Today we’re looking at ORION STARSEEDS, and what their traits are. We’ll explore signs, purpose and more. 

If you’re new, make sure to first read our guide to starseeds and what they are. 

 “It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.”– Jiddu Krishnamurti

The realization that you are an Orion starseed can TRANSFORM your perception of human life.


Doubts are replaced with clarity, and things that you’ve been fighting against seem to become less daunting as they are held up to the light of your newfound self-awareness.

Orion starseeds come forth to the physical plane of planet Earth from the Orion constellation, which is arguably the most recognizable in the night sky.

The purpose of their incarnation on this planet is to inspire and guide humans through challenging transitional phases in their existence.

Once you’ve absorbed the detailed information in this post, you’ll know for certain whether you’re an Orion starseed, and how you can use this revelation to fulfill your purpose.

In this post we will cover:

  • What is an Orion starseed?
  • The origins of Orion starseeds
  • 10 traits of an Orion starseed
  • Orion Starseed’s purpose on planet Earth
  • So you’re an Orion starseed… now what?

Let’s get started!

What Exactly Is an Orion Starseed?

Starseed’s physical qualities are born out of their realization of self.

This allows them to access deep reservoirs of knowledge that can help planet Earth and all of its inhabitants remember their true nature as spiritual beings in physical bodies, and therefore raise the vibration of the whole planet.

Starseeds are beings that come from certain faraway locations within the Universe. They choose to be incarnated on Planet earth to fulfill a specific purpose.

They are highly developed, spiritual beings, who have deep connections to the non-physical realm where all things originate.

The existence of a starseed on planet earth has a deep and important underlying meaning. Before they came to this planet, they were fully aware of the challenges that face the human race, and all other Earthly lifeforms.

Their connection to their true nature, as pure, creative energy remains strong, even if they have forgotten it during their brief existence in human form.

The Origin of Orion Starseeds

As planet Earth enters a period of great transformation and drastic change, the boundless knowledge and spiritual wisdom of Orion starseeds are required to ensure that humans navigate these testing times successfully. With the majority of humans mesmerized by the outside world, they need a reminder to look inward, where all of the answers are provided.  

One of the best-known constellations in the Universe, Orion is credited with aiding the formations of several advanced civilizations. It is thought that the beings of the Orion constellation were emotionally and spiritually manipulated for long periods, through the means of technological advancements.

The beings grew gradually more embittered by the measures used to control them within the Orion civilizations. This caused a shared desire to be born, to escape the incarnation cycle of their constellation.

The desire grew so strong that eventually, many of the beings from the Orion civilizations manifested the possibility of incarnating on planet Earth, to help its inhabitants avoid falling into the same traps that caused the problems in their societies.

The hardships experienced by Orions were never forgotten, and they carried the trauma deep within the core of their being.

Orion starseeds have a vitally important purpose on planet Earth, although many have forgotten this during the process of embodying the human lifeform. Their mission is to reconnect human beings with their true nature and to remind that that they are ultimately spiritual beings in physical bodies.

Due to the physical laws of planet Earth, to the eye, Orions appear almost identical to human beings in form.

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This physical veil is so realistic, that many Orions fall into the same trap as humans when incarnated on our planet. They fully immerse themselves in the play of form, and thus, lose track of their Orion starseed origins.

Despite this, Orion starseeds have the power to guide human beings through their words, actions, and teachings, even if they have completely forgotten their true nature.

Orions are focused on improving their surroundings, and helping others to fulfill their worldly potential. They balance spirituality with practical action, and for this reason, many people admire their ability to manifest results in the physical realm.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much reminding for an Orion starseed to reconnect with the knowledge that they had when they chose to come forth into this physical plane.

In order for Orion starseeds to thrive on this planet, it’s important that they work on raising their vibrations.

You can achieve this using my unique Superhuman Optimisation system, which provides you with guidance on how to upgrade the physical body, and creates a strong connection to the Higher Self, which is essential for starseeds to flourish.

10 Traits of Orion Starseeds

Before we get into the main signs you could be an Orion starseed, let’s just watch this short video. It’s something I made to try and explain the main and most common starseed signs:

Here are some of the main signs that you are an Orion starseed:

1: You are a rational thinker

Orion starseeds are blessed with the ability to use their logic when making decisions.

They rarely allow their perceptions to be skewed by becoming over-emotional and can see the bigger picture.

This is reflected in their ability to learn from past experiences, and apply their knowledge when moving forward through human life.

The only downside to this way of thinking is that it can sometimes result in your being reluctant to act spontaneously due to being over-analytical.

2: You are strongly invested in your opinions

As a result of your logical way of thinking, you tend to feel strongly about any options that you form.

This can often cause Orion starseeds to get drawn into heated debates.

If you form an opinion, this is the result of much contemplation. Therefore, your opinions and beliefs become deep-seated and it’s hard to accept that they are sometimes wrong.

Although they are willing to change their opinions if they feel that that there is good reason to, Orion starseeds are more likely to stick to their conclusions, which sometimes frustrates other people.

3: Challenges excite you

A strong indicator that you are an Orion starseed, is that you thrive when faced with challenging circumstances.

Rather than shying away from adversity, you see it as an opportunity for growth.

You go head first, full throttle into any hurdles that may present themselves on your path to success.

This gains you much admiration from others, who are inspired by your ability to overcome obstacles.

Orion starseeds understand that each failure is simply another step towards success.

4: Acquiring knowledge is important to you

Orion starseeds are highly intelligent beings who enjoy expanding their knowledge.

This may be achieved through extensive reading of books, studying, or asking questions.

You are likely to have excelled in school, without having to put in a lot of effort.

The benefit of this thirst for knowledge is that it leads to you having many different interests across a variety of subjects.

Orions are also likely to be autodidacts but are capable of thriving in an academic environment due to their exceptional intellect and logical faculties.

5: Solitude is essential

If you don’t spend frequent time in your own company, you are likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

This is a direct result of an Orion Starseed’s insatiable pursuit of knowledge. They simply need time alone to process all of the information they absorb.

In some cases, Orions are prone to withdrawing for long periods, which can put a strain on their close relationships.

Despite this, they aren’t withdrawing out of a dislike for other people. To Orions, it is an essential process of recharging themselves ready to go back out into the world of society.

It is thought that Orion starseeds tend to seek solitude due to the heavy inner burden that they carried from their past incarnations, during which they suffered mass oppression for long periods.

6: You feel empathy for others

Due to the past struggles of Orion starseeds, they tend to have a deep sense of compassion for all living beings.

In their periods of withdrawal, they are likely to ruminate on the human condition and try to logically come up with solutions to collective problems.

If you find yourself wishing that you could improve the situations of other human beings, this is a strong sign that you are an Orion starseed.

Your strong sense of empathy and compassion for others is one of your main motivations to go out and make the world a better place.

7: You struggle to form intimate relationships

As a result of Orion’s tendency to value logic over emotion, they sometimes struggle to make or maintain romantic relationships.

This can lead to a series of failed relationships.

Their need to withdraw from the world can be perceived by any potential partners as being cold and insensitive.

Despite this, Orions do desire close relationships – they just struggle to form intimate bonds.

This can lead them to fully immerse themselves in their work, or their pursuit of knowledge rather than going out into the world trying to find a partner.

8: You love to make others laugh

As an Orion starseed, you are likely to have no problems with making other people crack up with laughter.

Your sharp intellect lends itself to quick wit and hilarious observations about the world around you.

This quality draws other people to you.

To you, humor is a welcome retreat from the seriousness of your logical mind.

9: You don’t often need help

Orion starseeds are highly likely to be independent in every area of their human life.

This independence is a source of pride for you, and you will only ask for help if it is necessary.

Deep down you believe that the solution to every problem can be found within your logic and reasoning.

This is a great strength, but can also be a weakness when you require a helping hand but tend not to allow others to aid you.

The approval of others is simply not necessary for your happiness.

10: You enjoy business

Orion starseeds are not driven by materialistic wants, but they do have a talent for entrepreneurship that leads to them creating financial abundance effortlessly.

Your enjoyment of challenges puts you in a strong position in the world of business. When others are losing their heads, you can continue progressing.

The idea of starting something small and working to see it grow is exhilarating to you, as an Orion starseed.

Although some people may find your drive slightly intimidating, it is likely to win you the admiration of many others.

Your ability to stick at a task until it is completed is another useful attribute that makes you a natural entrepreneur.

What is the purpose of an Orion starseed on planet Earth?

Orion starseeds are naturally aware of the interconnectedness of all beings within the universe. Although this knowledge may be clouded by the external phenomena of our planet, Orions find it easy to reconnect with their purpose.

This purpose is to remind humans that there is no such thing as separation. To inspire them to reconnect with their true divine nature, and use this realization to create a world where all lifeforms can thrive, without repeating the mistakes of the Orion constellation.

Now what?

If you’ve read this post and decided that you’re an Orion starseed, what should you do now?

Firstly, as with all spiritual awakenings which involve remembering our true nature, don’t get disheartened if you feel a little down for a while. This is simply your ego, which is a social construct, become less prominent.

Orion starseeds are a true blessing to the human race. Your purpose is to simply be unapologetically yourself and to inspire others to strive for a better, more harmonious reality.


At times, life on planet Earth can feel like a heavy burden for Orion starseeds. However, once they become aware of their true nature and the reason that they chose to come forth into this physical dimension, everything starts to make more sense.

If you are an Orion starseed, you should take comfort in the fact that your existence on this planet is highly meaningful and important.

Then, it’s time to go out into the world and celebrate your newfound knowledge by fulfilling your potential.

What to do next?

Well, what do you feel called to do?

If you think you ARE a starseed, it’s very likely you came here for a particular mission or purpose. Time is limited, and it’s ESSENTIAL that you raise your vibrations as HIGH as possible. 

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