‘Manifestation’ is the process of bringing internal desires into physical existence. Every person has the power to manifest anything they want, providing they follow some simple steps and work in harmony with the laws of the Universe.

Both on an individual and collective level, humans are waking up to their potential as powerful creators.

The truth is, we are constantly manifesting situations, circumstances, and realities throughout our lives.

When we are intentional about our manifestations, we discover the deep reservoirs of creative power that for many of us, have been lying dormant for a long time. Once we reconnect with this power, we learn how to deliberately create our realities.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing realities that are formed in the imagination, into physical existence. It is closely linked to the Law of Attraction, which states that any idea held in the mind can be realized in our external world.  

The reality that we experience is a direct result of our interaction with the Law of Attraction.

This is true both collectively as the human race, and on an individual level as powerful creators.

Every single thing that humans have created on planet Earth first originated as an idea in the mind.

When we manifest anything, we are taking an idea, impulse, or image from the non-physical plane (the mind) and bringing it to the physical plane (the external world).

For many years, manifestation was seen as a new-age fad. However, in recent decades, thanks to several powerful teachers, we have developed a deep understanding of the process.

Indeed, the best thing about manifestation is that it requires no resources, equipment, or circumstances.

Every person has an equal connection with source energy, and once they understand the simple processes that lead to the manifestation of anything they desire, they can begin to sculpt their reality.

Manifestation can be used to acquire material objects, such as that dream house you’ve always wanted, or the grand piano you’d love to have in your living room.

Likewise, you can also manifest things like relationships, opportunities, or perfect health.

Although this may sound too simple and farfetched, I’m going to show you exactly how to manifest anything you desire. The first important step is a wholehearted belief in the process.

For that reason, it’s good to start small and build your way up to manifesting your larger desires once you have seen the proof of the law of attraction in with your own eyes.

If the thought of creating your ideal reality excites you, you’ve already taken the initial step toward manifesting it in your life.

Excitement, joy, and power are natural states for deliberate creators. There’s nothing more enthralling than understanding your power to manifest whatever you want and improve both your life and the life of those closest to you.

If you’re still a little skeptical, don’t worry. We’ve been conditioned since infancy to believe that life is a struggle, that we should accept the hand we’ve been dealt, and that our imaginations are merely distractions from the “real world”.

Well, I’ve got good news for you: none of this has to be true.

Your reality is a direct result of the thoughts and feeling that you choose to hold in your subconscious mind.

Once you understand how to control this immense power, you will be astonished at the manifestations you can bring from the mental plane to the physical plane.

How Manifestation Works

What if I were to tell you, that every single thing in your life today is a direct result of your past manifestations?

That truth can be difficult to accept because we have been conditioned to believe that we have little control over the circumstances of our lives.

To manifest your desires, you must keep an open mind. The moment that you doubt your ability to do this, you cut yourself off from the constant supply of creative energy.

The first principle of Law of Attraction that we need to establish, is that anything you hold in the mind, whether feared or revered, will come into existence on the physical plane.

This law works every single time, for every individual.

To illustrate how manifestation works, consider this scenario. We’ve all had those days when everything seems to be going against us from the moment we awake in the morning.

It usually begins with us waking up in a bad mood. Then the car doesn’t start, we’re late for work, our boss treats us unfairly, our partner finds fault with us and so on.

If this lasts for a short time, we call it a “bad day”. If it continues for weeks, months, or even years, we say we’re “stuck in a rut.”

The truth of the matter is this. The negative energy we held in our subconscious minds is manifesting itself in our external reality.

The Law of attraction has no way of differentiating between good or bad, it simply provides us with an exact result based on the vibration that we have held within our subconscious minds.

When seemingly negative things start to happen, the “normal” response is to curse our luck, get upset or angry. However, this further confirms to the Law of Attraction that these are the vibrations we desire.

Every time we reaffirm negativity based upon the seemingly concrete evidence that presents itself to us, we are essentially telling the universe that we want to manifest more of the same.

This explains why some people are stuck in a constant cycle of negativity. However, if they were able to see evidence of their powerful ability to create a new reality based upon their inner worlds, they would be amazed by what follows.

How to Manifest Anything You Desire

Manifestation is simple, providing you take the necessary steps.

The law of attraction states that the vibration you hold in your mind will result in a direct reflection in your outside world.

You can use this process on a small scale at first, to prove to yourself that you hold the ability to create your reality.

As you experience the magic of manifesting in your physical experience, you can aim higher and attract huge things into your life.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Step 1: Identifying Your Desires

The first step in the manifestation process is identifying the things, situations, and circumstances you would like to see in your external world.

This is a very simple step, which requires hardly any effort on your part. As we move through life, we naturally identify our wants based on contrast.

To simplify, when you look at something that you do not want, you automatically clarify what you do want. This is the law of polarity, and if you understand this, you will see all things, whether good or bad, as being necessary for manifestation.

Every person on the planet has their preferences based on their life experiences. When you decide that you don’t want to continue in your current job, you automatically create the desire for something better.

A great way to establish your desires is by creating a vision board.

This involves gathering images or symbols which represent all of the things you want to manifest. Don’t limit yourself to what’s “realistic”, but allow yourself to dream of the things you desire regardless of whether you have the current means to get them.

When you have collected images of all your desires, stick them on a board or sheet of paper, and place them somewhere that you will see them often. Allow yourself to fantasize about having manifested everything on your vision board, and focus on the feeling this evokes.

Step 2: Cleaning Up Your Vibration

Once you’ve established what it is that you want to manifest, based on the contrast that you experience from life, it’s time to make sure your vibrations are high.

Everything is essentially a form of vibration. Feelings, emotions, sounds, light, and thoughts all have a vibration frequency.

What we manifest on the physical plane directly correlates to the frequency of our inner vibration. When we feel depressed and think negative thoughts, we are vibrating at a low frequency.

Likewise, when we feel excited about the future, expectant of its manifestation, and think positively about it, we are vibrating at a much higher frequency.

The trick here is to ignore what it. Sounds crazy, I know!

Looking at the things that have already manifested in our lives is pointless because they are a result of our previous vibrations. Now, at this moment, we have the opportunity to raise our vibrations and therefore, improve our future realities.

Meditation is a great way to bring our vibration to a neutral place. Also, becoming aware of our thoughts and the way that they make us feel, allows us to catch ourselves before we slip into a negative vibration.

You can learn how to raise your vibration to start manifesting your desires, using my free training video.

Simply doing things that we enjoy, like walking in nature, playing an instrument, or spending time with loved ones will raise our vibration.

Step 3: Maintaining the Vibration

Once we have brought ourselves into a state of a good vibration, the challenge is then to maintain it.

Let me be clear, forcing the issue is not the answer here. Any act of force carries with it negativity, which will lower your vibration and slow down any manifestations.

It’s important to be gentle and forgiving as you perfect the process of holding a positive vibration.

When you feel good, analyze exactly how you feel.

What thoughts are you entertaining when you feel positive?

What emotions are you experiencing?

If you feel yourself slipping into a negative vibration, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that suddenly your outer world will come crashing down and that you will manifest everything you fear.

The Law of attraction responds to the vibrations you hold for significant periods, consistently, and that you believe will come to fruition.

You must develop your method of feeling as good as possible, all of the time.

This might be challenging at first because we are conditioned to be reactive to the outside world.

If something negative happens, see it for what it is. It’s a reflection of the vibration you have previously held, and you can change it, by consciously choosing to feel better right this second!

Step 4: Developing Unshakable Faith

Faith could be defined as the act of believing in something that you cannot see, smell, taste, hear, or touch with your physical senses.

To manifest what you truly desire, you must wholeheartedly believe that you already have it.

But I don’t have it, I hear you say.

This is true on a purely physical level. However, as soon as you identify something that you desire, the law of attraction starts to move it towards you.

Choose to have faith in your manifestation, in the same way, that people who believe in religion have faith in their gods.

The stronger your belief that it is yours, the more quickly it will come.

Think of it like this: you are currently standing where you are. Your desire has been acknowledged by the law of attraction, and it is moving towards you. It is not your job to know how you will get it, or when it will come.

Your job is to simply hold the vibration and completely believe that it is yours, now. You then use your inner guidance system to connect the dots, taking opportunities that present themselves with the complete faith that they will lead you to your desire.

5: Detaching from the Outcome

The final step in the manifestation process is to completely detach from your desire.

Once the law of attraction has received your desire, all you must do is allow it to come into your experience.

Stressing over the finer details of how or when it will appear will lower your vibration and make the manifestation less powerful.

Again meditation is a great way to (through meditation) bring yourself back into a state of detachment.

Say to yourself  “I am so grateful that my desire is already here, and I trust the universe to guide me towards it.”


Manifesting anything you want is very simple if you follow the steps I’ve outlined in this post.

It is a good idea by starting with something small, prove to yourself that it works, and build faith in the process.

For example, you could start by stating that you intend to manifest a red flower in the coming days. Once the red flower comes to you, you can then move onto slightly bigger manifestations.

Unlocking your dormant power as a deliberate creator is one of the greatest joys a human can experience!