Some people continue to believe that the use of weed/cannabis is harmful to your health. The truth is smoking marijuana has been proven to have health benefits and is a well known fact that it is used for medical purposes.

Scientific discovery has shown that you are far safer smoking weed than drinking wine. One of the great benefits and what continues to make weed so popular is its ability to help you relax. During astral projection, you need to achieve this state in order for you to achieve a successful out-of-body experience.

How to use marijuana for astral projection

There is more than one way of using marijuana to induce astral projection. The most common method is smoking. However, you can also pass it through the digestive system by consuming food that has marijuana as an ingredient.

One of the main differences between the two methods is the duration of the high. Smoking allows you to feel the effects for relative time periods that end after a few hours. Ingesting however will give you a much longer high sometime it could last a whole day depending on the quantity consumed.

Cannabis astral travelling

For people who are not very experienced with weed, it is advisable to start small. Just like when learning to swim, you beginning at the shallow end of the pool. Getting too high may actually prevent you from achieving the concentration necessary for astral projection.

It’s important not to lose focus on what you are trying to accomplish. The goal is not to get as high as possible, it is to get into that relaxed state. Taking small doses helps the mind get used to the compounds that are contained in weed. The more the mind and body gets used to these new substances, the better you become at inducing an out-of-body experience.

Type of strand

There are basically three types of marijuana strands. Sativa, indica and their hybrids. Each type gives you a different kind of high. The strands are characterized by different compounds and that is why the results are so different.

The differences may bring with them challenges in astral projection. It explains why it’s so difficult to give an accurate answer as to whether weed actually facilitates astral projection. The downside is that conventional knowledge classifies marijuana as a harmful drug.

The indica strain is often used in astral projection since it has more of the compounds that help you relax.

Sativa on the other hand contains compounds that tap into your mind’s creativity making the experience more interesting.

However there are many astral projectors who claim that marijuana has many benefits one of which is to make the whole experience easier. It facilitates the separation of the spirit from the body and into the astral plane. While it may take up to ten minutes to achieve separation without the use of cannabis, it takes seconds with its use.

Other than weed helping to enhance an astral projection, there are plenty of health benefits as well that are backed by science. To better understand how weed can be an excellent catalyst for astral projection, let’s consider the various steps to achieve and out of body experience.


This is often the first step that astral projectors need to master. For an OBE to be successful, you must be in the right state of mind. Relaxing is among the most crucial steps. As we have seen, weed is the perfect candidate to help achieve this state thanks to its compounds found within.


Astral projectors need perfect concentration. Your mind needs to be focused on your goal. Weed allows you to keep your imagination alive. You need to see yourself separating from the body. The rope method requires you to visualize a rope hanging from the ceiling and to reach out with your astral hands and pull yourself up.

Since marijuana will improve your imagination and concentration, it makes the experience easier. Note that this will depend on how high you are. Being too high can actually inhibit astral projection

Astral plane

The astral plane consists of seven levels. To keep rising on the levels, you need to have more positive energy. This comes down to how you are feeling. Marijuana makes you feel full of joy and be more content. This is positive energy that will increase the frequency of your vibrations when on the astral plane. The more you rise, the greater and more fulfilling your experiences.

Marijuana has plenty of physical and health benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Slows down cancer cells. One of the compounds found in marijuana called cannabidiol turns off certain genes in our bodies helping to slow down or even stop the progression of cancer cells. Recent scientific discovery shows that tumor growths in the head as well as breast and lung cancer can be slowed down by the use of marijuana
  • Improves lung health. If you are a tobacco smoker, the carcinogens found in tobacco will degrade your lungs. Weed on the other hand reduces the effects of these carcinogens helping to improve the health of your lungs.
  • Anxiety. Taken is small amounts, marijuana reduces anxiety, making the user more relaxed and comfortable. It however should be noted that high amounts will increase your anxiety levels and may cause paranoia. Marijuana offers numerous benefits for those who wish to do astral projection. While it facilitates the experience, your body also benefits in the process.