So, how can you use light language, transmission, or DNA activation messages to enhance your life and your body and mind?

So light language, if you’ve heard this term before, it’s a type of communication and type of energy transmission, that to our ears, sounds like kind of Elven singing or writing.

If you’ve ever seen the Lord of the rings movie, it kind of sounds like Elvish or Elven, but really it’s a type of entity, transmission, or language that talks directly to our soul and bypasses our ego and our mind.

We don’t need to understand physically what it actually means.

How To Understand Light Language Words And Symbols

Light language is not really a language that we can really understand with our ego and human minds. It’s more something that just communicates directly to our soul. Don’t let that put you off, because you can still get many benefits from listening to it.

So in this post:

I’m going to explain what light language is, how you can use it and why most other videos make it sound way more complicated than it actually is.

So firstly, forget about trying to understand light language.

You will never really be able to understand and interpret light language codes and words. It’s not really something that our physical earth bodies or minds can understand. And that’s kind of the point because if we could understand it, then we’d put our own interpretation on it.

We’d put our own would project our own beliefs and thoughts and feelings and desires onto the light language. And it would lose its efficacy.

It wouldn’t really do the same thing.

So like I said, it’s not really about what it means. It’s about the feeling that it conveys to you. It’s about how it makes you feel.

And then below that, or really, I should say above that, it’s about how it impacts your soul and changes your subconscious beliefs and like binaural beats, like subliminal messages and like guided meditations or hypnosis.

You can obviously use like language for almost anything.

There’s so many different ways you can use light language to help your body heal, to help you get over some kind of trauma to improve your life or really anything. It depends on how it’s been channeled.

And this is a really important point. I’m going to make it now, before we get too far into this, you need to pick somebody with a good reputation to do the light language channeling because with channeling, you are open to frequencies and entities.

So if you let the wrong things in, then of course you’re, you’re becoming a channel for the wrong type of energy. So please like with anything like with psychics, tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, all of this stuff really, really be in tune with your own intuition.

If something sounds right then, you know, take what resonates.

If it doesn’t then ignore it.

You need to remember that. There’s no really there’s really no way of knowing 100% for sure that any one message is correct, or even in your best interests. And this specifically applies to light language.

So if something doesn’t feel good, stop listening to it..

What Can You Use Light Language For?

You can use light language to do things like, unblocking your chakras, opening your third eye, your pineal gland to gain wisdom, regeneration, DNA activation, all kinds of things. Once you know how to use it, you can use the light language codes to activate yourself.

We’re really just only starting to scratch the surface of what we’re capable of, as human beings.

So really that’s all you need to know about how light language actually works to actually to use light language, to do something, whether it’s to heal yourself or regenerate or activate your DNA, all you really need to do is to find a good source of light language, set your intention, and then listen to it with that solid, strong intention.

Now I don’t just mean keep your intention the whole way through listening to the track.

What I mean is you pick a light language track, you set your intention of what you want to do or what you want the light language to actually achieve in you.

And then as soon as you set your intention, you let it go in exactly the same way as law of attraction or all manifestation works.

You basically set your intention, let the universe know your intention and then let it go, let it happen on its own. And this is really important with that language.

So what will you actually feel when you listen to light language?

What Does It Feel Like To Listen To Light Language?

What you feel when listening to light language varies massively from person to person. Some people will feel a tingling, pain and uncomfortable anxiety. Sometimes if that’s the case, stop listening. But what you should really feel is like a warm, fuzzy, nicely tingling feeling going up your spine and kind of collecting in your head or in your forehead, in your third eye.

However, and I really want to make this very clear. It is very possible to listen to light language and feel nothing at all feel just completely neutral.

Like you’re just listening to a random song or monologue.

That’s also fine. And you don’t have to have something. You don’t have to have an experience or a sensation when you listen to light language, it really varies from person to person. So don’t worry if you can’t experience something like that, it’s probably normal. As long as you’re feeling good or neutral, then it’s fine.

Now there are other ways to listen to light language or other ways to make light language way more effective than if you’ve just listened to it on its own. And that is you should first focus on raising your vibrations.

I have lots of free training about how to do this. It’s really just about increasing your vibration.

The people you hang around with the substance you’ve taken to your body, and I’ve put all of this information in the free vibration raising training.

And you should also use this light language with, you know, in combination with other things like contacting your spirit guides, using channels, crystals, dreams, dream interpretation, and all kinds of other things to really get a big picture.

The one thing you really don’t want to do is to focus on one source of information on one thing, whether it’s one channel, one YouTube channel, even you want to focus on as many different things as you can to get a big picture, but above all else, just use your intuition and go with what feels right.