If you’re considering learning how to astral project you might want to be aware of some of these dangers. These are things that people should know before they start, as they could make you not want to learn in the first place.

That being said, if you follow best practices, you’ll probably be absolutely safe.

Having an OBE is not actually dangerous at all, but there are lots of people asking questions online, and worrying about certain perceived ‘dangers’ so we’ll cover them here:

Common dangers of astral travel explained

There are several dangers of astral projection to be aware of, but you need to consider that most of these you will not experience. In fact, many beginners and advanced projectors don’t have any problems with these dangers or problems.

1: Dying in waking life

A common fear is that you can die in waking life if you die in a dream or an OBE. This is simply not true. The only thing that IS true is that if you get killed in waking life WHILE you’re having an OBE, you’ll die for real.

Having an OBE doesn’t protect you from the dangers of the real, physical world. If you get stabbed, shot or otherwise fatally injured in the real world while you’re having an OBE experience, you’ll die, period.

2: Getting possessed by a demon or evil entity

Getting possessed is something that can only normally happen when you let it. Possession can happen, but you have to invite the entity in, OR be really weak or vibrating at a low frequency. Make sure that when you astral project, you’re vigilant and firm with any spirits or entities you come across.

Dangers of astral projection and posession

If you come across anything threatening in your OBE travels, make sure you imagine or visually imagine a bright, white light coming from your abdomen and shining all around you. Say no to anything trying to enter your body or come back with you.

3: Getting lost and separated from your physical body

You can’t get physically separated from getting BACK to your body while astral projecting. It’s a myth, and there’s no real danger here to worry about.

In the same way, you can’t get trapped or kept in the astral realm against your will. Sometimes it can SEEM like this is happening but all you need to do is focus all your energy on returning to your body, and you will. Visualize your silver cord and imagine it pulling you back to your body.

Also, sometimes you can be delayed by an entity that wants to keep you there, but often only by a few minutes or so. Nothing has the power to really keep you in the astral realm against your will, so don’t worry about that!

4: Evil demons that want to have sex with you

There are demons or entities in the spirit or astral realm that literally just want to suck the energy out of you, sexually. No matter how tempting, these should be avoided at all costs. The energy they will steal is valuable!

All you need to do is say no, and just like before, imagine a white light shining through you that blocks them out and pushes them back. You have the power here!

5: You’ll use it to escape

Another danger of astral projection is that you’ll use it to escape your waking life, and get disconnected from reality. Just like the video gamer loses track of what he/she should be doing in REAL life, the beginner astral projector might get ‘lost’.

This can be avoided easily though. 

  • Remember that real life is more important than astral life
  • Try and maintain a BALANCE between the two realities at all times
  • If it gets too much or you realise that you’re spending TOO much time thinking about projecting or trying, just take a break for a few weeks and then come back to it later

6: Getting fatigued

A common problem that lucid dreamers have, is that they focus on techniques that involve interrupting their sleep. When you do that, you feel tired the next day and this makes you feel BAD. 

And it’s just the same with astral projection. A common danger is that people focus on techniques that involve cutting their sleep up. The BEST time to astral project is in the early hours of the morning. 

And that’s a problem because people end up sacrificing their sleep to just ‘try one more time’.

It makes them tired and fatigued the next day, and they blame astral projection. Really, it’s the TIME you’re trying to project that’s the problem, and you can only burn the candle at both ends for so long.

  • Remember that your sleep quality is more important than just trying to astral project one more time
  • If you feel tired due to interrupting your sleep, please stop and take a few weeks off
  • That being said, every now and then you might want to interrupt your sleep, to get the benefits of trying at the perfect time or the morning

7: Uncomfortable or scary experiences

A common but not very widely talked about danger is that you’ll get scared.

The astral realm is not a place for beginners or novices, because the things you will see or experience there can be scary at times. Or course, most of the time if you have a strong positive intention, nothing bad will happen but it’s much like hallucinating. 

If you have a doubt or a bad emotional state before going into the ‘trip’, you’ll have a pretty bad time. 

So make sure that you’re grounded, stable and emotionally and mentally READY to astral project, and you’re not carrying any ‘real life’ issues into the astral realm. If you ARE, then you’re asking for trouble.

8: You’ll get overwhelmed

It’s easy to get scared or overwhelmed by sensation in the astral realm, and it happens a lot to beginners. 

They enter the astral plane, not sure what to expect. but then they experience things that are so FAR from what they know, that they freak out, panic and get stressed. It might not be the right time for you to project.

I just want to make it clear once again that you should ONLY try and astral project when you’re emotionally and mentally stable and strong. If you’re depressed, stressed, anxious or insecure, don’t try it yet.

9: You’ll get frustrated easily

When beginners try and astral project for the first time, it can be difficult.The techniques don’t seem to be working, and you wonder what you’re doing wrong. 

Combine this with a STRONG desire to actually have the experience, and see what it’s like? 

And you can get very frustrated, inpatient and annoyed.

This is common but it can be annoying. So to prepare for that, just set your expectations right now. Set the expectation that it might take you a few months to learn.

In fact, it takes most beginners about 4-6 months before they’re able to have their first OBE, and REALLY experience astral projection. So prepare for that and don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer. That being said, there are many powerful ways to speed up this process.

One of the most effective ways to learn to astral project FASTER and avoid this frustrating waiting period, is to take our Astral Discovery Course. It fast tracks you and explains in really simple steps how to do it faster. 

But you don’t NEED to do that. In fact, sometimes it’s better to wait and have the process just take longer. If you want results fast, check out the course. If you’re fine waiting 4-6 months or longer, learn the techniques and read our article on how to astral project

That’s really all you need to know. But it CAN be annoying, if you’re inpatient.

10: You won’t know what to do

A really common experience people have not only while astral projecting, but also while lucid dreaming is just NOT knowing what to do!

Imagine this:

You FINALLY have an OBE, realise you’re not in your physical body and then you’re UNABLE to decide what to do. This makes you panic, and you end up feeling like you’re stuck there. You’re not REALLY stuck, but you think you are, simply because you’re not sure what you want to do.

  • Set a really strong intention on WHAT you want to do when you first astral project
  • The intention can be really simple like ‘fly above my body’ or ‘fly down the street’
  • The intention is what you will use to ground yourself and anchor yourself to the waking body

Should you be worried about astral projecting?

You should not worry about any of these dangers.

Yes, there are some things to consider, but it’s really not that bad. In fact the only reason this post was written, is because many people were searching on Google, and asking us over email what the dangers were. 

It’s almost like people EXPECT there to be dangers, but there aren’t really any to worry about. The things mentioned here are just guidelines. You’ll find that when you start having regular OBEs, you’ll know your limits and what feels good or bad.

I really want you to try it out, and see what you think. The best way of learning is to either read the articles on our site, watch our videos or try and practice the techniques for yourself. 

What to do next?