So I thought this would be a GREAT place to share all of the reviews we’ve been getting for our astral projection Ebooks and courses.

Astral projection can be TOUGH. 

What’s even more annoying, is that there are a fair few sites and ebooks out there that just teach NONSENSE.

And fairly unsurprisingly, these sites have very few reviews of their courses and products. So we thought we’d change that by collecting and displaying lots of our reviews on this page, so that you can see! REVIEWS

We’ll organise these by product, so that if you’re interested in getting a particular Ebook, you can read reviews specifically for that product.

Here are our main products (links open the sales page in new tabs):

Astral Projection Beginners Guide Reviews

Here are the reviews for the Beginners Guide.

This Ebook is of course, for beginners. 

It teaches you everything you need to know to START astral projecting. It comes with a couple of free bonuses as well (the binaural beats). This is where I’d suggest starting if you’re new.

Here are the reviews:


Raise Your Vibrations To Astral Project Reviews

The Raise Your Vibrations To Astral Project Guide includes over 15 biohacking techniques and interesting techniques for raising your vibrations. By doing that, you’ll make it more likely that you’ll astral project. This is now called the Superhuman Optimisation System and has been massively upgraded. 

Here are the reviews (This is a very new product): 

Astral Projection Mastery Reviews

If you’ve already learned how to astral project, the Astral Projection Mastery guide takes it one step FURTHER. This is no longer sold, but you can find more detailed content in our Astral Discovery Course

In here, you’ll learn LOTS more than you would in the Beginners Guide, and you’ll be able to master having OBEs regularly.

Read the reviews:

Where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start after reading these reviews, it really depends on what level of skill you’re at.

If you’ve not astral projected AT ALL yet, I’d suggest getting the Beginners Guide