One thing with astral projection, you never quite expect WHAT you are going to discover. It is a profound and one that is life changing experience. Anyone who has had a chance to astral project comes out different, more respectful towards life in all its different forms and thus more enlightened.

2021 might just be the best time to learn how to astral project

Learning about astral projection may open your mind to the existence of something different other than the normal physical world, but it is a whole different scenario to actually try it out and achieve an OBE.

Those who have had this unique experience have seen life in a form that is not physical. They claim to have seen other types of life forms as well and some even partook in sex in a rather non-physical way.

When astral projection happens naturally, it feels easy. The experience however may leave you craving for more. For this reason, it’s only natural to enhance the process through artificial means. In 2019, you should be able to astral project easily anytime you want.

This is thanks to the different methods that are available to us. Let’s look at a few of these methods and how they can help you achieve OBE successfully in 2018.

Binaural Beats

This method is also known as brainwave entertainment. It involves use of successive sound beats that alter the brainwaves of the individual listening to them.

When you have an Out of Body Experience the brain is normally producing theta waves at frequencies of anywhere from 4 Hz to 7 Hz. Through listening to binaural beats, your brain produces the same frequencies.

You can now guess what happens next. These beats will make you astral project easily since your mind is already in the right state. The great thing is that the method is totally safe and has the backing of almost 5 decades, having been discovered in the 1970s.

Binaural beats will greatly facilitate the process of astral projection. One drawback is that you will need an altogether different method to rejoin your physical body. These are very effective for astral projecting (opens in a new tab).

The Kasina device

Yet another machine that is intended to provide you with the boost required for astral projection. The kasina focuses on using a series of alternating images and colors, helping to focus the mind and gain better concentration. It derives its name from the style of meditation used by Buddhists that also uses images to achieve concentration.

The kasina is an all rounded device that includes both visual and audio parts. While viewing the changing patterns of images and colors, the audio is orchestrated to what you are seeing.

An added feature is the inclusion of binaural beats that works wonders in helping your body and mind reach a state of deep relaxation and calm; perfect when astral projecting.

The type of images are spectacular to behold. They include shifting geometrical shapes that are full of alternating colors helping to catch your attention within seconds. The kasina is so effective that within a few minutes, you will be thinking of nothing else but what is happening in front of your eyes.

There is an mp3 player that comes integrated with the machine allowing you to carry your own music as well. When it comes to the number of sessions that are included in the kasina, you are sorted. 50 in total, each in one of six main categories. These include:

  1. Meditation. It involves learning how to relax more
  2. Night voyage which includes sleeping and inducing lucid dreaming
  3. Accelerate which helps boost your focus and concentration
  4. Mind Art for altering the state of consciousness
  5. Rejuvenate which boost your recovery
  6. Trance. Helps you to reach that state of hypnagogia

Types of mind machines and how they work

Other than the Kasina there are other mind machines that work in a similar fashion but with varying success rates. However, they are all proven to be quite effecting at inducing OBE. These machines include

Mind machines take advantage of the brains natural attraction to light and sound. This is why they are so effective at focusing your attention.

This technology uses the frequencies of both light and sound to gently guide your mind in the right state for achieving an Out of Body Experience; one that is relaxed and focused and calm.

Mind machines typically come in three components. A control unit that is around the size of a smartphone, a set of earphones and glasses that emit visual signals and flashes.

The headphones allow you to listen to calm and soothing audio. This could include binaural beats that have proven highly effective at calming your mind and body.

The glasses have LED lights that flash in front of your eyes. When using these glasses, you will have your eyes closed. However, you can still see the lights through your eyelids. These lights flash in tandem with the audio further enhancing your experience.

In order to grab your brains attention, the sounds and light flashes start of at a high frequency then gradually reduce. As the pace goes down, your mind also slows placing you in a calm state.

The visuals and audio allows your mind to focus grabbing your full attention and shutting down any thoughts that could be distracting the process. There are different sessions inbuilt which push you further into achieving astral projection.