Have you ever wondered if you are an earthseed starseed? Well, there’s an easy way to find out. As their name suggests, earthseeds originate from EARTH! Earthseeds just like starseeds, are people who are born into the world to act as spirit guides.  

By the way: This is actually written BY a real starseed, not some random Wiki article that doesn’t really know what’s it talking about.

Well, these are just the same as other starseeds, however, their origins are slightly different.

Together, starseeds and earthseeds are known as ‘lightseeds’.

In fact, earthseeds even share a similar history with many starseeds.

Just like starseeds, the history of earthseeds is traced back to their time as slaves.

These people have been violated for quite some time now.

  • During their slavery period, just like starseeds, earthseeds were experimented on and witness their free will taken away (I can’t say TOO much more about that, just yet).
  • This is what unites them with starseeds.
  • At the moment, earthseeds are starting to remember their past and exactly what happened to them.
  • As they continued to be abused, earthseeds called for help from their fellow lightseeds from the outer worlds and universe to help them gain their freedom.

Both earthseeds and starseeds give us an insight into who we really are.

As an earthseed, you can now find tools to learn more about yourself and even gain more insight into your origins.

Amongst other tools, you can use numerology readings.

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What Is The Relationship Between Earthseeds And Starseeds?​

The main relationship between earthseeds and starseeds is that they are both lightseeds.

Knowing the relationship between earthseeds and starseeds will help you understand the former much better.

As mentioned above, during the time when earthseeds were experiencing slavery, they called on the starseeds from outer worlds and universes to help.

Many starseeds joined the call for help and to secure freedom for the land of earthseeds – whom they refer to as their ‘brothers and sisters of light’. This becomes more important later. 

Who/What Are Lightseeds?

Collectively, earthseeds and starseeds are known as lightseeds. In this particular dimension, lightseeds is a term used to describe all seeds filled with light and are currently embodied in this earth.

However, you can also find lightseeds of different dimensions.

The two main differences between lightseeds embodied on earth are;

  • Earthseeds – currently ascending but originating from this earth
  • Starseeds – ascendants from stars, planets, sun, and other galaxies

Their main mission of these lightseeds is to aid in the ascension of the light earth.

Originally enslaved and tortured with their will taken away, the main purpose of earthseeds has now become fighting injustices.

Both earthseeds and starseeds are filled with light and their purpose on earth is to fight darkness, bring back love, balance, harmony, and land of abundance.

What Are Earthseeds?

Earthseeds are lightseeds who originate from the planet earth.

According to spiritualists, at the moment, there are over 60% of eartheans who are in the light.

These include starseeds and earthseeds.

However, the light increases every moment – meaning that there are more beings joining in ascension and the mission to free mother earth.

Spiritualists also believe that it is important that the fight be done with help from brothers and sisters from the outer universe and planets – the starseeds.

This is because earthseeds cannot fight on their own due to their history.

Earthseeds have been used and abused for a long time which makes it a little difficult to free the world on their own.

This is because over the course of their abuse, ​their free will, perception, and even sense of independence were taken away.

Thus, earthseeds really aren’t aware of the deception on earth.

Their enslavement resulted in heavy indoctrination and the violent erasure of their soul memories.

Yet, whilst earthseeds have been held captive for almost their entire lives, they are beginning to awaken now and realizing the reality of what really happened.

What earthseeds went through before was extremely traumatic and many of them are starting to remember the trauma.

With their ascension, they have begun to remove traumatic implants and violent programming from their captures, and have joined hands with their brothers and sisters – the starseeds to change the world.

Some of the key characteristics of lightseeds that have joined this fight include;

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respectfulness
  • Being of service

How To Know If You Are An Earthseed Or Starseed?

You can easily find out if you are an earthseed or starseed by observing your characteristics and personality traits without any bias or EXPECTATION.

Knowing that both starseeds and earthseeds exist in the world concurrently, the next question is naturally how do you tell between the two?

As mentioned above, a starseed has a distant origin, from the sun, stars, planets, and galaxies in outer space.

Starseeds have been incarnating over and over again.

Therefore, you may find starseeds with a longer incarnation period and those with a shorter one.

These lightseeds come to earth to help in its ascension- with each decade seeing a new wave of starseeds.

Nonetheless, each starseed wave has a different and specific mission.

Starseeds are programmed to do their part at a particular time.

They can be easily identified through a series of traits.

First, it is important to know this;

Different starseeds have different origins and each origin brings its own personality traits and signs. You can also check for your starseed MARKINGS which gives you a much better idea of IF you’re a starseed, and which one. 

1: Starseeds

There is a myriad of starseeds. Some of them are not even discovered yet.

Some of the commonly known starseed origin systems include;

  • Sirian starseeds  – from the two-star system alpha Canis majoris or simply Sirius.
  • Arcturian starseeds – from the Arcturus star – located in the Bootes constellation
  • Pleiadian starseeds – from the Pleiades star system
  • Orion starseeds – from the Orion constellation
  • Lyran starseeds – from the Lyra constellation
  • Venusian starseeds – from the planet Venus
  • Martian starseeds – from mars
  • Andromedan starseeds – from Andromeda galaxy in the Zenetae star system

Yet, there still is a plethora of other star systems that are yet to be discovered.

So, if you can’t identify your starseed, but, feel that you are one, chances are that yours hasn’t been discovered yet.

Nonetheless, when distinguishing starseeds from other lightseeds, you will also notice that they have similar universal traits.

Generally, starseeds tend to forget their origin – the star, planet, universe, world of birth.

This is even more prevalent in starseeds who have incarnated multiple times.


  • Starseeds have a difficult time adjusting to the earth – especially to the plane’s dense energy.
  • Most will grow up isolated even if they live in abundant social settings.
  • Most of them are introverted and anti-social; feeling alone most of the time.

Since they find it difficult to connect to the rest of the people, they are quiet and keep to themselves.

Due to this isolation, most starseeds find the earth plane quite confusing and sometimes, destructive.

The distorted perception and dense energies may sometimes mean that they  are born in dysfunctional families; making it even more difficult to adjust to life on earth.

Still, starseeds are still great at communicating and do so with their fellow starseeds telepathically. However, if this communication is not reciprocated, they may continue to find life on earth difficult and confusing.

In turn, they will spend their lives trying to stay in the background and doubting themselves; asking if there is anything wrong with them.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t affect their mission into the world.

They still manage to accomplish their purpose at the intended time and place.

After all, in reality, starseeds really don’t have any problem.

Most of their problems revolve around other people.

It is not their own problem that they carry and try to address.

But rather, other people’s problems.

This explains their original mission to earth – to bring back love and harmony whilst taking away the darkness.

Enough of the jibber-jabber about starseeds.

2: Earthseeds

Starseeds are simply beings that originate from earth.

How do you know that you are an earthseed?

The answer is simple.

Whilst starseeds are here to help their brothers and sisters – the earthseeds – they are also differences between these two lightseeds.

For one, earthseeds originate from earth.

Whilst they have gone through trauma throughout their past lives, they are still comfortable with the plane they are in.

On earth, they are familiar and adjust easily.

However, due to their trauma, they may not really remember their origin.

You will find some that are beginning to remember, however.

The Special Starseeds and Earthseeds

In addition to the earthseeds discussed above, you will also hear about the inner earth beings. These inner beings are called the Agarthan beings.

Well, to know their origin, you must first know about the hollow earth theory,

The hollow earth theory refers to an alternate human civilization inside the earth that is known as the Agarthan.

In 1947, a man known as Admiral Byrd claimed to have flown over the north pole and taken to an Agarthan city where he met residents there.

It is believed that the Agarthan people are also incarnating into the earth as earthseed starseeds.

Similar to other starseeds, they have their distinctive personality traits as well.

These include;

  • They have some memories of their origins
  • They sometimes dream of and want to live on the earth
  • They may also have memories of retreating into the earth due to their home being drowned
  • Being environmentally drive – thus, on earth, they will normally get into fields such as environmental activism
  • They may have elf-like physical features, although, they are also tall and slender​
  • They are very much in tune with the earth’s plane, cycle, and seasons – can naturally feel when disasters and catastrophes are approaching​

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