You’re not meant to be here.

In fact, you’re here BECAUSE you clicked something hidden that you weren’t supposed to click on. That makes you special in many ways.

You’re a seeker. 

You’re the sort of person who pushes the boundaries and EXPLORES things even when you’re told not to. I like that.

Because that’s the sort of person I am too. I made this page to see how many people like you would actually find it, even if it’s really hidden. This is a secret page, which you can’t get to from a Google search. In fact, it’s barely linked to at all. I linked to it ONCE from this whole website, and you found it.

So why are you here?

What brought you to this site? 

I’d say it was divine timing. You’re looking for answers, and you want to know more. Maybe you want to learn how to astral project? Or maybe you just want to learn more about things like binaural beats. Whatever the case is, you’re here.

What’s next?

If you’re looking for answers, or what to do NEXT, here’s what I suggest.

Learn how to astral project and actually practice the things I teach.

See how you get on, and experiment with this stuff. See what you can do, and how it feels. 

If you’re ready to learn and get started straight away, I have something even better for you.

It’s my Beginners Astral Projection Guide

It takes you by the hand and guides you through learning astral projection and having your first OBE as fast as possible. Check it out and see how it feels!

Anyway, if you’re just here because you randomly clicked on a button that you weren’t meant to, maybe you should click the back button and carry on reading what you were reading before. But whatever you do, don’t leave this site. You’re here now, with me.

Let’s stay together now.