I think a lot of people go wrong with spirituality is that they’ll, especially if you’re a beginner to spirituality, you’re completely new to this.

If you’re NEW, and don’t know where to start,

In this post, we’ll explain how to get started on your spiritual journey. What to watch out for, and how to make the most of the journey.

Maybe you’ve just been thrown in the deep end?

Common Mistake People Make With Spirituality

What a lot of people do wrong in my opinion is that they focus really intensely on one specific aspect of spirituality.

Maybe they’ll hear that crystals are really good idea.

So they’ll go out and buy all the crystals they can find.

They’ll focus intensely on that.

And then maybe they’ll get loads of books about crystals, and then maybe they’ll slowly move on to something else. My opinion on this is that historically and culturally, there’s so much information out there about spirituality.

It’s almost impossible to know what’s true.

What’s not true.

What’s a PSYOP, what’s just manipulation or just plain wrong.

And, and then how, how do you sort that out from what’s actually going to help you, what’s actually useful and wise and use effective knowledge for you to grow spiritually.

It’s very difficult to sort these two out from each other.

The BEST Way To Get Started With Spirituality

So what I would recommend you do as a beginner, is to first go and read really, really broadly. Read one book from EVERY aspect of spirituality.

And then when you’ve done that, then go and pick another book from those aspects and then cross reference them and kind of build up this bigger picture. So in terms of spirituality, what you want to be doing, and by the way, this goes for experiences as well.

This is not just for books.

This goes for experiences.

You know, don’t just go and do 10,000 meditation retreats, maybe do one, see how it feels. And then next go and do like a 10 day meditation retreat for 10 days where you don’t speak for 10 days.

After that, try and do a vegan diet for 30 days, see how you felt and then go barefoot for a month.

The goal is to have as many DIFFERENT experiences as possible, so you can see patterns, connect the dots, and see what’s most likely to be the ‘right way’.

Try to have these different experiences so that you have as many dots as you can, that you can connect to each other instead of just focusing on one dot or maybe two dots really intensely, because the chances of you finding the truth in your first kind of exploration into spirituality, are almost zero.

There’s so much information out there.

And so much of it’s not true or not helpful that you really need to go as broad as possible. Think of yourself as the ‘dot connector’, instead of the ‘expert’.

Have Many DIFFERENT Experiences As Well

So you really need to go BROAD with experiences and with books.

So an example would be, let’s say, if you’re going to go and you’re going to start researching, you’re going to start absorbing knowledge first, go and follow all of the YouTube channels you can find, about spirituality.

And then when you’re reading, pick one from each aspect, so maybe read one book about Christianity, one book about what or one book summarizing all religions.

One book about Buddhism, one book about crystals, one about astrology numerology, and go as broad as you possibly can picking one, usually the best book or the most well reviewed book, in that topic.

And then go and do that for EACH aspect of spirituality.

And if you do that, you will have a very clear picture, much clearer than like 95% of people who say they’re spiritual.

When in reality, all they do is watch one YouTube channel have a deck of tarot cards, and maybe they’ve read like two books, right? Or maybe they’ve read dozens of books about one topic.

That’s a very limited way of becoming spiritual and learning things. And this doesn’t just apply to books. Like I said, this applies to experiences.

There are people who will go to, let’s say a meditation retreat and that’s all they’ll do. They’ll just go to meditation retreats every year.

And whenever they’re asked about spirituality, they will just say, meditation is the only way. It’s the key.

That’s all you need to do.

You don’t need to focus on anything else.

You don’t need to learn anything else.

The Problem With Some Religious Thinking

The same thing happens with some religions or religious people. People will say, oh, I’m a, a Jew, a Christian whatever. Right. And so that’s ‘all I need to know’.

They’ll ‘block out’ everything and anyone that isn’t preaching or talking about THEIR religion. They assume it’s all ‘not true’ or not as important as THEIR chosen belief system.

Or, they’ll say:

’Everything I need to know about the entire cosmos is magically within this one 300 page holy book’.

It sounds incredibly unlikely, when you put it like that, but that’s what these people do when they block out everything else.

At least in the beginning, when you’re not sure what path you want to follow, you have to go really broad. How else are you going to see what really resonates? What you really feel is true and pure?

And instead of focusing really narrowly on one practice, one book, one concept, or even one experience. Reality is a lot more complicated than that. And so that’s why to really get a grasp of a topic, especially spirituality.

You need to go broad.