Numbers are very important.

They’re everywhere, and they are involved with everything.

This is important to know if you’re considering looking into your numerology.

QUICK SUMMARY: This is my review of and Mikes numerology report. I’m an actual human, and this review is real. To follow along with what I’m saying, click here to open the exact page I’m talking about, in a new tab. 

You may have come across a popular numerology product called ‘’ or Mikes Numerology report.

It seems to be everywhere, and lots of people are talking about it online.

If you want to skip to my SUMMARY of the review, scroll to the bottom. 

Here’s the problem:

Most sites talking about sound like they’ve been written by a ROBOT. And most of them probably have! Most of them are simply spun articles to get traffic. But here’s the thing:

I’m actually going to TALK about like a human being, and explain what it is, and how it can help you (It’s not for everyone). I’m a real, live human who is VERY interested in spirituality, ascension, numerology and astrology. I actually study this stuff every day. 

You’re probably as confused as I was when I first discovered numerology.

I didn’t understand what the PURPOSE of it was, and whether it was even REAL.

So let’s dive into this and explore it.

How can NUMBERS be behind everything, and dictate what your life is going to look like?

Surely it’s a big scam, right?

Not quite, but it’s a bit of a mind trip and you’ll need to get your head round a few things to really understand how it works. 


Before we explore what and Mikes Report is, it is worth knowing what exactly numerology is first.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and mathmatical patterns, and how they can tell you things about your life and your body. They can predict and guide various aspects of your life from your career to your personality traits and even predict your future to some degree. 

But how can that be possible?

I’ll get to that.

Numerology allows you to discover heaps of information about the world and individual person.

In fact, numerology is quite similar to astrology – it just uses different methods to garner information.

It is regarded as a universal language of numbers.

This practice is based on the principle that the universe is a system – when broken down, we are just lefts with basic number elements – from which we can seek after numerous data after ourselves.

A numerologist has the ability to break down one’s multiple elements into meaningful numbers via numerous methods.

Based on the information they want.

How does numerology actually work?

The STUDY of numbers is as old as time itself.

Countless ancient civilizations knew that numbers could be used to interpret and understand this universe and how it behaved.

So the study of numerology has developed over thousands of years to what it is today.

But today, most people don’t know ANYTHING about it.

One thing to keep in mind is that numerology readings are not as easy as they appear.

Thus, to get a true reading, you must actually seek a master numerologist.

This is where resources such as the and Mikes report come into play.

Sure, you can still be able to interpret simple number calculations such as;

  • Life path number
  • Expression numbers
  • Personality tests
  • Soul urge numbers

Yet, when analyzing or interpreting how these numbers work together, you will need a master numerologist.

The concept behind numerology is that your life is impacted by;

  • Birthdate
  • Birth name
  • Other factors surrounding the individual

As mentioned above, numerology incorporates a series of readings and ALOT of calculations.

In fact, one can find themselves going through layers of different numbers and number combinations that have different meanings.

A simple reading alone can be quite informative.

Thus, your numerology chart reading is a continual process and can be read from different perspectives.

So it works like this:

The idea or concept is that the life we experience in the physical 3D world is limited.

It’s limited in terms of the dimension we experience it in.

We move through the 4th dimension (time) in a LINEAR way.

We can never go BACK in time or forward FASTER than time progresses. Right?

Makes sense so far, but the idea is this:

Our TRUE selves are actually multidimensional, and our SOULS can experience life in many different realities or dimensions AT THE SAME TIME. This is how astral projection works, by the way. 

This means this life and everything that’s happened and WILL happen can be seen in certain ways by your soul.

Your soul is timeless, but this physical boy in this 3D world we call Earth is BOUND and limited by time.

But numbers transcend those limitations.

Think of them like a fingerprint that give you HINTS to your future and past.

Fingerprints left by God or other spiritual Sources.

This where most people drop out and consider it a ‘scam’.

But if you believe that, and you believe this life is just a small part of a much bigger experience, it’s very easy to understand how numerology works.

It’s a way of seeing PAST the linear timeline we’re trapped in.

Is numerology real?

Numerology is real, but what it can show you is more of a guideline.

At times, there may be exceptions.

You can change your future once you’re aware of how it’s going to play out.

It’s like time travel, once you know what’s going to happen, you’re aware of it and you can CHANGE that timeline.

But the study of how numbers interlink to your life and personality is very real, and surprisingly accurate, to say the least. But you’d know that for yourself if you did this free numerology reading!

How accurate is numerology?

Well, the basics are very accurate.

This includes readings such as your life path number, soul urge, expression numbers, etc.

These are based on a system that can’t easily be changed.

So, the results are uniform no matter how you interpret your numbers.

But when you get into the more advanced stuff, looking at your birth charts, star signs and linking it all to your numerology, you need an accurate numerology master to make sense of it all.

And that’s where problems arise.

How can you CHECK if the person you’re getting to do your reading is accurate?

It’s hard to say…

Especially when you’re getting a reading about your FUTURE.

You don’t KNOW whether it’s accurate or not until the future happens.

That’s why it’s important to go for the most reviewed and most well known numerology master, like

What can numerology show you?

Getting a numerology reading can be quite exciting  – especially from a dedicated resource such as

In fact, the platform is packed with visual features that make your journey across the 5 core elements even more interesting.

This platform is excellent for beginners who are just starting to explore this area.

Yet, it also works great for individuals who are looking for deeper readings.

It can show you all sorts of things about you, your personality, your history, and your future such as:

  • Life path number
  • Expression numbers
  • Soul urge number
  • Personality number
  • Birthday number
  • Master numbers
  • And many more

These can all be interpreted by a master numerologist to give you a detailed understanding of what your life means, and where it’s going.

And that’s what leads me to the review.

You need a master. 

To REALLY understand these numbers, and how your birth date, name, address, and other details can explain your future, you need to REALLY understand it.

And that’s where you need a master.

Remember how we said earlier about numerology being an ancient practice, going back thousands of years?

Well, when was the last time you studied and researched what specific numbers in your life mean?

The chances are you’ve NEVER done it, and so you aren’t ABLE to understand or interpret your numbers.

But a master can, and that’s what this is all about – is about.

However, you’ve probably just seen me rumble on and on about this master numerology resource.

Yet, as someone who is relatively new in this field – everything may still appear to be hazy for you.

So, let’s give you a simple and brief breakdown of what these readings are really about;

Life Path Number

Your life path number is amongst the core parts of your numerology.

As the name suggests, it reveals the basis of what path your life could take.

Nonetheless, it is also a reflection of who you are, who you should be, your personality, and your traits.

Additionally, life path numbers routine opportunities or challenges you may face.

As well as lessons you may have to learn on the way.

Again, each life path number has its own meaning.

A life path number is calculated using your full birth date.

For example, if your birth date is April 2nd, 1958, it would be 2+4=6, then, 1+9+5+8 = 23.

Then, breakdown the 23 into two digits – 2+3= 5.

As the calculations above, each calculation has to be broken down until you get to a single digit number.

So, if the date was 26th instead of 2nd, you would have to break down the 26 to 2+6 = 8.

Once you are down breaking down the number, it is easy to interpret what it means.

Your path number typically shares general traits of your life path.

Thus, if you want to get a little deeper, it’s worth exploring deeper core readings.

Once you figure out your life path, you need to raise your vibrations in order for your present reality to align to it. I have a free video training on how to do that here. 

Expression Number

An expression number is known as a destiny number. it dives into your desires, personal goals, and abilities. Additionally, it gives you a scoop on the traits you carry.

The expression number is calculated by converting your full birth name (including middle names) into digital numbers.

This process is done using a Pythagorean chart.

A Pythagorean chart correlates each letter with a single digit number.

The total sum is then, broke down into a single digit number.

The master numbers are used to apply to your expression number.

Your remaining expression number boasts its meaning.

It can also be combined with other core numbers to create an idea of who you are.

Soul Urge Number

The soul urge number is referred to as the heart’s desire number.

Soul urge number represents your inner or true self.

According to people who seek after this reading, a soul urge number normally reveals the truth about yourself you will recognize only after the reading is done. 

It does this as it provides adequate information to explain the origins of some of your traits.

For instance, you may discover that you have the need to be cheered on and encouraged.

The soul urge number is normally calculated using your full birth name.

Yet, with the soul urge number calculations, you only count the value of the vowels in your name to discover your inner desires.

Personality Number

The personality number is generally a side of you that people see.

Thus,  a reading of this number shows you how people see you.

Typically, as human beings, we tend to hide our true selves – so, we normally live under a persona.

Whilst this is normally done subconsciously, sometimes, we do so deliberately.

Therefore, personality number readings can help to provide a deeper understanding of our behaviors in different situations.

Your personality number can be calculated using consonants of your full name.

The letters are each assigned a number, added up, and then, broken down to a single digit number (also known as a master number).

Birthday Number

A birthday number gives you a deeper understanding of your destiny.

One can even say that it holds the key to their destiny.

A birthday number in numerology, as the name suggests, is based on the day you were born.

When combined with other core numbers 9including your life path number), it gives you an insight into your gifts, talents, and life purpose.

Furthermore, your birthday number reading can tell you your specific talents and where you fit in your universe – as a means for finding your true purpose.

However, numerology readings go beyond just interpreting your traits.

There are more facts to know about numerology and interpreting readings.

Facts about numerology

When exploring numerology, interpretation includes both positive and negative features.

A true interpretation and reading in numerology have to focus on what we receive as positive as well as negative in order to get a truthful and realistic outlook into ourselves.

After all, numerology helps people in focusing and improving their lives.

Numerology has what is known as master numbers.

11, 22, and 33 are known as the master numbers.

These numbers hold a powerful meaning – either positive or negative based on the circumstances.

So, you really do need a good master numerologist such as to be able to correctly interpret the master number.

In many cases, master numbers help to provide a revelation on situations that impact your life.

Before, we covered how numbers are calculated and how they have to be reduced to a single digit number.

However, this is not the case if you end up with master numbers.

This is because master numbers hold meaning on their own.

For example, master number 11 is associated with instinct and faith.

Yet, it may also signify fear and anxiety – thus, the context has to be considered.

Master number 22 is also known as a master builder – normally indicating success and ambition. 

Master number 33 on the other end has a range of meanings.

Amongst the topics covered include life pah path, expression, and personality.

Additionally, you can even combine master numbers to explore a different meaning.

Whilst individually, each number plays a significant role in numerology, it is worth looking at it as a whole.

Numerology can be life-changing.

As it is more than just exploring insights into your traits and who you really are.

Numerology can form an integral part of your life – giving you a look into your position in the universe.

As well as what affects your position in life.

In fact, many people who have been into numerology for a while eventually use it as their life’s forecast.

Benefits of numerology

When you get into this practice, it is not easy to stop.

Sure, who wouldn’t want to get a deeper understanding of who they are and what their future entails.

but, numerology boasts benefits beyond this.

Amongst them include;

  • Numerology a self-help tool

It gives you an insight into yourself – allowing you to figure out how to work on self-development.

  • Improves you relationship

As you learn about yourself, you also enjoy better insight on how to understand and grow your relationships with people around you.

You can also learn how others see you.

  • Figure out your opportunities and how to address our challenges/shortcomings

Ultimately, this takes us back to the importance of finding a good numerologist. review

Today, we’re reviewing a product called ‘Mikes Numerology Report‘ from

So what is it?

Is a scam?

Well no. It’s actually a FREE numerology report, which you can get for yourself, right now by clicking here.

yes, you read right. is a free numerology report!

The report gives you insights into your life path number, soul urge number, and some scarily accurate facts about your specific personality.

This is what hooks most people.

Most people will do the free report and get so interested in it that they want to buy a full report (which actually only costs a few dollars, depending on which one you get).

The full report comes in quite handy.

You can use it to guide you through a newfound journey into the world of numerology.

There is a lot of detail you can go into with numerology, but here’s what it boils down to with

You can get a detailed numerology report for yourself, for free (You can get yours here)

Once you’ve got this report, you’ll be sent a free video explaining in great detail your personal numbers.

These include;

  • Your expression numbers
  • Your life paths
  • Your soul urges
  • Your destiny numbers
  • much more

In the video, you will enjoy a full and clear explanation of what each number means.

When I first SAW this video for myself, it was scary.

It was shockingly accurate and I was very surprised about this.

Now that I’ve looked at many other systems, I would say that this is the most accurate numerology system or reading, especially since it’s free.

The video seems to be talking directly to you, and the facts it comes out with are very accurate and specific.

So, I got the full report for a few dollars more.

I was AMAZED at how accurately numbers were able to predict how I’d turn out, and what my life would be like.

This gives you the chance to change your life, or be more aware of your natural strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them.

Whilst the report offers a plethora of information, it is a good idea to start small.

So, as a beginner, start with a free report.

There are many things you could get after that if you want to…

But there’s nothing to lose if you just want a free report showing you your numbers, and how it all links together.

The chances are, however, that if you’re reading this, you’ve already got the free report,

So, you’re probably looking for a review of the full product or report, right?

You can get a detailed report showing exactly what your numbers mean, and how they interlink with your life.

Click here now to go to their site and get your free report

How to get a free numerology reading

As I said, you can get a free numerology report sent to you, along with a detailed video. 

This seems to be a legit, high quality numerology master giving a good series of reports.

In fact, there are lots of numerologist masters working under the same brand of ‘’ as you can see on their site if you scroll all the way down.

So, go and check it out, and see what your numbers mean.

It could be the start of a very interesting rabbit hole that you dive down.

I know when I first discovered numerology, I was obsessed, and I wanted to know everything I could about this fascinating area of study.

If you want a similar reading, you might also wanna try this free moon reading. But this one is based on astrology and the movements of the moon.