What are the dangers of passive spirituality?

Some people think that this is harmless.

They think that anchoring light and being a lightworker is enough to change the world.

That’s true in a sense, you do have vibration and what energy you put out in the world has an impact.

But this idea of anchoring light encourages people to do nothing, especially those new to spirituality.

They don’t do the uncomfortable work needed, the real work.

The idea of anchoring light simply by ‘being’ is making people lazy.

Although the idea of changing the world with your light is quite attractive, there’s more to it than that.

If that were the case, the world would already be in the golden age.

So, what are we doing wrong?

What should we be doing instead?

In this article you will learn:

  •  What anchoring light really means
  •  The dangers of passive spirituality
  •  How we can be more active when it comes to changing the world

Let’s dive in!

Dangers Of Passive Spirituality

Passive spirituality might seem harmless. After all, you’re not doing anything wrong, right? You’re just living your life, anchoring light, and hoping for the best. Wrong.

Passive spirituality is dangerous and if we don’t do something about it, the world would always stay the same, if not worse.

What Are The Dangers Of Passive Spirituality?

Passive spirituality is dangerous because it encourages people to do nothing, to not do the uncomfortable work of facing and healing their traumas, and just rely on them anchoring light by ‘being’, and expect that it’s enough to change the world.

But this is wrong and if everyone does this, the world is not gonna change. In addition to that, it will be filled with people who do nothing. It’s encouraging people to be lazy.

dangers of passive spirituality

Anchoring Light

So, what is this ‘anchoring light’ stuff that I’m talking about?

It has something to do with lightworkers.

The easiest way to characterize lightworkers is as creatures that have a strong desire to serve others.

These spiritual creatures, also known as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels, and star seeds, volunteer to serve mankind as a beacon for the Earth.

They frequently feel greater warmth and compassion towards others from a young age. Chances are, they’ve saved many animals and other living beings in need.

Lightworkers are often sensitive, and as a result, they experience grief and agony for the suffering in the world around them.

This is why people tend to pursue occupations where their empathic nature may be used to help others in need, such as nursing, counseling, and social work.

person holding brown leaf

Their mission is to anchor tiny vibrations from a higher energy dimension onto the physical plane so that the frequencies of love and light can be accessed. That’s what anchoring light means.

Of course, lightworkers operate on a higher frequency but some lightworkers think that anchoring love and light to the earth is enough.

They just have to ‘be’. But that’s not true and I will explain that later on.


What does spirituality mean? How to become more spiritual?

Spirituality is the wide idea of believing in something other than oneself.

It might include religious traditions centered on believing in a higher power, but it can also include a holistic belief in an individual’s connectedness to others and to the planet as a whole.

Spirituality provides a worldview that says there is more to life than what individuals see and feel on a sensory and physical level.


Instead, it implies that something higher binds all beings to one another and to the cosmos itself.

It also aims to provide answers to concerns regarding the purpose of life, how individuals are related to one another, cosmic truths, and other mysteries of human existence.

Spirituality is a personal journey for everyone but it usually starts with awareness.

Most of the time, it’s after people have come out of a period in their life called the “dark night of the soul.”

They usually have a spiritual awakening and that’s when they start becoming aware of their purpose.

They have a bigger mission to the world.

This is when they start educating themselves and diving deeper into spirituality, and making changes in their lives such as adding a meditation practice, doing inner work, being more in tune with their bodies, and so on.

passive spirituality

Passive Spirituality Meaning

Being passive means not taking an active or dominant part in something. In this case, spirituality.

Passive spirituality is when you don’t do the uncomfortable work and you just let life flow by.

Their mission is to anchor tiny vibrations from a higher energy dimension onto the physical plane so that the frequencies of love and light can be accessed.

That’s what anchoring light means. Of course, lightworkers operate on a higher frequency but some lightworkers think that anchoring love and light to the earth is enough.

They just have to ‘be’. It’s enough that I just get up in the morning and just believe that the world will change.

“All I have to do is keep my vibrations high by thinking positive.”

woman dancing in front of mirror

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They get lazy, they don’t plan anything, and they don’t take action.

They don’t do the uncomfortable work of healing their past wounds and traumas.

They don’t stimulate their minds thinking about what things they can do in order to make a positive change in the world.

They just think it’s enough that they want to live in a better world but they don’t do anything about it except live, breathe, and smile.

But that is not enough. In fact, this kind of mindset is dangerous and I’ll explain why.

Dangers Of Passive Spirituality

woman holding a smiley balloon

1: Positive Thinking Is Not The Solution

“Just think positive thoughts”

I want to talk about one thing in spirituality that I have noticed, and I think it’s quite dangerous or bad.

That is the idea of passive detaching or removing ourselves from doing anything. 

I’ve heard this being called ‘bypassing’ and it has something to do with inner work or shadow work. 

It’s when we’re not dealing with our insecurities and other things we need to work on and we’re not confronting them head-on.

If we’re actually going to fix them, if we’re actually going to solve them and learn from them, it wouldn’t work anyways and it’s too negative. So they just ignore it. 

It will be like if your house is burning down and the people just say:

 “Well, just think positive thoughts and it will go away.”

But that’s not how it works. 

Although positive thoughts have an influence on it, that’s not the solution to everything.

person holding thumbs up

2: Pretending It’s Not Happening Won’t Change Reality

Let’s say something bad is happening and you’ve been told by various spiritual influences to just think positive thoughts and it will go away. 

Well, that’s not true and we can see that in the world today.

Let’s say, you were in a specific country where they locked down the whole place. The people thinking positive thoughts in that country aren’t somewhere else. 

They’re in the same situation, the same reality that we were all in. 

They might pretend they’re not for a while, but the truth is they are.

In some places, you can’t leave your house, you can’t leave the country, and you can’t cross borders. 

Obviously, this is bad from a sovereignty point-of-view but there are people who think they are not living in that situation just because they’re thinking positive thoughts about the essential timeline and golden age. 

person walking

Positive thoughts are good but that alone doesn’t put them in a different reality. 

I think we need to take a step back and just acknowledge that they’re in that situation. 

Be aware, call it what it is, and try to work out where we go from there instead of pretending it’s not happening.

If you pretend it’s not happening, it’s probably going to get worse. 

2: Ignoring Trauma Leads To Mental Disorders

If you have trauma from when you were younger, especially in your formative years, you can’t fix that by just ignoring it or pretending it didn’t happen. 

In fact, when you do pretend it didn’t happen, that’s a great way to develop mental disorders.

These are our brains’ mental protective mechanisms we have as a response to trauma when we don’t deal with them ourselves.

woman with black eye

Ignoring our trauma is not the solution and this is backed by psychological research.

In many cases, that just makes things worse.

This idea of bypassing and ignoring the problem is almost the same thing because you don’t fix the problem.

You have to take action. You have to do that inner healing and confront your traumas. 

3: When We Ignore, We Don’t Grow

Why are we here?

In my opinion, we’re here to learn lessons, have experiences, and go through changes and growth. 

It seems like we’re in this hologram, the divine matrix, the illusion, or whatever we want to call this experience of life. 

We’re certainly here for a reason and I think, in many ways, we chose to be here. 

silhouette of man

At least that’s the only thing to me that makes sense.

So ask yourself, “why did I choose to be here?”

It probably wasn’t to just have problems or difficult situations that we can ignore.

My guess is that we are here to go through problems and difficult situations in order to grow.

We experience these in order to make use of our free will, to be able to choose love or fear.

You can’t do those things if you just completely ignore them and divert from doing that work.

This is especially the case if you have trauma.

man covering woman's mouth

4: Silence Means Yes

Let’s look at situations where a small group of people is trying to impose and get away with very dangerous agendas.

These people have a very specific idea of what they want. 

Something I like to do is to try to put myself in the position of those people. 

If you were trying to get away with, let’s say enslavement of humanity.

The best situation would be if nobody resisted you. So how do you get people to not resist you? 

Well, you promote the idea that it’s happening for a reason and by detaching from it, not doing anything about it, and just thinking positive thoughts, it will go away. 

The result is, you’ve just deactivated resistance.


The less resistance there is, the more they can get away with. 

I’m not saying that we should be physically resisting or anything like that, but at least comfortably and calmly talking about it.

It’s about saying no to things and saying what we want.

You know the saying, “silence means yes”? That applies here too.

If you don’t say no, they’d just keep doing what they do and think you’re okay with it.

I think that’s really important.

Once you have that foundation, you can then add on the positive thinking, the affirmations, and all that.

person holding letters

We Have To Be Assertive

So what do we want? What world do we actually want to create together? 

There has to be something, there has to be some kind of system. 

Otherwise, it will be anarchy. 

If we don’t want the zero situation, then what do we want? 

How and what would that look like? 

I think that’s as important as saying what we don’t want.

“What’s the alternative? What shall we create?”

We have to be more assertive with what we want.

no word in mirror in front of girl


Is Spirituality A Religion?

Spirituality is not a religion. Religion is a system of organized practices and beliefs that are frequently shared by a community or group. Spirituality is a more personal discipline that involves having a sense of serenity and purpose.

Are spirituality and quantum physics connected?

Spirituality and quantum physics or quantum mechanics is very much connected in a way that it’s the field of science that’ able to explain how some concepts of spirituality work such as the law of attraction and reality shifting. 

If you want to know more about the connection between quantum mechanics and spirituality, read this article about how reality shifting is real.

How Do You Overcome Passivity?

What is the opposite of passivity? You can overcome passivity by being proactive. Plan, set goals, and take action. And then, keep doing them. Be consistent with your purpose. 

If you’re still unsure of your purpose, this free personal numerology reading may help you get to know the deeper parts of your soul.

dangers of passive spirituality

Dangers Of Passive Spirituality

So, what are the dangers of passive spirituality?

Passive spirituality makes people lazy. They just rely on positive thinking and pretend that bad things are not happening.

They think it’s enough to just believe that the world will change and become a better place.

But that is obviously not true because if it were, then the world would’ve already changed.

Pretending that it’s not happening won’t magically make the bad things go away.

What this is doing is just creating a world filled with people who do nothing.

People ignore the healing of their traumas because it’s negative and uncomfortable but all that’s doing is creating a world filled with people with unresolved issues and mental disorders.

Hurt people, hurt people. No matter if you do it consciously or subconsciously.

You can’t heal people if you, yourself, are not healed.

Ignoring these also hinders us from growing as individuals.

Lastly, if we don’t say anything, it’s almost the same as agreeing to the things we don’t agree with such as discrimination.

We have to be more assertive about what we want. We can’t do that if we’re passive.

We have to be proactive and we have to take action.

What world do we want to create?

Now you’ve learned about the dangers of passive spirituality? Do you think you’ve been passive when it comes to spirituality?

Let me know in the comments!