Have you ever listened to a Joe Rogan podcast?

If you haven’t, I suggest that you do and if you have, you’re probably aware that he’s had a spiritual awakening.

Or maybe you weren’t aware because you’ve only watched a few episodes in the past but you are now because I just told you.

Now you’re probably thinking:

“So what if Joe Rogan is spiritually awake? Why should I care?”

But yes, you should care and I’m about to tell you why.

In this article you will learn:

  • What it means now that Joe Rogan is spiritually awake
  • How Joe Rogan influences spiritually
  • What happens when big influencers have an awakening

Let’s dive in!

Spiritual Awakening Of Joe Rogan

The spiritual awakening of Joe Rogan has a massive impact. We will discuss that but first, let’s get to know Joe Rogan and how he became a big influencer.

What Does It Mean Now That Joe Rogan Is Awake?

Because Joe has a very big platform, Joe’s podcast reaches millions, probably tens or hundreds of millions of people all around the world from different walks of life. 

His podcasts get quoted and re-shared all the time.

If Joe is awake, or at least awakening, that means that there are a lot of big changes that are coming to the world.

When you see these influencers with big platforms becoming awake and questioning things, the ripple effect that it has is absolutely enormous. 

I’m going to explain a bit more about that and about Joe’s spiritual awakening.

Joe Rogan

Who Is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is a UFC color commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former television host from the United States.

Rogan was born in the city of Newark, New Jersey. He began his career in comedy before moving on to work as an interviewer and color commentator for the UFC.

He founded The Joe Rogan Experience in 2009.

The Joe Rogan Experience, is a podcast in which he and various guests discuss current events, humor, politics, philosophy, science, and hobbies.

Why Is Joe Rogan Famous?

Joe Rogan started gaining popularity by narrating fights. He was a commentator and in many ways he still is, but he’s shifted to a podcasting platform called the Joe Rogan Experience.

By 2015, his podcast had become one of the world’s most successful podcasts, with millions of listens every episode.

It’s become so popular that Spotify paid $100 million for the exclusive distribution rights to The Joe Rogan Experience in 2020.

hand holding phone

How Does Joe Rogan Influence Spiritually?

Joe Rogan has had all kinds of people from different areas sharing different opinions.

Because of his long-form podcasts, a person has a lot of time to talk and share their opinion.

Usually, these podcasts last anywhere from two, five, or six hours long and there’s no censorship there.

If you watch the whole episode, the guest gets to say everything they want to say.

What that means is that Joe has been subjected to many people’s true opinions and they’ve had time to really back up what they believe.

As a result, his listeners have also had time to listen to these people.

Most people guesting on other podcasts would usually only be given short airtime or their interviews would have been chopped up into little pieces to make it sound like they meant something different. 

What Happens When Big Influencers Have An Awakening

When big influencers have an awakening, huge things could happen that could be of great benefit to the mass awakening. Here are some of its impacts:


1: It Creates A Ripple Effect

What exactly happens when influencers like Joe, Russell Brand, or Jim Carrey wake up and start really questioning exactly what’s going on?

In reality, what causes a huge ripple effect is if one person has a big amount of followers.

Russell Brand, for example, has now put the seeds of questions into millions of people’s minds.

In sociological terms, the ripple effect describes how social contacts can have an impact on situations unrelated to the initial connection.

Information can be shared and moved from community to community to have a wider influence, thanks to social technologies.

Both private individuals and public organizations are the sources that will help spread the seed of that information.


“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible” -Voltaire

Like each individual snowflake causes an avalanche, each person will be responsible for planting the seeds into the minds of possibly millions of other people.

A seed from influence enables us to transcend our everyday experiences and problems, waking us to fresh possibilities.

This changes our perception of our own abilities and lifts us out of laziness and into possibility.

The Two-Step Flow Of Communication

There is this theory in communication we call ‘A Two-Step Flow of Communication.’

The concept of the ‘two-step flow of communication’ states that the flow of information and influence from the mass media, in our case social media, to their audiences involves two steps:

The first is from a certain individual called an ‘Opinion Leader’ and the second is the audience.

The flow goes from one medium to opinion leaders and from them to the audience.

flow of communication

Since the introduction of the two-step flow model and the opinion leadership concept, it has been used widely for advertisements and marketing.

But since the creation of this theory, our media have evolved and now we enjoy the fruits of social media.

This is where the ripple effect greatly comes in.

When our opinion leaders, now called Influencers, introduce something to their audiences, this gets absorbed quickly by those who support them.

But what happens when a message is delivered to the audience?

2: It Spreads An Idea

And so, before you know it, an idea has spread from one person to hundreds of millions of people all around the world. This is very powerful.

I think another interesting thing is that the internet created a tool that allows ideas to spread very effectively.

idea entering brain
The “tool” we’ve created called social media has increasingly been more effective than its media ancestors like the radio or television.

What makes social media special is that it is social. It’s more of a responsive communication flow between the medium and its audience.

We comment, we like, we share, and we subscribe.

The ideas we spread don’t influence blindly. The audience reacts to us. They speak to us.

When the power of social media created influencers, this became an avenue for a faster-than-light speed spread of ideas to all.

The influencer in this equation is the individual who introduces us to the idea. He somewhat turns it into popular culture.

They might be brilliant authors, thinkers, or storytellers.

They draw new links and offer persuasive Tiktoks. Whatever they do, they play a crucial role in encouraging ideas to catch on.

influencer shooting a vlog

Audiences like their influencers a lot because people desire to spread positive feelings. When they are feeling good, it makes them want to share.

While most influencers focus on their content and ideas, what matters more is that it makes people feel good.

Whether it be a heartwarming post about abundance or a humorous caption placed over a meme.

Influencers who connect with their audiences have the best success at spreading their ideas.

The gift of making whatever idea they’re discussing palatable is awesome.

People also want to see themselves in the idea.

But what happens when an audience becomes the influencer?

influencer creating a tiktok

3: It Inspires Others To Make Content Of Their Own

Let’s say one person shares an idea with hundreds of millions of people.

Now each of those hundreds of millions could create their own content and share that idea with millions more people.

I could make this video and, let’s say, this reaches 100 or 200 people.

Each of those 200 could then make the same video where they talk about the same idea, and then that spreads to thousands more.

Before you know it, you have ideas spreading so quickly that you can’t hide what’s going on.

The power of social media not only made communication quicker but also made it easier for people to share their messages.

Similar to how the two-step flow of communication goes, an opinion leader or an influencer gets to influence more influencers.

How To Influence People

how to influence peopleThe first is to build trust. We have to show our audiences our authenticity and why they connected with us in the first place.

The two essential components that push the development and birth of human civilization are trust and creativity.

The two characteristics are precious assets of the human spiritual world as well.

These are important drivers behind the sustainable development of businesses, society, and nations.

If we build trust with the mixture of our creativity, a bigger chance of building a healthy community from our audience can be created.

The second is consistency. Consistency proves that you are committed to your audience and that you value them.

When you post every day at the same time, people will know when to go to your channel or when to look at your posts.

Consistency is proof of commitment and professionalism. This is one way you’ll be able to influence more.

you got this
Lastly, encourage. The term “motivation” often refers to the causes behind an action or pattern of behavior.

It explains the motivation behind people’s behaviors, needs, and wants.

Another definition of motivation is the direction of behavior or the factors that lead someone to wish to repeat one behavior or another. Encouragement leads to this.

In an office setting, the way in which leaders create positivity in their team members can have a significant impact on both their performance and mental health.

How significant an influencer in these connections has always astonished me.

Influencers have to be encouraging.

Talking about your goals for yourself or, even bigger, the world, can be a better way to encourage the people around you.

A discussion, a post, or a podcast that shows a person’s hopes and dreams might lead to a path of learning that produces that vision.

The satisfaction comes from the accumulation and frequency of positive versus unpleasant moments.

Being an encouraging influencer will help you achieve the goal you want for your idea. Spreading more and being encouraging will get you through.



Why Do People Care So Much About Influencers?

People care so much about influencers because they play an important role in their lives. Whether it be because they inspire them to be better people, they learn from them, or they just make them feel good.

We spend a large part of our time watching, viewing, liking, forwarding, and commenting on influencers’ content. We turn to these influencers not only for entertainment but also for information, advice, company, and comfort.

How Do I Start An Influencer Life?

You can start an influencer life by creating content about something you know or something you’re passionate about and choosing the right platform. Once you’ve chosen a niche, you can then make a name for yourself by posting great content and focusing on building a significant following. 

Similar to Joe Rogan, he started creating content and began to spread influence through his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience

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How Do You Awaken An Audience?

You can awaken an audience by simply sharing what you know about awakening. When this reaches a bigger audience, you plant seeds to have people undergo the spiritual awakening process.

With content creation, you can awaken your audience from small mundane posts or deep mindful conversations similar to how Joe talks to his guests in his podcast. Even just listening to a whole podcast episode can plant a seed that will eventually grow into a tree of consciousness.

woman in forest

What Does It Mean Now That Joe Rogan Is Awake?

The interesting aspect of Joe Rogan’s awakening is the impact he would have on the mass awakening.

It’s not just his awakening, it’s him helping to wake up his audience.

It’s the same with any person with a big platform when they share an idea. Even if it’s just a question or a different way of looking at something, it causes the audience to also start to ask questions.

Now you’ve learned what it means when big influencers like Joe Rogan have an awakening.

Let me know what you think and let me know your favorite Joe Rogan podcast episode.

There are hundreds of them and I’ve watched quite a lot of them actually. I want to know what you think is the best one, and I’ll check that out.

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