How To Build A ‘Soul Aligned Business’, Escape The Matrix And Raise Your Frequency: Join The Freedom Tribe!

This Membership Helps You Do 3 Things

Enhance Your Body/Mind

Proven ‘Spiritual Biohacking’ techniques to help you experience seemingly infinite energy, great sleep, motivation, and more strength in your body and mind.

Create A Purpose Led Online Business

How to discover your life’s TRUE purpose, and turn it into a passive income online business so you can do what you LOVE, and get paid well for doing it!

Experience The Life You Want

How to ‘Escape The Matrix’ and manifest the life you’ve always wanted. More energy, time, money and freedom. High vibe friends and experiences. Purpose led work and abundance.

What You Actually Get

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

Exclusive Private Videos

I’ll make regular exclusive videos just for members, answering YOUR questions, and coaching you through what you’re struggling with!

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

Boost Your Frequency With Our Music Tracks

Access to a growing library of high quality binaural beats, subliminal tracks and audio meditation tracks for raising your frequency, shifting, manifesting,  lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

Learn The Techniques, Escape The Matrix

Access to a growing library of video trainings, ebooks, techniques, tricks, tips, stories and worksheets about raising your frequency, escaping the Matrix, building a soul aligned business, manifesting, and more

Power Affirmations’ For Lucid Dreamers

Connect With Other ‘High Vibe’ Souls

Private exclusive community and network, so you can ask questions, make friends, share tips, and get motivated to really escape the Matrix, change your life and raise your frequency..

Join The Freedom Tribe Now, And Master Your Reality

Lock in the low monthly price for life, and get started right now. If you purchased everything here separately, it would cost you over $2500, but you can get it all for one monthly price of:

$99 Just 22 Dollars Per Month!

This price will rise in the near future, so lock it in now and get started.

Early Bird Membership

The first 100 people to join at this tier get lifetime access to the low price. Once these 100 spaces are filled, only the higher price tiers are available (shown below)

$22 Per Month

Pay Monthly

If there are no spaces left at 22 per month, you can join at the standard price of 44 dollars per month. This tier is also limited to only 50 people. After that, the enrolment will either be closed or the price for new members will rise.

$44 Per Month

Lifetime Deal

I’m also offering lifetime memberships for only 10 people. You can join at that level below.

$997 One Time

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My names Stef, and I’m passionate and obsessed with spirituality and consciousness. I’ve spent over a decade researching, studying and living this stuff.

I’ve completely changed my life, cured depression, anxiety, shyness, healed chronic acne and a rare knee condition, manifested abundance, owning a house and the love of my life.

I’d always loved figuring out how things work, and I took it to the extreme, learning how our brains, bodies, and reality works in detail.

But that wasn’t enough.

I wanted to go deeper, so I created a small research team. We summarised and linked hundreds of dots from ancient knowledge, to modern quantum physics, biology, biohacking, psychology and much more.

We wanted to see what all of the spiritual and personal growth concepts had in common, and what really worked.

Eventually, things started making sense:

What the Egyptians were saying 5000 years ago, matched what todays quantum mechanics is proving.

What the gurus of the 5th century were saying, had lots in common with modern day psychology, as well as 1000 year old wisdom from ancient China.

The big picture starting forming.

And we began putting together a mechanism, a structure of reality and spiritual growth, based on a wide range of sources.


The first thing I wanted to do soon after learning all of this and changing MY life, was to help others.

In the last few years especially, I really want to make this available to as many people as possible. To accelerate the awakening we’re seeing all around the world.

I offer a lot of content for free on my channels and site, but this I felt I had to charge a small monthly fee for. Firstly, because it’s ongoing, and I’m constantly adding new content 2+ times a month…

But also because psychologically, you’ll take it more seriously when you’re invested in it. You’ll USE it more, and listen more closely.

And finally, the small monthly cost allows me to keep doing this. To keep paying the research team, to look further, deeper and for longer. To be able to make this as good as we possibly can.

Join Now, Stay However Long You Want

You can join our membership and community today, and stay as long as you want. There are no ongoing weird contracts, other than just you pay monthly until you decide to leave.

There’s even a 30 day ‘higher vibes or it’s free’ moneyback guarantee. I wanted to make this a complete no brainer for you, so you can try it out for free!

Got Questions?

Why A Membership?

This makes it sustainable to constantly update and upgrade my ebooks, courses, content and tracks. It means I can give you better content and materials, PLUS you can get access to everything for a much lower price.

If you were to buy everything included in the membership individually as a ‘one time’ payment, it would cost over $9000. This way, you can support me AND get a better deal, plus become a part of a private spiritual seekers community.

What If I Want To Cancel?

You can cancel at any time for any reason, with 2 clicks. There are no ongoing contracts other than you pay every month for as long as YOU want to stay. You can leave whenever you want.

Can I Join Next Month Instead?

Yes but the price will be increasing soon. This is the best time to join, to lock in this low price for life and get started sooner. We often procrastinate on things we know we need to do. It’s often better to take action sooner.

How Do I Join And View the Content?

Click any of the ‘join’ or buy buttons on this page. You’ll be taken to a short order form, which only takes about 15 seconds to fill in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be instantly redirected to the members area! Don’t worry, there’s no weird application form or process, I’ve made it VERY simple and fast to get inside.

Will This Help Me Raise My Frequency?

YES! In fact, it will help you more than any ebook or course. Because you’re able to ask questions and get a video response or coaching on specifically what you need help with, you’ll get ‘stuck’ a LOT less.

Things change and inside the members area, I give you the latest and BEST techniques, research and ideas on raising your frequency and optimising your body and mind.

Will This Help Me Build An Online Business?

Yes. This membership includes content that shows you how to take your purpose or passion, and turn it into a business. This business will be automated and passive so that you are FREE to spend your time however you want.

This is SUCH a powerful key for lightworkers or really anyone who wants to do what they love, and ‘escape the matrix’ of working for someone else your whole life.

I show you proven and effective ways to do it, that I’ve literally done in several businesses. This will allow you to spend your time doing what you love, and decide when and where to work from.

Do I NEED This?

A membership is a really powerful tool actually, to help you raise your frequency, ascend, and build a soul led online business. Having a community where you can ask questions is really useful. I’m constantly updating and adding new content and techniques, teachings, methods and tools to your members area.

This is MUCH more effective than an ebook, or video course. If you’re ready to dive in and raise your frequency and build a purpose led business, this is highly recommended.

I Can’t Afford Monthly Payments

I’ve tried to offer this membership at such a low price that it’s still sustainable for me to create content and update it, and it’s also as affordable as possible. If you’re not able to join or continue the payments, that’s fine you’re able to cancel at any time.

It makes a lot of sense to join and see what’s inside, though. You’ll love it! If you aren’t ready to join, you can watch our free youtube videos and read our blog.

What If I Lose My Access?

If you lose the page or email you can message us or email us as we’ll send you access again. When you join, you’ll get redirected to the members area to make an account quickly. You’ll also get sent an email which has the links. It’s very difficult for you to somehow lose everything! But if you do, just get in touch!

Can I Get A Refund?

Yes! You can join, check it out and see if you resonate with it. If you don’t like it, you can get a full refund up to 30 days from when you join. No questions asked. You can also cancel at any time for any reason, there’s no weird contracts or terms. Just stay as long as you like!

How Can I Contact You?

You can get in touch with me at