What’s more effective for healing?

Lucid dreaming or astral projection? 

If you’ve been researching these topics, you’ll have come across the two definitions which are:

  • Lucid dreaming is being aware of a dream WHILE you’re dreaming, allowing you to control the dream and guide it to whatever you want, but it’s all in your HEAD
  • Astral projection is being able to separate your ASTRAL body from your PHYSICAL body, and explore the astral realm, while connected to your real body with a silver cord. This is NOT in your head.

What do we mean by healing?

When we say healing, it could mean a number of things:

  • Healing past wounds
  • Healing past life wounds
  • Clearing up bad karma
  • Healing your energy and vibrations
  • Healing your physical body
  • Healing your heart (heartbreak)
  • Or healing your mind

So there are a number of ways you can heal yourself. SOME of these can be done in lucid dreaming, and some can ONLY be done in astral projection. We wrote a post about the differences between lucid dreaming and astral projection by the way!

Here are the types of healing that you CAN do with lucid dreaming which is ONLY in your mind:

  • Healing your heart (heartbreak)
  • Or healing your mind
  • Removing fears from your mind
  • Improving your confidence

And here are the types of healing that can ONLY be done with astral projection: 

  • Healing past wounds
  • Healing past life wounds
  • Clearing up bad karma
  • Healing your physical body

Because lucid dreaming is ONLY in your mind, you can’t have that much of an impact on your physical body, let alone your past lives and energetic body.

So astral projection is MUCH more effective for those types of healing. 

But don’t panic:

Lucid dreaming is of course very valuable for many things. You can heal many parts of your mind and personality with lucid dreaming.

And what’s more?

You can improve your confidence with it too!

But there are certain types of healing that can only really be done with astral projection, and you’ll need to put in some serious effort and focus to actually do these things.

It’s not like you can just LEARN how to heal your past life wounds by reading an article online. You can learn how it’s supposed to work, but really you’ll need to learn advanced techniques and methods to properly heal yourself with astral projection.

What’s more effective for healing, lucid dreaming or astral projection?

So as we’ve said, it really depends on what TYPE of healing you’re trying to do.

That being said, ALL the healing types you can do with lucid dreaming, you can ALSO do in astral projection too. So astral projection is really the ultimate way to heal yourself, in terms of your body, mind and soul.

If you had to pick only ONE, I’d choose astral travel. 

With astral travel, you can heal every part of you including your physical body. Because you’re connected at the SOUL level to source. This means you have direct access to the body, and the fabric of existence.

To most people, and certainly to many lucid dreamers, this sounds CRAZY.

It sounds like it’s impossible, and it can’t be done. But this comes down to your beliefs. And that’s what I’ll probably have to write a big long post about one day.

How to astral project faster

There are a few ways you can astral project much faster. This will help you start to heal yourself more effectively, and safely. It’s important to learn the right way with OBEs because there are certain dangers involved, unlike with lucid dreaming.

1: Raise your vibrations

We created a detailed frequency raising guide showing you over 15 ways to RAISE your vibrations. When your vibrations are high enough, you WILL astral project more, and it will happen more randomly and naturally. 

This is where I’d suggest starting, and it comes with several free bonuses including high quality binaural beats audio tracks to help you astral project too. 

2: Learn to proper way

Beginners Astral Projection Guide: A complete beginners guide I created to show you over 15 astral projection techniques that you can start practicing, TONIGHT. This will help you project as fast as possible.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside: 

  • The EXACT steps you need to take to get started, and get results fast (step by step techniques and methods explained in detail) This is better than any other Ebook or guide, because most book writers haven’t actually done it
  • Learn how astral projection REALLY works (lots of people get this wrong) and what you can use it for in your actual life, for real practical things like improving your confidence and more
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3: Keep trying!

Patience is VERY important with astral projection.

You’ve got to keep trying, even when it seems like nothing is working.


Because this is a skill that you’ve likely NEVER used in your entire life. If you’ve never projected before, breaking through that first time can feel like it’s IMPOSSIBLE. 

And it can be for some people, if you never practice or learn the right things. It’s a very profound thing you’re doing. It’s not just like lucid dreaming, where you’re just sort of hacking your dreams.

You’re connecting with your SOUL and leaving your physical REALITY. 

That’s no light task you can learn in a weekend. It’s going to take lots of practice and breaking down of your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. Society is PROGRAMMED to think this stuff is fake, and impossible. 

So remain patient, and give it your best shot!