It is common knowledge that drinking too much alcohol can give you some serious health concerns. However alcohol is a double edged sword. Recent studies have proven that drinking in moderation can provide many benefits as well.

Over the years people have devised many different ways to make use of alcohol. Other than drinking, it can also be used for cleaning and disinfecting wounds, in the manufacture of perfumes as a solvent and as a fossil fuel.

Other than the physical applications, alcohol also provides many psychological uses as well. It explains why people are drawn to it so much. From wines, to spirits, to beer, it is one of the favorite pastime engagements of most people.

Some of these psychological benefits can prove very helpful to people who practice astral projection. To achieve an out-of-body experience, you need to be in a certain state of mind as well as having certain emotions. In this simple tutorial, we wish to look at how alcohol can facilitate astral projection via the emotions it inspires within us. But first, let’s look at these psychological benefits in more detail.

Benefits of moderate drinking on astral projection

1: Protecting the brain

As we grow old, our brain cells can get damaged due to many different factors. Stress is certainly one of the major culprits. Drinking alcohol in moderation can keep the brain cells healthy thanks to a compound called xanthohumol. This protects you from getting diseases such as alzheimers and Parkinson’s.

2: Improving your memory

A compound found in wine grapes called resveratrol, has been proven to increase your cognitive abilities. Your memory receives an all important boost. When you are out with family and friends, it’s no wonder that after a few drinks of red wine, you begin taking trips down memory lane.

3: Stress relief

Psychological studies have shown that alcohol is an effective tool to fight stress. However, taking it large quantities will only heighten negative emotions

4: Well-being

Taking alcohol in small amounts increases the feeling of well-being, joy and happiness, as well as enhanced expression and a carefree attitude.

With these tips in mind, let’s see how we can use alcohol to facilitate an out-of-body experience.

Astral projection and alcohol

It is important to understand the various steps that are involved in astral projection. Some of these are standard across different methods.


Regardless of the method you prefer (for example, the rope method), an OBE requires you to be first and foremost, well relaxed. This can only happen when you do not have any level of nervousness or anxiety. Alcohol reduces stress levels and makes it easy to fall asleep. To facilitate this, drink a beer or two before lying down on the bed.

Drinking above this quantity will only make you fall into deep sleep so you need to be careful not to have too much. The idea is to be partially asleep and partially awake.


Once you are fully relaxed, the next step is to enter into a state of complete relaxation. This is done through regulating your breathing. Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly will help you reach this state. Having a few drinks can help to focus your mind on a single activity. Depending on your method, clearing your mind of any thoughts is required for you to enter into the next step. Alcohol will help you do this better.


In order to achieve a separation between body and spirit, you will need to imagine the process happening.

Most methods demand this type of imagination. As we have previously seen, drinking in moderation improves your cognitive abilities. You can become more visionary and creative with very minimal mental effort.

The separation

Once you have achieved an OBE, your astral body is now floating above your physical body on the astral plane. This realm of spirits has seven levels each with its own type of experiences. The most positive and enlightening experience are further up the levels.

To ascend through the levels, you need to increase the frequency of your vibrations. This can only be done with the help of positive emotions. These include love, joy, happiness and general euphoria.

It’s easy to see why the few drinks you took can help you acquire such emotions as alcohol instills a positive vibe in you.

Coming back

One of the greatest challenges faced by beginners of astral projection is remembering the experience when they wake up. This leads them to think that they did not achieve astral projection in the first place. By improving memory, alcohol can help you remember your experiences on the astral plane.

Using different methods to facilitate astral projection or general meditation is not unheard of. It has been practiced by different cultures around the world for centuries. Astral projecting when sober is achievable; it may not come as easily to some people.

There is nothing wrong with a little nudge every now and then as long as you practice caution. Do not over use.

Some people have come close to an OBE after having several drinks. They report feeling vibrations when in deep slumber enough to make them panic and wake up. This is because they were not sure of what was going on with their bodies.

Moderate drinking as opposed to heavy drinking will help get into the hypnogogic state where you are half awake and half asleep. This is the state where concentration is at your optimum and you are on the verge of astral projection.