Astral projection is when the human spirit, also known as the astral body leaves the physical body and moves into the astral plane or spirit world. 

But can ANYONE astral project? 

Here’s the thing:

Those who have experienced this report on being consciously aware of what is around them even while they are separated from their bodies. Their spirit floats about knowing where everything is all while the physical body is fast asleep.

People who have had a near death experience have claimed to have at some time during the ordeal had an out-of-body experience. However, you can also induce this state after careful practice. Here, we wish to look at the possibilities surrounding astral projection and see whether or not anyone can actually accomplish it.

One of the most common misconceptions is that astral projection is a rare occurrence.

After all most people have never heard of it. But when you consider the numbers of those who actually have, you’ll be astounded.

5 to 10 percent of people in the world say they have had at some point in their lives, an out-of-body experience. In the US alone the numbers are at 30 million while in the UK at around 6 million.

Can YOU learn to astral project?

The truth is you can actually learn to induce this out-of-body state through consistent practice. There are a variety of methods out there that one can use. Since everyone is different, these methods cannot be ranked into which is the best. Some work well for some people than for others.

If you think age has anything to do with astral projection you are wrong. Any person of any age can have an out-of-body experience. In fact, children have more experience in this than adults. Why, you may ask? Because they have faith that anything is possible.

Some people are afraid to try out astral projection due to the fear that they may not be able to go back into the physical realm.

Think about it for a moment, every time we are dreaming we really leave the physical reality. It is a form of unconscious state of being. Astral projection works the same way only we are aware of it.

How long does it take to master?

Well, as we have seen every individual is different. Some people are able to accomplish it with the first attempt. Others within a month of practice. For some people, the concept continues to elude them even after two years of trying.

Benefits of practicing astral Projection

Anyone who has tried deep meditation for astral travel and has been able to astral project comes out with a deep appreciation of life. They are more spiritually aware. The benefits go beyond physical and intellectual understanding. Here are some popular benefits:

  • Different view of mortality and physical existence. Individuals who have had an out-of-body experience achieve greater understanding and appreciation of living spiritually, not just physically. Life and mortality is looked at from a different perspective.
  • Once you have tapped into this other realm that is beyond the physical, you become more in tune with your spiritual abilities. Gaining telepathic and psychic abilities is not a farfetched idea.
  • Greater relaxation and inner peace. Through conscious meditation, an out-of-body experience gives you a different look at life and existence. You develop greater inner peace and are able to relax more deeply when you are finally awake.
  • Greater connection. An out-of-body experience makes you aware of a different reality other than the physical. You will end up feeling connected to something larger and more complex than yourself.
  • Respect for life. Life isn’t just human. Animals and plants as well are alive. Through astral projection, you are able to develop a greater understanding of this allowing you to have more respect for other forms of life.
  • Higher intelligence. Astral projection taps into certain areas of our minds that were previously underutilised. Your memory and intelligence is enhanced by being aware of something more than the norm.
  • Answers to your personal questions. During an out-of-body experience, you will be able to answer some of life’s personal questions to achieve greater understanding.
  • No more fear of death. The fear of dying comes from not knowing what lies on the other side. Through astral projection, you are aware of the existence of a spirit realm and this eliminates the fear of dying.
  • These are just some of the many benefits of astral projection by the way, there are a lot more.

Astral Projection methods/techniques

There are many ways to achieve an out-of-body experience. After all astral projection has been practised for thousands of years.

These different methods will not offer the same results to everyone owing to the fact that we are all different. Finding the right one for you is key. Let’s look at some of them in detail below.

1: The rope technique

Developed by Robert Bruce, it is among the most effective methods out there. It is involves imagining an invisible rope dangling from the ceiling. You then reach out with your spirit hands and attempt to pull yourself from your physical body. A feeling called vertigo develops the more you pull causing dizziness.

As you pull further up and up, you will start to experience vibrations on the rope as well as your physical body. Do not stop. It’s important that you continue. If you persist, you will finally see yourself exit your body in the astral form, hovering above yourself.

You’ve done it. In fact, here’s a short video showing you how to exit your physical body:

2: Monroe Technique

Developed by one of the leading figures in astral projection, this method once followed is easy to accomplish. It centres around full relaxation.

Once you are on your bed and relaxed, try to go to sleep while at the same time being awake. You will enter a state of partial sleep and partial awake called the hypnagogic state. Try and push yourself deeper into this state by clearing any unnecessary thoughts.

This can be done by looking into the blackness of the eyelids.

Next, try to imagine and induce vibrations in your body. Intensify them. They will cause the spirit and the body to separate. Once you feel this, just roll your spirit over and achieve separation. You are free now.

3: Watching yourself sleep

With this technique, you will need to relax on your bed facing the ceiling. Tell yourself that you are going to go to sleep and you are going to watch yourself do so. Close your eyes. Rid your mind of all thoughts and simply concentrate.

Imagine yourself watching yourself going to sleep. If things are on the right track, you will notice your body feeling numb. Tingly feelings from head to your toes may also develop. Keep going. See yourself rising from your body and before long, you will detach yourself and hover above your physical body.