Do you want to know how to manifest money from the people who know best?

What if I told you that I could summarize the lessons I’ve learned from several millionaires about manifesting abundance?

I will share some powerful things that I’ve learned from those who have manifested millions seemingly out of thin air.

The concepts I’ll discuss are probably things you haven’t heard of before.

Most people don’t know this and that’s why only one percent of people become millionaires.

Do you want to be part of that one percent?

Yes, it’s possible! 

In this article you will learn:

  •  The #1 mistake people make when manifesting money
  • What I learned from millionaires about manifestation
  •  The correct step-by-step process of manifesting money

Let’s dive in!

How To Manifest Money According To Millionaires


How Do I Manifest Money?

There are so many things that we could manifest but one of the things that most people have a hard time manifesting is money. 

This is because, to manifest money, you need to change your beliefs first. Everything else, such as visualization, comes after that. 

Manifesting Money Is An Energy Exchange

Our ideas, words, and emotions are all made of energy, just like everything else in our existence. Since money is a manifestation of energy, how you consciously think, feel, use, and save your money will affect how much (or how little) you have of it in the future.

The ideas, words, and emotions we feed this energy with have an effect on it, just like they do on everything else.

So if you’re dissatisfied with your money, It’s time to alter your financial “narrative”.

You must identify your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns once and for all if you want to be able to attract more money.

What people also don’t understand is that manifesting money requires an energy exchange. It’s between what you give to the world and what the world gives back to you. 

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Removing Limiting Beliefs About Money

Most of us have negative beliefs about money ingrained in us. “Money is evil, money disappears fast, you have to work super hard for money, money is evil, money is scary.”

These beliefs are what’s blocking the money from your reality. You have to change your mindset into more positive beliefs.

“Money allows me to help people, money makes people happy, money helps me do the things I love, money gives me the freedom to fulfill my purpose.”

You can change your conscious thinking by reading books about attracting money but you also have to change your subconscious programming.

You can do this by doing affirmations and subliminal messaging.

money manifestation affirmations

Affirmations are short, positive phrases that are repeated until your subconscious accepts them.

They have to be in the present tense. for example, “I am rich, money comes easy to me, I am abundant.”

Subliminals are audio tracks that have white noise. Underneath that white noise, your subconscious mind is being given suggestions about your desired goal.

For instance, getting rid of restricting financial attitudes, boosting confidence, improving your sex life, etc.

You play it while sleeping and because it is disguised, the conscious mind does not filter any of it, allowing it to enter the subconscious right away.

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The #1 Mistake People Make When Manifesting Money

There are so many manifestation tips out there but the best one I heard from millionaires is that manifestation is not much about visualization as it is about your beliefs and mindset. 

This is what a lot of people don’t understand about manifestation. 

It all starts with the things you believe about reality and the stories you tell yourself. Everything else comes after that. 

You probably heard of this a thousand times already you’re thinking: “It’s not that simple.” But it is that simple. 

“Visualizing without believing is just daydreaming.”

You try and visualize your ideal life but if you fundamentally don’t believe that, you’re just wasting your time. 

The more you do it, the more frustrated you’ll be. You can visualize your desires every single day, maybe even multiple times per day, but nothing will change if your beliefs aren’t aligned.

That’s the secret to manifesting money.

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How To Manifest Money

1: Set An Intention

What do you want to manifest? A nice car? A big house? A million dollars? Be very specific and write it down.

The first stage in forming intentions is to identify your desire. It might be big or small, something particular like getting a new automobile or migrating to a different country.

When it comes to setting intentions, most people prefer to stop there. I suggest that you try going a bit farther to comprehend the feeling underneath the desire.

There is frequently a deeper desire hidden behind it.  For example, you want a million dollars. What you actually want is to have more freedom to pursue your passion in writing blog posts that will help many women out there.

Understanding this will be a massive help in your visualization but we will talk about that later.

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2: Believe You Can Manifest

After you set that goal, you will then change your belief. 

You need to believe with all your heart that you are the kind of person who has whatever you desire.

So take a second now to imagine the person that would have the things you want to manifest. 

If you want to manifest a big house, a nice car, lots of money, and a successful relationship, what sort of person would have those things?

It’s probably somebody who’s physically in good shape. They are happy and confident, and they take care of themselves. They’re smart, they work hard, and they’re kind to other people.

The interesting thing is: You can become that person before you have those things. Actually, you have to become that person before you have those things. 

Am I confusing you right now?

What I’m saying is, in your mind, you are already that person and you’re embodying that person while waiting for your outer reality to catch up.

You need to first become that person, start believing you are that person, and then you will start to act in different ways. 

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3: Visualize The Manifestations

“Your world in its every detail is your consciousness objectified.” ― Neville Goddard

Sit down and close your eyes. Imagine yourself watching a movie as the lights dim in the cinema.

It shows you performing flawlessly whatever it is that you wish to do more of and spending money on the things that bring you joy.

Your attire, your facial expressions, your little motions, your surroundings, and any other individual who might be around should all be seen in as much detail as you can.

Include whatever noises you might hear, such as traffic, music, people talking, and cheering.

Finally, imagine whatever emotions you could be feeling while performing this.

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Consider this question: How would I feel if I already obtained everything I wanted today? You could experience great happiness or ecstasy when you first achieve something you want.

This is all well and dandy and follows the tenet that “feeling is the secret” since “feeling is what counts.”

But how would you feel if that desire was actually yours and holding it was the most natural thing in the world?

So how do you feel about all the wonderful things you now own and are destined to get in the future? Do you consider them continuously? Do you feel repressed or strong feelings toward them?

You already have them, so no. You are aware that they’re yours and you are grateful.

4: Take Inspired Action

 When you do the things above, you will also start to act in different ways. 

Because if you really are a millionaire and you have all the things you desire, would you sit on your couch all day while eating a tub of ice cream? No.

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You are a millionaire and what does a millionaire do? She gets up early and does her morning routine and then she does the things she needs to do.

If you want to be a Youtuber with millions of followers, would you binge watch youtube videos while whining about how you’re not a Youtuber yet? All this while never starting to film anything? No.

You are a Youtube with millions of followers so you create content and you put energy into making people wanna watch it and think of strategies on how you can start getting subscribers and watch hours.

When you align your actions to your desires, your vibration will become higher.

You will match the vibration of the person that has those things and you will start to attract those that you’re trying to manifest.

You will start to attract things, people, and notice opportunities that you never would’ve noticed before.

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5: Let It Go

Stop thinking about whether or not your want will materialize, how long it will take, how much you actually need it right now, and whether your manifestation attempts are really effective in order to let go of your desire.

This type of anxiety only results in resistance! To put it another way, it prevents you from achieving your goals.

In order to let go, you must be able to live your everyday life with complete trust in the universe, which means you must be able to do so without one bit of worry. 

Things can flow easily when you believe that everything will happen at the right time. Your manifestations have the ability to situate themselves.

Is there any cause for concern if you genuinely believe that your dreams and aspirations are coming true?

To be afraid or to be obsessed with controlling every tiny detail? No!

If you truly believe that the universe is working for you, you would go enjoy the rest of your day.

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You would give up control over the “how” and “when,” choosing instead to raise your vibration by being happy and enjoying your life in the knowledge that it’s just a matter of time.

I have this free training on how to massively raise your vibration to attract money. I recommend that you try it out! 


How To Manifest With Writing?

You can manifest using pen and paper by scripting. Write in the present tense and really feel the emotions as you write.

For example, “I am so happy that I just earned $100,000 and I can finally get my dream apartment! Follow the guidelines I mentioned above and visualize it as you write. 

Can You Manifest Millions Overnight?

Yes, it is possible to manifest millions overnight if you follow manifestation methods but there’s a possibility that you lose it just as quickly if you didn’t fix your mindset first. 

There are manifestations that have gone very very wrong. For example, a lotto winner loses all his money or commits suicide.

You can read more about manifestation scary stories here. 

369 manifestation method writing

How To Do The 369 Method Of Manifestation

Write down your desire three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. Do this consistently for at least 30 days. 

These numbers have a special meaning in numerology. In the practice, the number three immediately connects us to the source, the number six stands for the inner power we possess, and the number nine assists us in letting go of the past and self-doubt.

How To Manifest Money According To Millionaires

The secret to manifesting money that I learned from millionaires is to fine-tune your beliefs and mindset first.

Most people go straight to visualizing before they believe in their manifestations.

You have to believe that what you desire is already yours and that you are the kind of person who has that.

In your mind, that is already your reality and it’s only a matter of time before your outer reality shifts.

Now you’ve learned how to manifest money according to millionaires.

I’m going to talk about this in more detail in my free video training on how to manifest a financial abundance. 

What do you think is blocking you from becoming a millionaire? 

Let me know in the comments!