Heard of binaural beats? Well, if you’re looking for something to give you a little ‘boost’ with astral travel you’re onto something here.

A ‘binaural beat’ is a type of sound wave which alter the brainwaves in your brain.

It temporarily changes the actual brainwaves, allowing you to slip into various states of consciousness. Long story short, it changes the brain ‘state’ you’re in which can make doing several tasks MUCH easier.

This is great for astral projection because you’re able to listen to these sound waves, and automatically slip into a deeply relaxed state, ready to have an OBE.

I won’t beat round the bush: they work.

Binaural beats can help you astral travel faster. You can use binaural beats or ‘brainwave entrainment’ to more easily have an out of body experience or OBE. We’ll show you how to do that here.

EDIT 2022: We’ve actually created some custom binaural beats specifically to help you induce an OBE and astral project which you can find below: 

  • Spiritual Ascension: Our MASTER package of binaural beats contains over 5 hours of meditation and astral projection binaural beats plus a video coaching lesson showing you how to use them

Before you start using binaural beats!

It’s important to remember that although binaural beats can HELP you to have an astral projection experience, they won’t INDUCE one.

This is because much like lucid dreaming, they don’t actually induce the experience, instead they provide SUPPORT. They can support you and make it easier but you still have to know what you’re doing and have at least practised a little bit. Okay, let’s start.

To use binaural beats to have an OBE, you’ll need to first ensure that the following are in place in your life.

Make sure that these things are met, before you start trying to use binaural beats to boost your astral travel experience. It will ensure less poor results, and more ACTUAL results.

A word about meditation and brain-state

When you use binaural beats (like these), you’re actually changing the way your mind works for a short period of time.

This lets you reach levels of relaxation that would otherwise take years of practice, or simply be impossible to get to. This is a HUGE shortcut, BUT it doesn’t solve the whole problem.

They will certainly HELP you have an out of body experience but they won’t guarantee it. You still have to put the work in for the following areas –

  •  Actually knowing how to astral project
  •  Knowing how to remember your experiences 
  •  Have the right mindset for astral projection

They will do wonders for your relaxation but they can’t just pull you straight into the astral realm. They DO help a lot though!

Are binaural beats safe to use?

Yes, binaural beats are perfectly safe. When you’re using them for astral projection, you SHOULD be sitting or laying somewhere safe, and comfortable.

The only reason they would become unsafe, is if you were trying to astral project while operating a digger, or while driving! (Please don’t do this!). You shouldn’t be trying to astral project while driving anyway, that would be silly. 

But for most people, they’re safe to use. There are a few warnings however:

  • Make sure to set the volume to a safe level before sitting down to use them (It’s easy to forget how loud the volume is because the beats are very repetitive)
  • Make sure you’re using the right track for astral projection, with the right frequency
  • Make sure you’re using stereo headphones like these ones, otherwise nothing will happen (You’ll experience no effects)

How do binaural beats work?

Binaural beats work by playing two DIFFERENT frequencies of sound, one in each ear. By playing these slightly different tones, your brain is forced to ‘make up the difference’ so that you hear ONE sound/tone. By doing this, it’s forced to ‘resonate’ with the particular frequency, and therefore be pushed into an altered state.

There’s a lot of science going on behind how these tracks work actually.

By listening to different frequencies you can alter your brainwave state within minutes. There are ways of making this happen faster as well.

Mind machines are a great way to use binaural beats in combination with visual stimulation through special goggles lined with LED lights. A great mind machine is the Kasina from Mindplace, but there are many you can find online.

How to use binaural beats to astral project

To actually use binaural beats to boost your astral projection you’ll need to get some HIGH QUALITY binaural beats that have been created specially for astral travel.

You CAN find these for free on YouTube, but the quality is usually really bad! Don’t waste your time trying to get it to work from free YouTube videos. There are much better tracks out there, and they’re not actually that expensive anyway.

We’d suggest using our Spiritual Ascension package, because it gives the fastest results for raising your vibrations and having OBEs. You can also listen to free samples on the page.

  • Stereo headphones are important – Because the binaural beats work by having your brain ‘make sense’ of two different sounds, the headphones you listen through NEED to be stereo. If they’re not, it won’t work.
  • Background noises – Some people say that the sound of just ‘bare’ binaural beats is not easy to listen to. If you don’t like listening to this type of sound, you can find beats on Ennora with soft ambient noises like waterfalls, woodland noises and other pleasant sounds.
  • Once you have your binaural beats downloaded ready to use, listen to them right before you try to do an OBE.

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, and that you’re not around anything sharp. It’s easy to fall into a ‘trancelike’ state listening to these beats, and you don’t want to be around anything dangerous.

Now that you’ve got your headphones on and the beats are playing, go about your astral projection techniques as normal.

Use whichever technique is easiest for you. 

The binaural beats are sort of a ‘background’ help for this.

They don’t need any special effort, you just listen to them as you’re trying to astral travel. The only things you need to make sure you do are to listen through stereo headphones, and sit comfortably.

Also, make sure you’re closing your eyes, and relaxing your gaze into your eyelids, so you’re not focused on anything in particular. Set the volume to be about 1 third of the maximum so it’s not too loud but you can still feel and hear the pulse of the beat.

Things to remember

Remember that you’re changing your brainwaves. This isn’t dangerous, but it is putting you in a different state. Don’t RELY on them to meditate by the way!

For this reason, don’t instantly go out after listening and drive, or operate machinery etc. Pretty simple stuff but we don’t want you getting injured!

Also, remember that you’ll STILL have to put in the work and learn how to astral project. If you just listen to the beats and hope for a load of OBEs, you’ll be a bit disappointed. You need to put the work in and use these sorts of things as support for that!

What frequency of binaural beats helps with astral projection?

The best frequency of binaural beats for astral projection is Theta, which is tracks tuned to between 4.7-5HZ. You should listen to them with stereo headphones and relax all of your muscles before trying to astral project with them.

Can binaural beats damage your brain?

Binaural beats can not damage your brain, but you do need to be careful about the volume you play the tracks. If you listen to them too loud, they can hurt your ears and cause painful ringing in your ears, but this would happen no matter what you listened to, if it was too loud.

What’s the best time to listen to binaural beats?

The best time to listen to binaural beats to astral project is in the morning. Specifically, between 4-8AM while trying a WBTB OBE. This gives your body and mind the best chance of astral projecting, with the least effort.

The best binaural beats for astral projection

We’ve created some custom binaural beats specifically to help you induce an OBE and astral project. They’re now available as single tracks you an download, which you can find below: 

  • Spiritual Ascension Binaural beats Package: Our complete master package with 5 binaural beats, a video lesson, and much more. This is where I’d suggest starting, if you’re new to binaural beats and want the best value.