Do you want to know how to manifest anything in 17 seconds?

Yes, you heard that right.

Manifesting has been getting more buzz over the years because people claim it works.

They say that with this technique, you can attract anything you want.

People like Oprah, Jim Carrey, and Will Smith credit their success to manifesting.

Nowadays, there are so many manifesting methods out there but some of them are just way too complicated.

That’s why some people aren’t able to do them consistently.

But manifesting is really just simple and you only need 17 seconds to do it.

Do you want to know how to manifest something quickly?

In this article you will learn:

  •  How manifesting works
  •  How to really identify your desires
  • How to manifest anything in 17 seconds

Manifest Anything In 17 Seconds

Some people get turned off by complicated manifesting methods so I’ll show you one that will only take you 17 seconds. But first, let’s talk about manifestation.

Can I Manifest Anything In 17 Seconds?

On average, you only need 17 seconds to manifest anything you want by using the power of visualization.

Some people might think that this is very little time, but these 17 seconds must be occupied by this single thought, which means no other thoughts or distractions may arise during this period.

If you’ve ever tried to concentrate on a single idea or mantra, you know how tough this can be.

Your mind is naturally inclined to enter information that it “shouldn’t” enter.

For instance, if I say, “don’t imagine a dancing monkey.”

What are you thinking of right now?

But, having said that, it is possible.

how to manifest something instantly

Does Manifestation Work?

Manifesting works! That’s why people like Oprah and Jim Carrey don’t stop talking about it. 

This method was developed from the law of attraction, which states that anything you hold in your mind comes into your physical reality.

Your ideas and emotions shape your world. So, whether you are deliberately manifesting or not, you are always attracting into your life what you think about.

As a consequence, most individuals unconsciously manifest all of their anxieties, and fears in their lives.

If you repeatedly focus on what you don’t want, you will attract more of the same.

It has no way of distinguishing between what we want and what we fear.

The good news is, now that you know you’re always manifesting, you can use this to manifest those that you do want.

That’s what the manifesting methods are trying to help you do.

when manifesting goes wrong

What Are The Different Manifesting Methods?

There are so many manifesting methods to choose from and you have to pick which one you feel would work best for you. 

You can learn how to manifest by writing using the 369 manifestation method or scripting method. 

You can make a vision board, use affirmations, and there’s even what they call dimension jumping.

You can even learn how to manifest on paper with crystals.

 “The feeling is the secret.” Neville Goddard

Choose the method that makes you feel good. Choose the one that puts you in a positive vibration.

If you want to know how to raise your vibrations to attract anything you want, I have this free training just for you.


What Is The Fastest Way To Manifest?

 Thanks to Abraham Hicks, we now know that the fastest way to manifest only takes 17 seconds.

Everything has a vibration. According to the 17-second rule, focusing on a thought for 17 seconds activates its vibration. When a thought’s vibration is activated, the law of attraction comes to play.

According to Abraham Hicks, a thought develops enough momentum to become manifested into reality after being held for a total of 68 seconds.

However, 68 seconds is a very long period to retain a single idea, which is why Abraham Hicks divides those 68 seconds into more manageable 17-second intervals that can activate a thought.

You can do this manifestation for only 17 seconds every morning but for best results, repeat it 3 times to reach the 68 seconds target.

Attract Anything In 17 Seconds

manifest in 17 seconds

1: Know What You Really Want

So before we get into how to manifest things, it’s very important to be aware of what you truly want. 

What do you really want? Not just what your ego wants.

It’s easy to think you want something when you actually want something else. 

Before you try to manifest something, you need to make sure it’s what your soul truly wants. 

Most people say they want money, a big house, or a nice car. But the truth is they don’t actually want those things. 

They want the feeling they think those things will bring them. Those are very different goals.

Let’s say, you want a big house. The truth is, what you actually want is the feeling of safety and security. 

big house

With a big house normally comes financial freedom. You won’t need to work for somebody else.

That’s really what people want when they say they want a big house.

Let’s say, you want a fast car. Very few people actually want a fast car, like a sports car. 

What they instead want is the validation and the happiness they think that car will bring them. 

They think that if they had a fast car, people would respect them and assume they’re successful. Again, those are very different goals. 

Do you actually care about what car you drive and actually want that versus any other car? It would be best if you were really clear about that. 

woman daydreaming

2: Visualize

Once you know what your heart truly desires, you can then start visualizing it. Visualize that you already have that thing, or you are already the kind of person you’re trying to manifest.

This is easier said than done. If you really want to be living near a beach, you need to visualize that you’re already living near a beach. That’s your life.

Every day, visualize how it would feel, what you would say, do, and think.

When you do that, really believe that it’s already happening. See yourself as already being in that reality. 

I want to make it very clear that emotions and feelings here are more important than specifics. You don’t need to specifically visualize exactly how it will look. 

Instead, you should focus more on how it would feel, and what emotions would come up. 


Focus on the feeling and the emotions that you want to have when you manifest these things. That is the secret. 

Let’s say, you have picked your goal. You know what you want to manifest and you understand that you need to focus on the emotions and the feelings. 

Visualize and feel how it would feel to have that thing. 

Then you let it go to the universe.

3: Let It Go

For instance, when I manifested passive income and worked for myself while traveling around the world, I didn’t try to manifest or visualize the specifics because I didn’t know what they were. 

I didn’t know how I was going to get there, or the exact steps that I would need to take in order to get to that goal. 

I just knew I wanted it. So what I did is focused on feeling the freedom of being able to travel around, having passive income, and not working for somebody else. 

Nobody really knows how your manifestations will come to you because they could come in a lot of ways. 

driving a lamborghini

Literally, any number of ways could lead you to manifest that Lamborghini.

But you don’t need to know the ‘how’, you need to know what you want and then focus on the feeling of having that thing or being that thing.

In my case, it was not a physical thing I wanted, because I luckily knew very early on that materialism and money and possessions don’t make us happy.

There are studies that show that anything beyond $30000 a year in income doesn’t have much of an effect on your happiness and life satisfaction.

They hardly go up. So it’s almost pointless to have that as your goal because you very quickly adapt to these things like five-star hotels, million-dollar penthouses, and all that. 

When you get used to those things, they don’t affect your happiness all that much. 

Maybe it makes you excited in the beginning it boosts your ego but that doesn’t define how much you enjoy life on a day-to-day basis.

Many millionaires and materially successful people will tell you that. 


What Time Should I Manifest? 

You can manifest any time of the day but the best time is in the morning, right after waking up.

Scientists discovered that when you initially wake up, your brain functions at around 10.5 waves per second, which is known as the alpha stage. It’s been referred to as the “portal to the subconscious mind.”

It’s safe to say that your subconscious mind is most active when you first wake up. You may train your brain to use this subconscious activity to set your day up for success.

When you do your visualization first thing in the morning, you’re more likely to act in accordance with what you’re trying to manifest throughout that day.

How To Manifest Someone To Like You

You can manifest someone to like you by using visualization. Focus on the feeling you’ll get when you’re with that person.

The manifestation approach is the same whether you’re seeking a new love partner or want to deepen your present connection.

How does it feel when he hugs you? When he holds your hand? When he says ‘I love you?’ Does it feel safe? Do you feel loved? Happy? Hold on to that feeling.

woman hugging man from behind

Really feel like it’s already happening. Make it as real in your mind as it can be.

But be careful with manifesting specific people because not all people are good for your growth. It’s better to focus instead on the kind of person you want and leave the rest to the universe.

Can We Manifest Multiple Things At Once?

You can manifest multiple things at once. There’s no limit because we live in an abundant universe.

Anyone who tells you that there’s not enough to go around is lying. It only depends on how much focus and energy you put into trying to manifest those things. 

So don’t be afraid to manifest multiple things at once. Do you want a car and a nice house? Go for it! Do you want a music career and meet your soulmate?

The possibilities are endless. So don’t feel guilty about manifesting multiple things at once. Feeling guilty about it puts you in scarcity mode and you cannot manifest coming from that place.

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How To Manifest Anything You Want In 17 Seconds

Our thoughts create our reality. Whatever we put our attention on, we attract. This means we are always manifesting whether we are aware of it or not.

This is where manifesting methods come into play. These techniques help us take control of the things we manifest but some of the methods out there are way too complicated.

Once you know what your true desires are, it only takes 17 seconds to manifest.

By true desires, I mean what your soul really wants, not just what your ego wants.

If you want to know more about yourself, I recommend taking this free numerology reading.

This method is called visualization but instead of focusing on the specifics of what would happen, you have to focus on the feeling.

How does it feel to already have that desire?

Focus on this feeling for 17 seconds and let it go. Let the universe handle the ‘how’.

In no time, your manifestations will come.

Now you’ve learned how to manifest anything you want in 17 seconds. What do you want to manifest?

Let me know in the comments!