Written by Professor Richard Wiseman, Paranormality tries to decipher common supernatural myths. This book offers great insight for those of you who are deep believers in the existence of a paranormal world.

Paranormality goes into detail with everything laid out simply and categorically. The main features include:

  • The 19th century sisters who founded spiritualism accidentally by playing jokes on each other.
  • Cold reading tricks. How to make people believe you know everything about their lives.
  • Story of a mongoose called Gef who could speak and lived inside the walls of a house in the Isle of Man for 15 years.
  • Using dim light and a mirror to change your face into that of someone else.
  • How Jim Jones, the famous leader of a cult managed to get 900 people to take their own lives in 1978. This happened in a commune in South America.
  • Inducing an Out of Body experience by playing tricks on your brain. This is done by changing the information it receives through your eyes.
  • Precognitive dreams and how prophecy is overridden by psychology and math.

About the book

What Paranomality does is offer a glimpse into the intricacies of the human psyche. It tries to debunk why and how some people are able to exert control over a large group of people so much so that they cause them to inflict injury and also death.

You will also understand how to achieve an Out of Body Experience by slightly changing perception. The book delves into cold reading and helps us understand how we can use it to manipulate the thoughts of others, tricking them into thinking we can look into their lives.

The remaining part goes into topics such as astrology, ghosts, Ouija boards, psychokenesis and palm reading. It helps the reader understand these human irrational beliefs by looking at them from a logical point of view.

The thing with Professor Richard Wiseman, he explains the inner workings of the human mind like a magician revealing his secrets. Instead of magic however, it is our own psychology and the cause of our irrationality we are talking about. Why we think the way we do and see things as we do.

Letting go of beliefs long held onto is one of the most difficult things. The benefits far outweigh any cons and you will come out better. All of us deserve to view the world from more than one perspective. What you will receive from reading the book is true and profound enlightenment.

Avoiding the Charlatans

Professor Richard Wiseman’s approach towards teaching us of the workings of our own minds is something to commend on. He gradually guides us through with humility that you cannot but respect his work. This particular time in our history is characterized by people having superstitious thoughts especially when it comes to the end of the world.

The mission of the book is to show the reality of things and how to avoid being pulled into the deceit that is consuming the majority of people. Yet, what is most impressive is the way information is passed across and how each topic is reviewed. There is no bias or patronizing tone.

You cannot help but catch a glimpse into the personality of Professor Wiseman. His mature and respectful tone shows that he is a sensitive individual. His skill as a psychologist is apparent as he provides you with understanding while being careful not to sound judgmental to self proclaimed psychics and magicians.

Improved Control of your dreams

Wiseman goes into detail when it comes to the topic of lucid dreaming and astral projection. An interesting look at this concept can leave you a bit confused. Paranormal refers to the experiences that are beyond the explanation of science. Yet lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven.

In fact professor Richard Wiseman himself states of the first record of lucid dreaming in the 1970s was done by Keith Hearne.

Some of the things that are stated in this book are how you should set your clock to the hours where you are most likely to have your REM sleep. Once you are in the lucid state, take a look into the mirror, and you should notice your image become blurry. However, most people who have the experience of lucid dreaming tend to not agree with a few points on the subject.

Great thing is more people who gain access to Paranormality are exposed to the concept of lucid dreaming.


As we have seen, paranormal activity refers to phenomena that cannot be explained by science. These types of activities are common in folklore and cultures of many communities around the world.

Some of the common paranormal descriptions include unidentified flying objects (UFOs), cryptids and psychic capabilities.

While it may seem like Paranormality only gives you a proper dose of logic, you will learn plenty of psychological tips and tricks that you can apply to your everyday life and have great fun. All while exposing you to the rationale behind them.

The last chapter known as the Instant Superhero Kit will especially arm you with plenty of such tricks. You can engage your friends at a party and look like a genius. This topic emphasizes on the tone of the book. It is written in a casual way from start to finish making it a fun read. If you are looking for a simplified way to understand the paranormal, then this book certainly fits the bill.