If you think you’re a starseed, you probably want some proof, right? In this article, we’ll show you how to find your starseed markings. 

Have you wondered where you really come from?

Or have the feeling that you don’t really belong to this planet?

Well, there may be a reasonable explanation as to why you feel that way.

And the explanation may simply be that it is time for you to learn more about your starseed. 

As humans, there are many ways we can get more insights into ourselves.- whether you choose to look into your starseed, do a numerology test, or even combine the two.

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What Is A Starseed?

Starseeds simply refer to individuals who believe they originate from another planet, world, or galaxy. The starseed represents your origin. 

What distinguished starseeds from humans is their highly evolved souls – believing that there is a greater force out there.

There’s no doubt that humanity has an ancestral connection to the stars but, people also come from stars – which explains the origins of starseeds.

In theory, starseeds have left their planets and continue to live on earth through incarnation for a special purpose.

Nonetheless, starseeds don’t necessarily follow the same path or possess the same traits, talents, and gifts.

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How To TELL If You Are A Starseed

To tell if you’re a starseed, there are some online tests and methods you can use. Starseeds usually share one or more specific personality traits, which vary depending on which starseed you are. Some starseeds have distinct markings as well. 

However, they share a commonality in that they feel they are in the world but, not truly a part of it.

A starseed feels isolated even though they interact with other people and are aware of the fact that they are different.

This is because their current physical realm may distract them.

Yet, they are common signs you can look at.

These include;

  • Awareness of your restlessness
  • The feeling of having a mission in the world
  • Sensitive to the suffering and emotions of others
  • Hyper perceptiveness
  • Having an insight into problems and creativity in solving them
  • Being an empath
  • Naturally drawing kids and animals
  • Repressing emotions to please others
  • Easily overwhelmed and escaping from reality from time to time

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How To Easily Identify Each Starseeds

There is a myriad of different starseeds in the universe, however, to easily identify them, you want to know their personality traits.

The most common ones are;

  • Pleiadian
  • Sirian
  • Arcturian
  • Lyran
  • Orion
  • Andromedan
  • Venusian
  • Martian

Furthermore, as mentioned above, different starseeds originate from different star systems.

Typically, their origins are as follows;

  • Pleiadian starseeds – Originate from the Pleiades star system
  • Sirian starseeds  – Originate from a bright dog star in the night sky, the Sirius. The two-star system is also known as the alpha Canis majoris.
  • Arcturian starseeds – Originate from the Arcturus star – located in the Bootes constellation
  • Lyran starseeds – Originate from the Lyra constellation
  • Orion starseeds – Originate from the Orion constellation
  • Andromedan starseeds – Originate from Andromeda
  • Venusian starseeds – Originate from the planet Venus and prove the planet had once supported life
  • Martian starseeds – Originate from mars and similarly prove that the planet once supported life.

Starseeds have distinctive personality traits.

Therefore, you can easily distinguish them by observing their traits.

Sure, you may find a few similarities. Nonetheless, each starseed still possesses one unique trait.

Let’s, check out the common traits of some of the starseeds;

  • Pleiadian – Intuitive and emphatic
  • Sirian- Creative but, shy, introverted, and untrusting.
  • Arcturian – Excellent planners and organizers; possessing great memory retention
  • Lyran- Posses  independent-minded and always fight for fairness and justice
  • Orion- Self-disciplined and quite logical
  • Andromedan- Free-spirited, free, and individualistic
  • Venusian  – Affectionate, nurturing, considerate, empathetic, emotional, and gentle
  • Martian – Mysterious

How To Identify Your Starseed Markings

Starseed MARKINGS are known as alignments and are used to identify which starseed you are. Starmarkings use a person’s birth chart to indicate their starseed origins.

A birth chart is a map of where planets and other celestial bodies are in their course during your birth as observed from your birth location.

You can simply determine starseed markings by observing the astronomical positions of the moon, sun, and other visible planets during your birth and then, compare them to different star systems.

Their position varies at different times of the year.

Therefore, determining the area you were in during your birth can help you discover your starseed origins.

Typically, various starseeds come from different star systems.

They are distinguished based on personality, behavioral traits, and physical features.

Whilst some starseed remember their planetary origins, others don’t.

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Types of Starseed Markings

There are generally two types of starseed markings.

These include;

  • Origin marks – They indicate which star system you are originally from (where you began)
  • Incarnation marks – Details the multiple past lives you have experienced

The starseed markings work in a distinctive, but, telling way.

For example, incarnation makings work like little pins placed on locations you have been to on the map. So, if you are an old soul, you’ve probably lived many past lives.

However, with more incarnated lives, you are further away from your origin and its influences begin to disappear.

This explains why you may not really know your origin.

Like a map, incarnation marks help you trace where you have existed (in other star systems) before you existed on the earth.

Typically, the most recent incarnation location will influence your present physical realm and existence.

Markings depend on the visibility of certain planets.

This is why;

When you look at your birth chart, the star alignments and non-visible planets during the time of your birth are what suggest your original alignment.

Star alignments that conjunct with visible planets, suggest your incarnation.

Young souls tend to have conjunction with non-visible planets.

Which Alignments To Pay Attention To On Your Birth Chart

When determining your starseed markings, several alignments are considered significant.

These include;

1: Traditionally Significant Alignments

Traditionally significant alignments were historically used by shamans to recognize an incarnate starseed.

According to many cultures, the four common traditional alignments include;

  • The sun’s conjunction to a star system at the child’s birth
  • The star system descending on the western horizon during birth
  • The moon and visible planets moving through the star system during birth
  • The star system is rising on the eastern horizon

2: Alignments Significant to Western Astrology

Alignments significant to western astrology don’t necessarily offer insights into your past life but rather, your current embodiment. They give insights into possible areas of trouble in your life and personality traits.

There are four significant alignments to western astrology.

However, unlike the traditional alignments, they are not based on location or time.

Rather they are geometrically based.

These include;

  • Opposite star alignments – two-star point alignments
  • Trine star alignments – three-star point alignments in a triangular position
  • Sextile star alignments that indicate a 60-degree angle between celestial bodies
  • Square star alignments that indicate a 90-degree angle between heavenly bodies4

How Can I Find My Starseed Markings?

You can find your starseed markings by using your birtg chart. A birth chart refers to a natal chart or map of where all the major planets and astral bodies were located at the time you were born.

Well, finding your starseed markings is pretty straightforward.

You first want to get your birth chart.

You can easily access a chart for free in many different online sources or tools.

The chart shows you the angles different celestial bodies were positioned in during the time of your birth, and where your alignments are.

In addition to using a birth chart, you can learn more about different star systems.

Employing different methods to decoding your starseed means you will be less biased.

You want to examine your starseed with an objective eye and analyze it based on who you really are and not who you want to be.

Again, identifying a starseed is a spiritual activity and not science.

  • So, don’t entirely depend on the facts because intuition is also quite important.
  • You have to trust your feelings, too!
  • So far, only a dozen starseed systems have been identified.
  • However, there is a myriad more out there.

So, it is important that you continue exploring more on the topic.

For now, if none of the starseeds appear to align with you, it may be that your starseed is yet to be identified.

Beyond sharing the location of planets during birth, your birth chart can still offer a plethora of information about your starseed markings.

Using your birth chart, you can learn more about the significance of the sun and moon’s positions during your birth – as they hold key meaning too.

Generally, the sun and moon’s position can help you understand your current incarnate embodiment better.

Furthermore, they also shape your personality and life experiences in your current world and how you manifest in it.

After all, understanding who you are involves digging into your past (your origins and former incarnations) and who you will become in the future.

Remember, as a starseed, each life you have lived through your origin and incarnation has left a mark.

Therefore, the more you enlighten yourself, the more marks you will be able to identify.

You simply need to get past current distractions!

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