One of the most difficult parts in any situation is the beginning. New frontiers pose new challenges as well as new fears. This makes it’s hard to commit fully to the endeavour.

However, whatever the challenge, everything comes down to the method. Chances are if you are having a hard time astral projecting, you are doing something wrong.

List of astral projection tips for beginners

Astral projection is no different. While some people make it sound easy, others have a hard time going through the motions. Here, we wish to look at a few tips that can make it easier for beginners.

1: Have new experiences

To get into conscious astral projection, it’s very likely that you heard someone talk about it. Perhaps you read a book or an article over the internet. Different sources may have created an image in your mind concerning how the experience is expected to be.

Having these anticipations can slow down your progress in astral projection. The best thing you can do is to have an open mind. Give yourself the chance to learn what its about and you may be astounded at how fulfilling the astral experience is going to be.

2: Use the right technique

Astral projection has been around for a long time perhaps as long as humans have existed. This has provided ample time to devise ways to assist the spirit to separate from the body. Every culture probably has its own method.

These different methods of astral projection may work for some people but that doesn’t mean that will provide you with the same results.

To find the best technique, go through a few of them and pick one which you find simple to learn and master. The next step is to practice it. Try doing this plenty of times spread across a certain time period. An example would be to practice every second day of the month.

Here’s a POWERFUL astral projection technique: 

3: Develop a good attitude

Your attitude determines how much you succeed in something. If you go into astral projection with the wrong mindset, chances are you are not going to succeed.

Pick a time of day while you are most relaxed. This is because you can easily concentrate and choose the right mindset for astral projection. Being confident, persistent and enthusiastic will help you progress as opposed to being tired, angry, doubtful, impatient.

The trick is to be positive about the whole experience. Only then can you push yourself and achieve astral projection.

4: Created quiet conditions

Astral projection demands a lot of concentration. This can be hard to achieve if you are in an environment that offers too many distractions.

To be able to achieve an out-of-body experience, make sure the doors are locked to prevent anyone from interrupting your session.

The room should have the right temperature as well. Between 200 and 250 Celsius is ideal. You will not worry about being too cold or too hot providing you with the right conditions for relaxation.

It should not be too dark nor too bright. To develop the best lighting for astral projection, light a candle in a dark room. You will find it easy to concentrate.

5: Get the duration right

How long it takes for you to practice astral projection really depends on the method you are using. Generally, an hour is enough to go through all the steps.

You can set an alarm to go off in an hours’ time. During this period, go through the steps slowly without rushing. Pay no attention to the time just follow the steps. In case you finish without the alarm going off, try the method again but remember to keep your mind focused.

6: Follow the physical signs

There are few signs that tell you that you are on the right track.

Mostly, beginners in astral projection panic and stop the process. However, it is important to continue. The thing to remember is that no harm is going to come to you.

Some of these physical signs include vibrations all over your body. Others include changes in your body temperature. These signs occur just when the body and the spirit are about to disconnect. keep going through the steps and within moments your spirit will be on the astral plane.

7: Get into the habit of taking notes

When astral projecting it is good practice to keep a note book close. This will be used to record any memories or thoughts you had during the process. Once you have written down a few times, going through them might help you notice that some of these thoughts are simply extra ordinary and different from the ones you get when you are dreaming.

This can be a strong motivational factor and will help push you towards achieving an out-of-body experience.

8: Have patience

Astral projection like we saw above comes easy for some people. However, for others it can be quite challenging. Lacking patience is your greatest enemy as you will not be able to commit.

Practice patience when trying out the techniques. If it does not work, try it again and again. Eventually, you will make progress and achieve an out-of-body experience.

9: Get your breathing right

This is one tool that can help you relax quickly. You should thus practice how to control your breathing. To do this, inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly the same. Concentrate on it.

If you practice this for a long enough time with your mind focused on nothing else but slow and steady breathing, you will slide into the right, comfortable and relaxed state for astral projection. It’s important to be aware of the VIBRATIONAL stage, and what it’s going to feel like: