We’ve collected a load of astral projection and spirituality resources and tools for you here, to help you on your journey. They’re sorted by category and constantly updated to remain relevant for you.


The Best Tutorials And Programs

If you’re completely new to all of this, I would suggest starting by clicking the first link below, and going through the beginners guide. It will save you lots of time, and you’ll have a great foundation on which to start having OBEs and raising your vibrations.

  • The Beginners Astral Travel Guide (PDF ebook) – One of the best ebooks about astral projection that will walk you through the beginner steps, and help you overcome most problems that you’d run into.
  • Astral Discovery Video Course: This is a video course SPECIFICALLY for people who have tried to astral project ALREADY but it’s not worked for whatever reason. I break down in detail what’s going wrong, and why it’s not worked and how to fix it
  • Free Raise Your Vibrations Video Training: A free video training we put together to help you raise your vibrations. I also go a bit more into detail about my story, and how I discovered much of this.
  • Free Astral Projection Training and PDF: When you signup to our astral travel list, you’ll get sent a free PDF showing the mistakes you’re probably making, you’ll also get free lessons, stories, tutorials, and access to our free ‘secret video training’, which shows you why MOST people can’t astral project, and how YOU can.
  • The Superhuman Optimisation System: A powerful program we put together to help you implement the MOST effective spiritual and personal growth concepts. This raises your vibration, and helps you to manifest ANYTHING you desire.

Other Spiritual Tools

Brainwave Entrainment

There are certain types of soundwaves called ‘binaural beats‘ or ‘Isochronic tones that make your brain glide into an OBE easily. They work very quickly, and very well.

These can be listened to whenever you like through stereo headphones. There are lots of fakes out there, so we’ve collected only the highest quality and best producers of these beats for you guys:

  • BlissCoded Sound: This isn’t actually binaural beats at all, but it’s meditation audios based on the fibonacci sequence which is said to be the fingerprint of god left through nature. Very excited to share this with you guys, and they have free samples on the site
  • Shifting Vibrations Pack: I led a small audio engineering team to produce a package of highly effective audio tracks, that help you raise your frequency, shift, manifest anything, lucid dream, and astral project.

Physical Tools And Devices

There are certain physical aids that can help you astral project faster, such as crystals and mind meditation devices. It’s best to research these and decide on the best tool for you, because these won’t apply to everyone.

  • Muse Brain Sensing Headband: An EEG device that normal people can buy finally! Strap this headset on and you can visually see your brainwaves changing on the screen of the app. Exciting and useful for meditation and training your brainwaves.
  • Red Light Therapy Device: Red Infared light has been shown to have remarkable effects on the body and mind, and it can help raise your vibrations and frequency too. This is the best device I’ve found so far.
  • Grounding/Earthing Kit: Our bodies build up toxins and free radicals during the day and often we NEVER discharge them. Grounding refers to walking barefoot in nature to release these radicals, but this grounding kit is for people who can’t get into nature and want a more effective option!