When it comes to meditation, it may be uncommon for some people to find tools to aid in the process.

However, this is not always the case.

You can find a variety of tools to aid in the meditation process – The Kasina mind media system from Mindplace is one of them.

In this review,  I will particularly focus on this personal favorite.

A mind machine, Like the Kasina – we’re looking at today – or ‘meditation machine’ is a device that you can hook yourself up via goggles or glasses, and stereo headphones to help you meditate.

However, you must be asking yourself – how exactly do these devices work?

Generally, a meditation or mind machine is a microprocessor-controlled device that is built to aid in relaxation. It works by creating mood-altering effects through the use o light and sound transmission – which are relayed using the goggles and stereo headphones you wear. 

With each session of using the mind machine, you will experience a sequence of rhythmic light (and flashing lights) and sound patterns (binaural beats and other audio tracks) that help you relax and meditate.

The usage Kasina mind machine comes with innumerable benefits.

These include;

  • Promoting deeper meditation (even for beginners)
  • Stimulating of mental activity
  • Clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts and stressors
  • Managing stress
  • Improving focus and attention
  • Accessing altered and desired states of consciousness
  • Enjoying visual psychedelic experience without the use of drugs
  • Facilitates easier accelerated learning

When using the mind machine, you must remember that the goggles worn are not regular ones.

The goggles used are normally called ‘ganzframes’.

These goggles are what deliver a flash or series of colored LED lights straight into your eyes. During this process, you are supposed to keep your eyes closed as this could damage your eyes.

Nevertheless, to fully appreciate this device, it is important to really know how exactly it works and why it is important.

Wait, what’s meditation?

Let’s get things clear – it comes with no surprise that many know what mediation is.

But, not everyone knows how exactly it works. Thus, to make full use o the mind device, it is essential to know what meditation is.

In simple terms, 

Meditation is a practice that involves techniques such as mindfulness or mental focus on a particular thought, activity, or object to train your attention and awareness whilst achieving mental and emotional clarity, stability, and calmness.

Meditation involves the act of silencing your mind and focusing on nothingness.

This lets you reach deeply relaxed states very quickly and allows you to FEEL better and more alert during the day.

It’s a very powerful habit to build, and it can help you astral project as well.

Over time, when adopted as a habit, this powerful act can help you change your life.

It’s easy to say you want to learn meditation, however,  lots of people want to go deeper, and that is where mind machines or meditation machines come in.

You see, meditation can be frustrating when you’re learning it.

This is because, for most of us, it’s hard to reach the magnitude of total silence and ultra focus to achieve deeper meditation.

Therefore, using a mind machine can help you reach this goal.

How do mind machines work?

As a general rule of thumb, all beings produce electromagnetic fields with a vibrational frequency.

This means that matter vibrates to a certain frequency. Now, energy and matter can be transferrable and interchangeable.

Now, since imbalances of matter and human consciousness can be rebalanced, the MindPlace Kasina mind machine is designed and works based on these principles.

The machine particularly uses auditory sounds and visual patterns to achieve this balance in the human body.

The meditative state achieved through the light and sound machine allows one’s chakra to open up and connect their human awareness with their inner light and sound.

However, to achieve this perfectly, the light and sound machine is crafted with the right and precise frequencies.

This ensures that you can easily transition from normal waking consciousness to different states of desirable consciousness.

As mentioned above, mind machines work by combining audio stimulation with visual stimulation. The key human senses are synched and create a synergy to help you achieve a deeper relaxed state.

You will experience a deeper meditative state with the pair compared to if you listened ONLY to binaural beats, or ONLY put the goggles on.

With the pair, the effect is compounded making your mind very relaxed.

The best part about meditation machines such as the Kasina is that you can feel the benefits of meditation INSTANTLY without having to learn how to meditate first.

Meditation usually takes months or longer to learn and properly feel the benefits, but mind machines can instantly give you that feeling.

When using the machine, you will instantly feel;

  • A floating effect when you wear the goggles and headphones
  • Enjoy a variety o presets and tracks for the experience you want

In fact, many o the users have reported experiencing an out-of-this-world session – guaranteed to blow anyone away.

A typical mind machine comes with a light and sound unit, stereo headphones, and stimulation Ganzframes or glasses.

The light and sound unit are normally pre-loaded with sessions that deliver different light and sound stimulation based on the rhythm patterns you want to experience.

Additionally, during the sessions, you can choose to adjust several settings.

These include;

  • Tone
  • Frequency
  • Pitch
  • Other sound and light affecting parameters

These setting adjustments help to vary the effect the machine provides – through both lighting and music styles.

To enjoy optimum results, you want to first look for a comfortable and peaceful place where you will do the meditation.

During meditation, you can choose to sit or lay.

Next, select the light and sound settings on the machine.

Put on your headphones and glasses

Close your eyes.

Relax as you begin to hear the pulsating sounds and feel the lighting effects flicker on.

The rest depends on how you prompt your body to respond.

Consider playing the piano – remember how the notes strike? This is the same pattern the sounds pulsate when using a mind machine.

When it comes to the light, you will feel the consistent motion of the lighting patterns, different patterns, and different colors.

You can move your eyes to change the effects or even concentrate your mind towards the patterns and experience all types of changes.

In fact, with increased focus, some mind machine users have even reported seeing the patterns evolve into visions.

After all, you have to remember that as you continue to meditate, the stimulation or the main machine takes over your visual and auditory sensory inputs.

There, it comes with no surprise that the sounds and patterns will affect your mental state.

Think of it this way;

When you are listening to music or browsing through colorful images on Pinterest – there’s always a part o your brain that is stimulated to release a satisfying and almost euphoric feeling.

This is exactly what the sounds and patterns from the mind machine do to the brain – they stimulate a reaction.

When you begin to use the machine – it is advised to do a session regularly during the beginning to get into a habit.

However, you also don’t want to overdo it – at least 10 to 15 minutes is enough per session.

Then, work your way up to longer sessions over time.

Basically, you want to follow the same principles as you would when you are just starting with meditation.

Remember, the key is to teach your body how to respond to the stimulation brought on by the sound and visual effects.

What is the Kasina machine?

Kasina, a term from the Indo-Aryan liturgical language,  describes an ancient system of meditation that adopts visual objects to aid in focusing the mind.

Similarly, the Kasina mind machine system integrates light and sound and uses them, in the same manner, to promote deeper mediation and induce positive mood shifting effects.

The Kasina is a light and sound mind machine, designed to help you meditate better and reach very relaxed mental states, very quickly.

Similarly, the Kasina mind machine effectively works by playing custom binaural beats through the noise cancelling headphones, while at the same time showing you a beautiful array fo flashing LED lights timed perfectly to go along with the audio track.

When you first put on the goggles, it feels a little weird as you need to constantly remind yourself to not open your eyes.

Remember, the LED lights are ultra bright, thus, it is easy to damage your sight if you leave your eyes open.

In fact, the lights seemed too bright even while my eyes were closed, and I had to turn down the brightness in the settings.

So after as little as 30 seconds, using the audio track ‘Stargaze’ or something similar, I started to experience a feeling of floating and weightlessness.

This feeling lasted during the entire session and happened every time I played the track.

I’d gone through a couple of weeks without using the mind machine.

Nevertheless, I still got the same experience as my first time when I used it again.

What makes the Kasina mind machine stand out is its versatility.

It works very well for that BUT there are loads of settings on the Kasina for different effects.

For example, you can play certain tracks that are designed to give you a sharp short term mental boost if you need to focus on something!

This is great for during the day if you’re working on something that needs your attention!

However, this is not all you will enjoy from the mind meditation machine.

To make the most of the machine, you must first learn all the useful features it offers.

First, let’s find out what MindPlace is?

Since 1988, MindPlace has been a pioneer in meditation technology.

The brand has been rolling out microprocessor light and sound systems to promote deeper meditation.

The systems act as meditation aids;

Allowing one to easily clear their mind, increase focus, manage stress, and rid themselves of unwanted habits and mental stressors such as anger and depression.

Typically, these mind machines run sessions ranging from 10 to 60 minutes based on the user’s needs.

Kasina machine features

Before we jump into the features, let me list down what came with my Kasina mind machine package.

Inside the package, I found;

  • A console
  • Ganzframes with multi-color eyewear
  • Earbud style headphones
  • USB cable power supply
  • Stereo patch cable
  • MicroSD card with SD adapter
  • Quickstart guide
  • Soft carry case

When I received the packages, I immediately started on the setup.

Whilst the machine has a sleek looking style, its design is still quite simple.

The same can be said about the setup – simply remove it from the box and enjoy its easy-to-use plug and play design.

The colorful LCD screen has a backlight which makes it easy to use even in low light and dark conditions.

It uses a rechargeable lithium battery which also allows you to use it for multiple sessions before having to recharge it.

I also noticed that the Kasina machine is designed to allow the user to create their own sessions – making it a perfect tool for therapists too.

Nevertheless, this is not all I enjoyed.

The system is designed with what they call an AudioStrobe decoder.

The decoder offers;

  • 76 different built-in sessions
  • Up to 16 different color mapping presets
  • Organ feature –  which turns any music into a colorful light show
  • 6 different settings to match the mood of your music


The Kasina mind media system comes with up to 76 built-in sessions to choose from.

This gives you a variety of choices depending on what you need.

Whilst the mind machine features a large sized SD card for easy and generous download session segments, it can also be easily programmed.

The Kasina Basic Session Editor allows for easy programmability and can work for both PC and MAC OS.


The Kasina mind machine offers up to 255 shades of each color setting.

The Ganzframes on the other end come with up to 6 colored LEDs per eye – which helped me enjoy an array of colorful and vivid light displays.

Music and audio effects

The headsets come in the form of earbud-style headphones which significantly reduces their weight and bulkiness.

This design makes headsets easy to take anywhere.

Sound-wise, the mind machine delivers aural backgrounds with a variety of sounds.

I found an option of nature, ambient electronic tapestries, binaural beats, and even isochoric pulses.

In addition to the built-in sound and visual effects. The Kasina allows you to copy your own music into the system in mp3 and wave.

The mind machine’s built-in sound player houses a miscoSD card with up to 8GB in size.

At times, I added and listened to my own sounds.

However, I preferred to use the SpectraStrobe encoded sounds produced by MindPlace.

I found that these sounds better complemented the pre-programmed sessions.

After all, with a wide range of available sound types – it was easy to find sounds that complement the light patterns.

In fact, I was so impressed by the music I did a little research on it.

Turns out, you can actually purchase these sounds from the official website in mp3 format for no more than $11.

Customer support

I was also quite impressed by customer support.

I was struggling with navigating some features so I turned to the manual that came with the system.

It is quite clear to follow.

If you lose your paper manual, you can always access it on the official website as an e-manual.

In fact, on the website, the e-manual is available in more than 10 different languages.

Alternatively, you can access the tutorials on the official site – they come in the form of documents and videos on how to use the machine.

If you have any serious issues with the machine, you can always refer to the product support forum.

If it doesn’t work out for you, simply contact customer support via the contact form on the site or the chatbox at the bottom right of the site’s homepage.

Kasina Mind Machine Price And Coupons

Currently, you can find the Kasina mind machine available for purchase for only $359 from the official website.

Along with the Kasina package, each purchase comes with a two-year warranty as well.

The accessories however are only covered for a year.

In addition to the warranty, you will also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So, if you are not impressed with the purchase, you can always request a refund within these days.

At the moment, I haven’t been able to find any promo coupons or codes on this media meditation system.

However, you can always bookmark this page and access it from time to time for an update.

The good and the bad

It would be almost impossible to not point out the good and bad of the Kasina mind machine.

Whilst it comes with benefits, it also bears limitations.

The good

  • Very easy to use compared to other meditation tools
  • Built with a generous option of sessions, sounds, and lights
  • The SD card can easily back up your data
  • Portable and easy to travel with anywhere

The bad

  • It may not be the best option for people who suffer from light and sound sensitivity
  • The headsets would e perfect if they were Bluetooth operated/wireless operated

Kasina review summary

To summarise, the Kasina mind machine is a very good way to get started with meditation, because it gives you the benefits of meditation without having to learn how to do it first.

You can strap on the headphones and goggles, and instantly feel like you’re floating.

The device itself comes with dozens of tracks all of which can do different things to your brain.

It’s one of those bits of technology that really has to be seen and experienced to be believed, so get yourself a Kasina here. I believe that’s the cheapest place you can buy one and this was updated fairly recently, in January 2021.