Have you ever been kind of LOST, and needed to find answers to something, or maybe you just feel confused and you need some guidance, right?

Some kind of answer from something outside of yourself?

Well, in this post, I want to talk about what’s known as pendulum dowsing or using a pendulum to get answers.

This is a pendulum.

This is a crystal pendulum.

I think it’s an amethyst one. And it’s obviously on a chain.

So what you do with, and I’ll get into this in a second, but you basically swing the pendulum in a certain way or let the pendulum swing on its own. And you will receive answers depending on the direction and the pattern that it swings in.

What Is A Pendulum (For Spirituality)

A pendulum is basically a weight suspended on a string or chain. And the idea is that it can swing freely using gravity, meaning that it should also always find its center going down towards the center of the earth in times of gravity.

But it can also be influenced easily because it’s so free on the chain.

It can be influenced easily by other entities and entities, which is where you receive your guidance and answers from that’s the theory behind how pendulum dowsing actually works.

What Is Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is the act of using a pendulum, holding a pendulum in the air, letting it swing freely, and then using it to get answers from things outside yourself. Now, this is something where you really need to be careful about what or who you are using to get your answers from in exactly the same way.

As with channeling, you can very easily receive the wrong type of messages, the wrong form of messages from the wrong people or entities.

So with pendulum dowsing, it’s exactly the same.

You need to be very clear about who and what you want to get answers from.

For example, you might want to get answers from your higher self, your spirit guides, your, I don’t know, past lives, or ancestors, different energies. It really varies massively. And there’s different types of answers that you’ll get from different types of entities or people.

What Questions Can You Ask A Pendulum?

You’re very limited in terms of what questions you can ask your pendulum, because the only things you can really get an answer for is either yes, no, or a kind of in the middle answer, like I don’t know, or rephrase the question because obviously with a pendulum as you swing it round or as you hold it, there’s really only a few directions it can go.

You have to also limit yourself to what’s the most likely.

For example, it’s really, it’s just going to swing either forward and back left or right. Or it’s just going to kind of stay there or go in a circle.

So what, because there’s only three outcomes, you know, it can’t go up or down. It’s only going to go in one of the sideways directions.

You really, to get a more accurate answer from the pendulum, are limited to asking yes or no questions because what you will do when you set the pendulum up is you will say, right, I’m going to assign a value of yes to if it swings forward or backwards.

And then if the pendulum swings left or right, that means no, we’ll get onto that in a second.

How To Cleanse And Prepare The Pendulum

Firstly, in order to prepare for this, the basics of what you should do to the pendulum to prepare, do kind of vary a lot of different people will say different things about how you should prepare the energy of the pendant, because remember this, I mean, certainly in this case, it’s a crystal, okay.

It’s an amethyst crystal.

And people say that with crystals, you should really cleanse them, because they can absorb and hold onto energies quite easily.

They can also transmit frequencies or energy. So in order to cleanse a crystal and I assume that’s what you’re using as a pendulum you should really clean or cleanse the crystal using either Moonlight, sunlight or salt water, that kind of thing.

I don’t want to go too much into the pros and cons of each one on this video, but let’s just say, for example, you pick the moon, so you would leave the crystal out in the Moonlight.

And then when it’s the next day, the next morning you would, the pendulum or the crystal would be ready.

How To Get ANSWERS From Your Pendulum: How To Use A Pendulum SAFELY

So how can you actually use a pendulum to using pendulum dowsing actually receive answers to questions, or get guidance?

This is something that can be daunting for beginners.

And of course, you want to do this safely.

If you’re completely new to this please learn basic ways to raise your vibrations, and open your pineal gland. This will MASSIVELY help you, and set you up for success with this.

1: Meditate And Focus Your Mind

The first step is you firstly, before you even touch your pendulum, you need to completely cleanse your mind.

You need to meditate, get rid of all the annoying thoughts or anxious worries you have in your head, relax your muscles, relax your mind, and ideally meditate for about five or 10 minutes.

You can actually add this into your morning routine, for example, meditate, and then use the vandalism. Or you can just meditate, clearing your mind and then focus on your intention.

So in this case, you want to get answers. So you would focus your intention on saying, I opened myself up to answers that are in my highest good for example. Right?

You can phrase things in your own words.

2: Program The Pendulum With Directions/Answers

So the next step, and by the way, this is assuming that you’ve already prepared your pendulum. You’ve already cleansed it. It’s already ready to go. And you know, you already have the pendulum on a string or on a chain.

The next step is you would assign answer targets to each movement of the pendulum. And like I said, the real, really the main movements is forward and back left and right. And then nothing, or in a circle.

So the easiest way of doing this, and this is the way I would suggest you do is you as you hold the pendulum in front of you, you say right.

If it swings forward and back, that means yes.

If it swings left and right, that means no.

And if it does nothing or just goes in a circle, that’s either, I don’t know, or rephrase the question or maybe all right.

3: Focus On Complete Relaxation And Stillness

After you’ve decided which movement corresponds to which answer is to just arch your wrist slightly, just hold the pendant in front of you, and focus all of your intention and energies on firstly, keeping your body as STILL as possible.

You want all of your muscles to be completely relaxed.

And then next, focus on asking your question to the pendulum.

So you would direct your energy into the pendulum and say, should I remember it has to be yes or no questions. You could say things like, should I leave my job? Should I, I don’t know, text this person, whatever your questions are.

You would just say ‘should, could, or would’ questions.

And then you will hopefully get a yes or no.

Now what you can do, especially if you’re new to this is you can actually kind of test the vandalism. So you can, for example, hold it in front of you and just ask it something that, you know, the answer to ask it.

Something like is my name so-and-so right.

Am I sitting down right now?

And then hopefully you will actually receive a signal, hopefully the right one.

And then once you’ve done that, you know, that things are kind of working as they should, and you can move on to the next step.

4: Ask A Specific Entity Or Energy For Answers

Note: This is BEFORE you’ve actually asked your first question. You need to program the source. So you need to actually focus your energy on the pendulum and say, I would like answers from, and then obviously wherever you would like answers from, maybe it’s your highest self.

Maybe it’s a specific person, entity, entity, historical figure, whatever.

Right. And then you of course ask a question and wait for the answer. It’s helpful to keep like a journal, if you want to write these things down. Okay.

How Does A Pendulum Actually GIVE You Answers?

So how does a pendulum, or how does pendulum dowsing actually give you answers? What’s the mechanics behind it? How does it work? Well, you’ve got to remember that at the ‘holographic level of reality’, everything is connected.

So when you understand that nothing is really separate…

It’s very easy to understand how something, an energy person, entity can influence and interlink with your energy.

Especially if you directly ask for it, especially if you put your intention into saying, I would like an answer from you specifically because there’s no separation because these things are all interconnected.

It’s very easy, at the holographic level, for these things to happen. Now, the reason we use a pendulum is because when you hold a free, a free hanging pendulum, there’s really not much physical limitations on that pendulum. It can freely swing.

And that’s why it’s easier for subtle energies to manipulate it compared to say, if you said here is my chair, move the chair forward. If it’s a yes answer. Now of course, it’s going to take an incredible amount of emotional energy for the entities who actually move the chair.

Now, of course, it does happen:

Things like poltergeists and demons, or, you know, ghosts, they do move objects in that way, especially big objects in some cases, but it requires a lot of energy.

So that’s why pendulum is used because it’s so there’s so little energy required to actually move it that, you know, almost any entity can do it.

Pendulum Dowsing Questions: List Of Questions To Ask The Pendulum

Here are some examples of questions you can ask the pendulum when dowsing.

Bear in mind that these are very personal, and you should really phrase them in your own words, for the answers to be more accurate.


  • Am I supposed to be doing what I’m doing now?
  • Is this the right path?
  • Am I on the right track?
  • Am I moving in the right direction?
  • Should I quit my job?
  • Should I ask this person out?
  • Did that thing I saw today mean something important?
  • Is my dream from last night a message?

Pendulum Dowsing Accuracy: Is It True?

How accurate is pendulum dowsing, really?

If you’re new here, don’t worry. Trying these basic dowsing techniques will probably give you quite good results.


IF you’re not new, and you’re wondering ‘why does my pendulum give me WRONG answers’, remember what we said before.

This is just the ‘likely’ outcome or answer. It depends massively, on things like your vibrations, what entity you’re actually channeling and asking for help, and whether or not that’s accurate.

Like I say in many videos on YouTube, please take any ONE source of information, with a pinch of salt. Don’t rely on or 100% believe any one source of information.

You must look for patterns, and multiple things or sources, saying similar things. This is KEY to understanding reality, and really getting a grip on what’s really going on.

What Is Pendulum Dowsing Used For?

Dowsing can be used for literally anything that involves a yes or no answer. If you’re curious about a question, or something you want to know more about, just ask the pendulum a question that has a yes or no answer.

There’s no right or wrong way of using a pendulum to get answers. You can even use pendulum dowsing for spirits or connecting with lost loved ones and things like that. The skies the limit.

Can A Pendulum Be WRONG?

If your pendulum is just not moving, you might be doing the basic dowsing technique wrong. Please go back to the top, and try it again, using a clear mind and focus.

Make sure the space around you is clear, cleansed and calm. This will massively help you. Also, you should mediate for about 5 minutes before asking a question to the pendulum.

How To Improve Pendulum Accuracy

Remember to trust your intuition. If you do want to make this work a bit easier, then I would highly recommend you to raise your vibrations. This improves the ACCURACY of the answers the pendulum will give you. In general, we have things like the superhuman optimisation system.

This is a very powerful program that will show you how to become a kind of like an optimized superhuman, raise your vibrations, be able to manifest everything that you would like. And the page that I suggested for that superhuman program, it actually gives you a free video training.

That explains how all of this works at the holographic level and how you can use it today. And also remember not to rely 100% on a pendulum for answers, in exactly the same way as you should not rely 100% on your spirit guides or channeling or even any kind of outside information.

Firstly, trust your intuition and inner knowing, and then use these things as kind of different perspectives. The pendulum, for example, a psychic reading, they’re just ideas and perspectives. They’re not ‘set in stone’.

They don’t have to happen exactly that way.

All the psychic really is doing is:

1: They will either be wasting your time, essentially because they’re not connected to the proper channel

Or if they are good psychics…

If they’re actually connected to different things, then they will give you the most LIKELY outcome, the most likely outcome in the holographic way form level.

That doesn’t mean that HAS to happen.

It just means that if nothing else changes or if things go as they are going now, if the momentum carries on, this is what’s most likely to happen. That doesn’t mean it has to happen.

So with pendulum answers as well, take it with a pinch of salt, you know, don’t don’t 100% trust and believe it, if your intuition is saying something completely different.