Reality shifting is a technique that is used to transport your mind into a new dimension of being. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover the principles of this practice, and how to successfully shift your reality in a short period of time.

With more people becoming aware of the fact that we are vibrational beings, there is a growing interest in reality shifting.

As children, we are naturally in touch with our imaginations. For many of us, this connection is slowly overridden by the harsh realities that society presents us with.

The good news is, that we never lose touch with the vibrational dimension of our being. The practice of shifting your reality reattaches the connections between you and your creative power, allowing you to experience any situation that you desire.

What is “Reality Shifting”?

Although reality shifting has recently experienced a surge in popularity thanks to viral posts from social media users, it is based upon universal truths that have existed since the dawn of time.

The simplest way to think of the practice of shifting realities is by using the analogy of a journey.

The starting point is your current reality, with all of the inner and outer phenomena that it consists of.

The destination is your desired reality. In this place, you have the power to create the circumstances that you want to experience.

The practice of shifting enables you to make the vibrational journey from your current reality to your desired one.

This may all sound a little farfetched, but there are countless examples of people having powerful experiences using this method.

Reality shifting is closely linked to the practices of meditation, visualization, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. These practices provide the keys which unlock the door to your desired new reality.

Some reality shifters simply use the technique to enjoy the experience of a new, exciting environment. Others use it as a tool for raising their vibration and interacting with the law of attraction to manifest their desires.

The truth is, with every passing moment we shift our realities without even realizing it.

That is the transient nature of existence. When we learn to do this deliberately, it can be a powerful and exhilarating experience to behold.

Once you understand the process of shifting your reality, the good news is that it comes very easily with little effort required.

Reality shifting is not something new that you must attain or acquire. It’s a practice that involves reconnecting with the unseen, vibrational part of yourself that you were aware of when you first came to this planet. It’s a way of allowing your true nature to reemerge.

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Perhaps you desire to transport your mind to a faraway dreamland. This is certainly possible once you learn how to practice reality shifting.

However, the real power of this practice lies in its inherent ability to improve your present circumstances on the planet. When you engage all of the five senses and enter into a new reality with absolute faith and conviction, your vibration starts to match up with that of the new, desired reality.

One of the main sources of misery on our planet is that people, rather than holding themselves in the space of their desired realities, get hung up on their current circumstances.

This causes their vibrational frequency to be held in a place that is undesirable to them, and they block their connection to the source, and subsequently their desires.

How Reality Shifting Works

With every moment, your parallel realities shift in more ways than the human mind can conceive.

These realities are represented in your physical state, and your vibrational state, which is accessed through the power of your imagination.

Here’s the deal:

Learning to shift your reality could be described as the art of allowing yourself to enter the deep reservoirs of your imagination.

To experience a shift in your reality requires you to drop all preconceptions about whether or not it is possible. If you are emitting the vibration of doubt, this will make it very difficult to successfully shift to your desired reality.

When we fix our attention on what is, this is the reality we are presented with. Our tendency to become fixated by our current circumstances holds us in vibrational alignment with that experience, and that explains why many of us get stuck in a rut from time to time.

Unlocking the power of our imagination through reality shifting is a highly effective way to break those patterns of thinking that are no longer serving us.

Our power to visualize, imagine, and experience new realities never completely desert us, although it may seem that way when we get bogged down by the trials and trivialities of everyday life.

The practice of reality shifting can also be used purely as an enjoyable experience. Although it offers countless benefits from a vibrational standpoint, it is also lots of fun to undertake!

Popularly, people shift their reality to experience the world of their favorite movies, TV shows, or books.


Using reality shifting to transport yourself to these alternative worlds is a great way to alleviate stress, and reconnect with the pure bliss of creating your own reality using the immeasurable power of your imagination.

Creative energy is all around us at every single moment of our existence on this planet. Our minds are like receivers, and we can consciously select the frequencies that we want to tap into at any time. Shifting is one of the most powerful ways to illustrate our innate ability to create our reality.

How to Shift Your Reality For Beginners

Reality shifting doesn’t need to take a long time.

In fact, it can be achieved in as little as three minutes. It also requires very little in the way of equipment, and once you get the hang of it, you can do it anywhere.

As with any practice that is meditative or contains visualization, one of the most vital aspects is preparation. You must get into a relaxed state, where your intentions are clear and you allow yourself to shift realities with ease.

Here are the practical steps and techniques you can take to shift your reality in three minutes.

Let’s get into it!

1: Scripting

Scripting is an integral starting point for shifting your reality. This is the process of stating your intentions, and clearly defining the reality you want to arrive in.

Simply take a piece of paper, and write a few concise paragraphs which describe the desired reality.

This may seem like a basic first step, but what you are doing is very powerful. By stating your intentions and creating an expectant mindset, you are increasing your chances of shifting your reality dramatically.

As you are writing, try to let go of any doubts that may arise. Allow yourself to get engrossed in the descriptions you write. Read through your script once it’s finished, and you’re ready for the next step.

2: Visualizing Your Desired Reality

Our ability to visualize is one of our greatest powers, but it is constantly overlooked in the modern world.

Everything that has ever come into existence through human beings first originated as visualization in the mind. Let that sink in.

Your subconscious mind has no way of differentiating between what is real, and what is visualized. That’s why when we watch a scary movie, we genuinely feel fear and jump when there is a sudden action during a scene. Our thinking minds knows it’s not real, but our subconscious doesn’t.

This means that we can use visualization as a tool to convince our subconscious minds that we are in our new reality. And whatever you consistently put into your subconscious will eventually manifest into your physical or inner reality.

Likewise, your desired reality that you wish to shift to is also already in your mind. You can access it by closing your eyes, and visualizing what you expect it to look, sound, and feel like.

Once you’ve got a clear picture in your head, you can move onto the process of quieting your mind.

3: Meditation

This is arguably the most important technique for reality shifting. Although meditation is commonly associated with sitting in the lotus position with our eyes closed, in this instance, I encourage you to use whichever technique is most effective for creating inner space.

This might mean listening to some relaxing binaural beats in your headphones, performing some deep breathing exercises, or feeling the inner energy field of the body.

Simply listening intensely to the sounds that surround you is also a great way to quiet the mind.

Once you feel that you have created a space in your mind, you are now prepared for the experience of shifting your reality.

Meditation is not only useful for shifting reality but practicing it regularly has countless benefits that become apparent in everyday life. You gain a sense of tranquility and stop being so reactive to the events and circumstances around you.

Additionally, meditation is a great way to reset your vibration when you feel yourself slipping into a cynical or negative state of mind, a topic I’ve covered in detail in a previous post.

By spending a little time every day observing your thoughts, you create a separation between your true self and the mind-made conceptual idea that you have built up over your lifetime.

4: R.E.M Sleep Activation

Although reality shifts can be achieved when a person is fully awake, it is easier to do in the state of being “half-asleep”.

If you don’t find it easy to get into the state of being somewhere in between wakefulness and sleep, you can practice by regularly taking 20-munites naps, waking up, and then going straight back to sleep.

This practice allows you to master R.E.M sleep activation. By gaining better control over your sleep, you are able to enter the half-asleep stage, which is the easiest starting point for reality shifting.

5: Hold the Vibration

Once you’re fully relaxed, in a meditative, sleepy state, you need to focus your attention on the desired reality.

Holding your vibration doesn’t require thinking, but rather that you keep your attention from slipping away from the reality you wish to shift to.

By this point, you’ve already stated your intentions by scripting, visualized your desired reality, and quieted your mind with meditation.

Now you simply need to remain in that state, while holding yourself in the vibration of your desired reality. This sounds tricky, but once you’ve performed the previous steps, you’ll find it to be a natural process.

Things to Be Aware Of

Although shifting your reality is considered a safe practice, it still requires some caution. Whenever we enter into meditative states or dream-like states, we open up the gates to our subconscious.

Delving into the subconscious can, in some cases, present us with challenging experiences. For example, we may be faced with a suppressed emotion or a symbolic representation of something that we have swept under the metaphorical rug in our minds.

The vast majority of people who experience reality shifts report feeling energized and revitalized afterward. If you encounter something while in your temporary reality that evokes a feeling of fear, anxiety, or any other negative emotion, try to see remember that it is a symptom of your subconscious performing necessary processing.


Reality shifting is more than just an internet fad. If done properly, it can be an extremely cathartic and pleasing experience.

All it takes is to follow the simple steps outlined in this post and to keep an open mind.

If it doesn’t work at the first attempt, don’t be disheartened. You can simply try again when you feel ready. The more pressure you put on the result, the less likely it is to come into your experience.

The key is to try and alleviate any doubts you may have over whether reality shifting is possible. There are countless people out there who provide detailed accounts of their experiences, and you can experience it too with patience and acceptance.

You’ll be shifting to alternative realities in no time!