on with this list, because it’s technically not specifically for astral projection. In fact, it’s not advertised as being an astral projection nootropic at all, so let me explain:

  • Mind Lab Pro: This is a NOOTROPIC (smart drug) that’s meant to help you focus, get into flow state and optimise your brain. The thing is, it actually really helps with other things like sleep, dreams, and yes, astral projection. It raises your vibrations and helps you reach flow state in the day. This all helps with OBEs and the ingredients are natural/pure!

If you’re new here, or you’re just looking for a super supplement, I’d suggest getting mind lab pro. 

It’s not only something I use for astral projection, but I use it most days for FOCUS and getting things done. It really makes a difference, and I’ve tested DOZENS of nootropics, supplements, pills and herbs.

1: Galantamine

While many people report using galantamine successfully to enhance their astral projection, it isn’t the most popular herb because it’s best taken in the middle of the night. If you find this the best time to astral project though, then this is perfect for you!

It works by facilitating REM sleep and therefore making your brain more open to the dream-like state needed to astral project.

It is often prescribed to people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to help increase their memory, which is why many astral projectors report that this herb has helped them remember their OBE once they have realigned their physical and astral bodies. This supplement can be quite strong, so try not to take it more than three times a week.

2: Huperzine A

Like Galantamine, Huperzine A  is best taken in the middle of the night.

This is to do with the chemicals in your brain and how they change depending on the state of sleep you’re in. Essentially, huperzine A works by extending REM sleep, and is also known to make your session much more vivid.

These two supplements can also be taken in conjunction with a nutrient called choline. This can be found in many foods like beef liver, cauliflower and broccoli and eggs, though can also be purchased as a vitamin if you’d prefer not to eat in the middle of the night.

3: Choline

Choline works by boosting your brain power. Combining galantamine or huperzine with choline heavily increases the success of both supplements.

While huperzine is hailed by astral projectors as a great supplement, make sure you’re taking the correct dosage for your body, and try not to have it more than once a week as you will have negative side effectives. It’s also a great idea to flush your body of the supplement when you wake up in the morning, either by drinking lots of water or by drinking milk.

4: Melatonin

This is one of the hormones that the body naturally makes and is part of the body’s circadian rhythms of sleeping and waking up. Essentially, it makes you tired at the right time, and it makes you wake up in the morning. People with insomnia praise melatonin supplements, but it can also be used to sleep up the process of reaching the hypnogogic state.

You only need small doses of melatonin and make sure you’re not using it more frequently than once a week or there will be negative side effects and you may build up a tolerance, which is dangerous.

5: Vitamin B6

British researchers have found that vitamin B6 makes dreams more vivid and increasing the ability to recall dreams when you awake in the morning.

Their study showed that there was a positive link between the amount of B6 taken and the effects. This is because the body turns the amino acid into serotonin, which in turn wakes the brain during REM sleep and promotes more dreams.

As such, it’s important to keep your levels of B6 high when trying to astral project, to improve your chances of remembering your experience, and also to enhance it. Start off with a smaller dose, like 100mg, before working your way up to something like 250mg, and you’ll see your OBEs becoming more and more fascinating and memorable.

Alternatively, you can get your daily dose of B6 though foods like bananas and nuts, which are rich in vitamin B. Be careful about how much of the vitamin you’re taking, because taking too much can lead to undesired side effects like insomnia, cramps and heart problems.

6: 5-HTP

Or, if you want its long name, this supplement is call 5-hydroxy-tryptophan. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that the body produces, but it can also be found in the seeds of African plants.

This supplement works by effecting serotonin levels, which is why it’s popular with lucid dreamers and astral projectors alike. In addition to promoting the REM stage of the sleep cycle, 5-HTP also causes a calmness – ideal for the process of preparing your body and mind to separate. Unlike some of the other supplements, it’s advised that you don’t take 5-HTP with any other products as you may cause a chemical imbalance.

Taking too much of it may result in flu like symptoms, so remember to take it easy – especially if it’s your first time taking it!

If you start taking supplements to aid your OBEs, please remember that these aren’t the ‘be all end all’ to astral projecting. You will still need to follow the normal steps to prepare your body and mind to separate.

Supplements are simply a way of helping the process along.

They’re ideal if you keep getting stuck at one part of the process and need a little help, or if you find that it’s taking you a really long time to find yourself at the separation stage of astral projecting.

Also, you may find that only taking one of these supplements isn’t working for your mind, so it may be worth finding a pill that contains a small dose of a number of these supplements.

How to get started with astral projection

There are many ways you could learn to astral project, but here’s the thing: 

It can be difficult.

You need to learn the right things, from someone who’s actually done it. Astral projection is all about ‘hacking’ your body and getting inside some natural processes. There are techniques you can use to make it happen.

So let me offer some suggestions: 

  • Beginners Astral Projection Guide: A complete beginners guide I created to show you over 15 astral projection techniques that you can start practicing, TONIGHT. This will help you project as fast as possible.
  • Raise Your Vibrations: Astral travel is all about your frequency and vibrations. This Ebook shows you some powerful things you can do (Bio-hacks) to RAISE your vibrations and make astral projection easier.