The rope technique is a method for inducing astral projection and OBEs very easily and it can be learned in just a few minutes.

Astral projection has been around for hundreds perhaps thousands of years. Ancient practices have been discovered in Egyptian tombs as well as in Greece. Humans have had the understanding that there may be an existence that goes beyond our physical. In fact, many religions across the world emphasize on this.

Owing to our curious nature, we have always wanted to control and push things further and indeed some of us have managed to do so. With astral projection, it can either be involuntary or induced. You may at some point in your life had dreams that felt so real, that you were consciously aware of. This phenomenon is what is referred to as an out-of-body experience, OBE or astral projection.

To better understand this, we humans as well as other living beings have a physical body and spiritual one, connected by a silver cord.

This spiritual body exists purely as energy or vibrations. When we astral project, our physical bodies separate from the spirit. You can then enter into a different realm where everything exists as energy.

The spirit world is full of other entities that have different intentions. Some are full of positive energy while others are to be avoided as they’re dangerous. However, the experience can expand your understanding of life, making you appreciate it more in all its different forms. Few people come out the same as they went in.

They receive greater spiritual understanding making them live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Our ancestors understood this and devised their own methods to help them access the spiritual realm. To date there are many ways to astral project. Different methods work differently with different people. Among the most popular is the rope technique, devised by Robert Bruce.

Let’s look at what it involves and why it is such a popular method amongst those who wish to achieve an out-of-body experience:

The Rope Technique for astral travel, step by step

In order to astral project with this method, there are a few steps that you will need to follow. Take it at your own speed and don’t rush this!

1: Just relax your body and mind

This is the first and most important part of the process. You need to be in a quiet place that does not offer any kind of distractions. The best place is your bedroom. Lie on your back and close your eyes. free your mind from any thoughts and try to relax your body as much as possible. To help you achieve this try to tense and relax your muscles until you feel calm.

Astral meditation

Take slow deep breaths to further help your body relax. Once you are completely relaxed, you are ready for the next step.

2: Enter a basic hypnosis state

This is when you can bring your mind somewhere between completely falling asleep and being awake. This state can only be reached if you are fully relaxed. Try to concentrate on your breathing and imagine yourself going to sleep but maintain your consciousness.

You will enter into a state of trance where you are aware of your body’s sleep but still somewhat awake.

3: Relax even deeper

This step requires you to stare into the blackness with the eyes closed. If you concentrate harder, light flashes are going to appear. Keep concentrating and they will simply disappear. Without knowing, you are going to enter into a state where you’ve completely let go of what is happening in the physical realm around you. Having accomplished this, you will slide into step 4.

4: Feel the vibrations in your body

As you continue to concentrate, your body will begin feeling different. The most obvious feeling is the vibrations that will set in. Do not lose momentum. This is what you are looking for. The onset of astral projection, your body is starting to separate with the spirit.

5: Increase the vibrations

As you feel the vibrations develop all over your body, try and alter their frequencies. Increase them and also stop them completely. This will give you greater control and will ensure that the next time you attempt astral projection, you can move quickly into this step.

6: Visualise the rope above your head

Its time now to visualize a rope dangling from the ceiling above you. Without moving the body, imagine yourself reaching out to grab it. Extent your spiritual hand and hold onto the rope. Reach out with the other hand as well. Now it is time for the last step.

7: Pull on it as if you were using an invisible arm

With both hands on the rope pull yourself from the physical body. His point is characterised by intense body vibrations and most people panic and slide back into the physical. Keep pulling until the whole astral body is separated and hovering above the physical. You are finally free.

The rope technique

As we have seen astral projection can be a mind opening experience. It is easy to achieve for some people but for others not so much. For those who are struggling with the rope technique, you should try to find the threshold where the body and the spirit separate. This is usually accompanied by a few tell-tale signs some of which we have mentioned above.

For one, the vibrations will appear right at the point where the physical body and the spirit are ready to separate. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with this vibration as you try to alter their frequencies either by raising them or stopping them completely.

Another sign is that your physical body feels completely stunned and heavy. This is due to the fact that it has already begun to disconnect with the spirit. Within a short moment your spirit will enter the astral plane and be able to travel to different destinations all while maintaining the connection to your body.

If you are concerned that this could be a frightening experience or if you will not be able to go back to the physical realm, there is really no need for it. You can reconnect with your body at will. Most of the people who have had the privilege of visiting the astral plane come back more enlightened with new experiences.

Recommended tools

To help with this, you might want to try listening to these binaural beats that are specially designed for making astral projection easier and faster. You could also look into using astral herbs.