Today we’re diving deep into Pleiadian starseeds, who they are, where they’re from and why they’re here. 

We spoke before about all of the common starseed types, and what their signs or traits are.

Today we’re exploring Pleiadians. 

Are you capable of sensing and absorbing other people’s emotions and vibrations, rectifying them, and mending their inner turmoil?

If the answer is positive, then you very well might be a starseed from the Pleiades. And though this might sound confusing, and you might feel misplaced, don’t worry. You’re here on a critical mission, which we’ll discuss all about in the article below.

This article will discuss the Pleiadian starseed signs, their personality traits, origins, and mission here on Earth. We’ll also explain their connection to the planet’s history and their connection to humans. So, if you recognize some of the Pleiadian traits as your own, you might want to reconsider your origins – they might be extraterrestrial.

Who are the Pleiadian starseeds?

Pleiadians are multidimensional beings whose existence spans over several dimensions, ranging from the thirds to the ninth.


More on that later.

Pleiadians are highly evolved spiritual beings who have been assisting Earth and humanity since the birth of the planet and humans’ creation.

Currently, they are helping Earth, and its inhabitants’ transition into a Golden Age, shifting from the third into the fifth dimension.

They are often referred to as the Nordic aliens due to their Scandinavian appearance.

Pleiadians often have blond hair, white skin, and tall bodies. Not to say that their starseeds look the same, but there’s a similarity. More on that later.

Pleiadians are remarkable soul healers, and their realm is a healing station for wounded souls. Thousands of visitors from other star nations frequent Pleiadian realms for studying, healing, and relaxation. Just like them, their starseeds tend to take healing roles on Earth, often practicing some form of medicine.

In short, they are a benevolent race of highly spiritually evolved extraterrestrials. They seeded our planet with millions of souls from the Pleiades to heal and aid humanity’s spiritual evolution.

It’s known among the spiritual scholars that Sirians initiated the Great Experiment, in which they created humans. And Pleiadians had a role, though a minute one at first. They offered their DNA as a blueprint for the very first humans on the planet.

The potential use of their DNA during the Great Experiment is still highly debatable among scholars. But one thing is known for sure: the Pleiadians developed life on Atlantis and Lemuria. They also created dolphins and whales on Earth.

Where do Pleiadians come from?

As you might’ve guessed, the Pleiadians come from the Pleiades, a star system also known as the Seven Sisters. It’s an open star cluster located in the north-west of the Taurus constellation, some 400 light-years away from Earth.

Because of their relative proximity to our home and their involvement in the planet’s history, Pleiadians keep a watchful and protective eye over humanity. They’ve seeded hundreds of thousands of their souls to guide us and heal us, most of which incarnated here after 1970.

What are Pleiadian starseeds?

Pleiadian starseeds are the souls whose origin is from the Pleiades, but they are incarnated here on Earth.

You can call them extraterrestrial souls inhabiting a human body. Just like all other starseeds on our planet, the Pleiadians are archaic, highly evolved souls who came to aid Earth’s ascension.

Much like Pleiadians themselves, these starseeds become great healers and practitioners of medicine, energy healing, and holism. Their primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, allowing them exceptional parenting and caretaking skills and abilities.

They’re also incredibly loving and giving, looking only to serve with honesty and love. This also makes them susceptible to physical and psychological abuse, which is precisely why some Pleiadians incarnate on Earth. They must learn to let go.

If left unchecked, their loving and caring nature causes many issues for the Pleiadians and their starseeds. As great healers, they often attract the opposite side of the spectrum, partners with emotional problems, energy vampires, and narcissists. And they always make it their mission to help these traumatized souls, even if they’re a lost cause, at the price of their personal ascensions.

So, they’re sent here as starseeds to learn when to quit. To recognize that they can’t help an entity that doesn’t want to be helped. As a Pleiadian starseed, you must learn to let some things go and leave some chapters unfinished. You must learn to take care of yourself and your personal ascension.

What do Pleiadian starseeds look like?

This is a tricky question to explain, mainly because scholars debate whether starseeds look different from typical humans.

For the most part, starseeds are pretty indistinguishable from humans, with minimal variations in their physical appearance.

Their human parents’ DNA predominately decides the appearance of starseeds; hence they’re indistinguishable from regular humans, for the most part. In the case of Pleiadians, some deviations are known to occur, but for the most part, these are within the boundaries of the standard human genome pool.

That said, Pleiadian starseeds tend to have a Nordic-like look, with white skin and long blonde hair.

They also tend to incarnate in taller bodies. However, these body features only tend to be a preference since Pleiadians, like other starseeds, get to decide in which body to incarnate. So, there are tanned Pleiadians with dark hair and dark eyes.

Angelic feeelings

Another noticeable trait, or rather another preference is gender – many Pleiadian starseeds choose to incarnate as women. Supposedly, this helps them on their journey since their souls tend to be more compatible with strong and empowering feminine energies. Pleiadian starseeds are, for the most part, women, but male incarnations are known to occur.

Pleiadians have angelic-like energy due to their tall bodies, white skin, long blond hair, and caretaking nature. So, if you’re interested in angelic themes and realms, you might be acting on more than imagination. You might be nostalgic and homesick.

What are Pleiadian starseeds like?

Pleiadian starseeds exhibit the traits of selfless healers, who can repress their emotions in an attempt to help others. In those attempts, they’ll often even forfeit their needs and self-care, which causes them many personal issues.

Abuse of their caregiving nature, paired with their self-neglect in the relentless pursuit of their purpose, might lead Pleiadians to feelings of resentment. And feeling resentment isn’t in accordance with their purpose and their soul’s truth, which is one of the reasons they incarnate here on Earth.

They’re here to learn that healing others doesn’t mean damaging yourself.

You’ll often find a Pleiadian starseed playing as a nurturing and forgiving parent at an early age. These roles are often stemming from their caregiving and healing nature and will follow them throughout their lives.

They’re also quite generous and wouldn’t take advantage or do harm to their peers, or any other being for that matter.

As a result of their young age and their caring nature, they might be overly naïve. Pleiadians dislike conflicts, which is why they focus inwards once they’re unnecessarily criticized. In most cases, this will lead to introversion and shyness.

However, given proper parenting, and they’ll grow into joyous, charming, and likable individuals. If they overcome their shyness, their natural charisma will turn them into great and eloquent speakers. Unless they complete their mission here and realize that they can’t heal anyone, Pleiadian starseeds turn into unhappy teens and adults.

If left unchecked, their caring nature will attract partners with emotional problems, energy vampires, and narcissists. They’ll see those individuals as their mission to solve, often not realizing that the mission’s focus is on themselves. However, once they realize their missions and reach their soul’s truth, Pleiadian starseeds become incredibly powerful beacons of healing energies.

Most Common Pleiadian Starseed traits

We already discussed what Pleiadian starseeds are like, but here’s a complete rundown of traits a Pleiadian starseed might exhibit. Pay attention to how you feel as you’re reading through these signs.

By the way, I also made a video about GENERAL starseed traits and signs:

1: Strong HEART Chakra

Pleiadian starseeds have well-developed heart chakra, which makes them more emotionally driven rather than rational. They make most of their decision from genuine love, and they enjoy the feelings, displays, and acts of love.

This trait, and their caregiving nature, makes them excellent as parents and caretakers. However, they also need love, peace, and sharing to inspire happiness within them.

2: Honesty and Truth

Pleiadians are incredibly honest, even brutally so, and lying isn’t something they’re comfortable with. It even conflicts with their caregiving nature, since sometimes, you have to lie to someone to protect them from harm.

Still, this trait makes them incredibly loyal partners who would never cheat or betray their partner on purpose. And since they’re healers, they’ll try to heal and mend any relationship until it’s proven beyond salvation.

3: The gift from the heart

Pleiadian healing nature makes them emphatic and highly sensitive.

If you’re capable of picking up stuff other people seem to miss or absorb other people’s emotions, you might be a Pleiadian starseed. Empathy is one of the most significant indicators of the soul’s origins.

Since you’re highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, your caregiving nature might produce a burning desire to help specific individuals. This is extremely dangerous to Pleiadian starseeds, especially if the “suffering” individual isn’t asking for help. Even more so if that individual decides to abuse the Pleiadian’s caregiving nature.

Unless controlled, their burning desire will run rampant and cause incredible stress to the Pleiadian starseeds. Especially if someone they cared for betrays their trust. This could push the starseed into resentment and cause anxiety attacks, depression, etc. And since they’re emphatic, these emotions will be amplified thousandfold.

4: Burnouts and escapism

Being an emotional sponge isn’t easy, and as powerful empaths, Pleiadian starseeds are well aware of that. They’re quickly overwhelmed with other people’s emotions, which may be amplified by their own. This leads to burnouts, or in more chronic cases, escapism.

If you don’t learn to recognize a lost cause and detach, you’ll be prone to burnouts.

Usually, such feelings are resolved by spending some time alone, allowing your batteries to recharge. That’s good. But some Pleiadians starseeds are roughly affected by burnouts, which leads to abuse of illicit substances, and sometimes, promiscuous behavior.

5: The Fine Art of Detachment

Being prone to burnouts is another indicator of Pleiadian origin.

And it’s your mission here on Earth, as a Pleiadian starseed, to lean the Fine Art of Detachment. Your Pleiadian caregiving nature won’t allow you to leave anyone in suffering; however, you must let them experience what they have chosen.

You have to learn to make the difference between a lost soul and a lost cause. A lost soul is a soul who lost its way and requires spiritual healing. A lost cause is a human term, in this case, used for souls who have chosen to experience suffering.

Trying to heal a lost soul is one reason Pleiadians come to Earth in the first place. But learning when to detach yourself from souls that don’t want your help is a far more critical mission. By continually trying to help lost causes, you’ll only slow their own ascension and damage yourself in the process.

Mastering the Fine Art of Detachment will allow you to shed old patterns, behaviors, and self-doubt. Without these burdens, you’ll be able to ascend to your place of origin and aid the Earth’s ascension further.


Pleiadian starseeds are beautiful and gentle souls, here on a mission: heal humans, and help Earth ascend.

However, they’re also on a path of their own. If this article, or its parts, resonated within you, then you too know this path. It’s a path of self-love and learning when it’s okay to let go.

What to do next?

Well, what do you feel called to do?

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There are many ways of doing this, but it’s really important that you raise your vibrations if you suspect you might be a starseed.  You’re here for a really specific mission, and being high vibe is critical to even starting to fulfil that.

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