In this post I’ll explain most of the common types of STARSEEDS, what they mean, and much more.

You’ll learn the common starseed signs, types of starseed, their purpose, and their traits. 

In the beginning there was a Word, a sound, a thought.

A vibration, if you will, that seeded life among the stars and planes of existence.

Now that life sprouts its own seeds that spread the very same word, or rather a vibration that helps other worlds evolve and transcend – known as ‘Starseeds’.


What are Starseeds?

According to channelers:

Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings that originate from other realms or planets, who possess archaic spiritual and scientific knowledge that spans over centuries.

How it works:

The soul of a starseed originates on another planet, usually pretty far away (but not always). This soul then incarnates on Earth (and other planets) usually to carry out a particular MISSION or PURPOSE.

The universe contains over 100 billion galaxies that we can observe and untold numbers that we have yet to discover.

So, it stands to reason that it’s highly unlikely that we’re the only sentient or intelligent race in the universe.

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Starseeds are the traveling souls from other planes and planets that are incarnated on Earth, to inspire and heal human beings, and aid planetary evolution.

As such, Starseeds could very well be physical descendants of extraterrestrial races, so-called aliens from other worlds.

They could also be manifestations of celestial beings, like incarnated angels or elementals that chose to take human form and help raise our consciousness.

In short, Starseeds are, for the most part, non-human souls from other worlds incarnated on Earth.

They’re usually benevolent beings that, using the vast knowledge and experience embedded in their souls, seek to uplift the human race.

However, some Starseeds aren’t as benevolent as others – Saurians are a good example of not-so-good Starseed incarnations.

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How do you recognize a Starseed?


Human science still hasn’t devised a way to recognize Starseeds, though we can agree that they most likely exist. Some Starseeds are even completely unaware that they are, in fact, star people – the carriers of light and knowledge.

You see, when Starseeds agree to come to Earth through incarnations, they’re made to forget their home and true origins.

Many even forget their mission here on Earth and go through their entire human existence never realizing where their souls really came from. Only through awakening they’re able to see their true purpose and re-discover their mission.

So, if you ever wandered through life feeling misplaced, or homesick for a place you can’t name, you could very well be a Starseed too.

a home anong the stars

Starseeds often spend their lifetimes feeling out of place in this world and completely different than others.

And while there’s no doctor’s appointment that could tell you if you’re a Starseed or not, all star people exhibit the same common traits.

Some people speculate that Starseeds have specific physical features, like tall and thin build, big eyes, and a broad forehead. However, that’s not true.

Souls that seek expansion don’t prefer one physical type over another, and Starseeds are no exception – they come in all shapes and sizes.

The same can be said for their abilities; they aren’t omni-talented souls with superhuman abilities.

For the most part, they’re just like every other human on a planet, with their individual aspirations and emotions.

That said:

Star people are usually more emotionally intelligent and socially aware since they’ve lived in a variety of worlds, and accumulated vast experience.


That experience might resonate within them, awarding them with brighter hearts and the keenest intuitions.

Most common starseed signs and traits

As we previously mentioned, all Starseeds exhibit some common traits.

You might feel like you don’t belong here, on this planet or plane, and the livelihood of modern humans might even seem bizarre to you.

You might struggle to fit into traditional social roles and have a strong urge to fight the authorities that would seek to impose a role on you.

By the way, I made a short video explaining several starseed SIGNS: 

Here are the signs that might indicate that you’re a Starseed:

1: Feeling homesick, even at home or around your ‘Earth family’

For most star people, the homesick feeling develops at the beginning stages of their personal recognition and awakening. You might feel homesick and nostalgic for places you can’t name, or even remember.

This is entirely normal, and possibly accompanied by flashes of past lives, or encounters with spirit guides.

The deep yearning to go back is the inevitable part of the awakening process, and all Starseeds feel homesick in the beginning.

Difficult as it may be, at times, it’s worth remembering that your soul chose to come here and that you’re here for a reason, a mission.

You might feel a deeper connection with the stars of your homeworld, but this is your home now until your job here is done.

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2: Deeper connections towards certain things, times, and places

Most star people feel a strong pull towards things that they remember, even instinctively.

For example, you might feel a strong pull towards Renaissance Italy, because you were already there and then in one of your past lives.

Starseeds from different worlds might even feel connected to other, distant star systems and worlds.

Incarnated Elementals are drawn towards certain elements, while incarnated angels strongly orient towards the angelic kingdom.

Wherever you may be from, you might even have intense, vivid dreams and memories of your past life, and place of origin.

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3: You feel like an ‘Old Soul’

Starseeds tend to be incredibly old souls that have amassed vast knowledge and experience, and you might even remember centuries into the past.

Many of them incarnated in various star systems long before coming to Earth.

Old Souls are wise beyond their years, always in the pursuit of scientific knowledge and spiritual growth, with almost complete disregard for the petty actions of others.

Star people are rarely materialistic beyond bare necessities and tend to be advocates of sustainability, conservation, and animal welfare.

Also, they tend to understand metaphysics instinctively, like downloading information and knowledge and making sense of it.

4: Higher intuition and extreme empathy

Many star people have higher intuition and extreme empathy, though one doesn’t necessarily accompany the other.

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Sometimes, their intuition might border on a full-blown psychic power, where others stay unaware of their full potential.

Higher intuition allows you to feel, or instantly know something, or someone, without explanation.

Starseeds have experience embedded in their souls, which they subconsciously tap into when necessary, providing them with the feeling of familiarity, or knowing.

Where higher intuition usually helps out, extreme empathy can be emotionally overwhelming.

Feeling other people’s emotions and energy can often be too much to handle, causing star children to stay away from the crowds.

Even positive emotions of the crowd, when unchecked, can be overbearing for an empath.

Luckily, with little conditioning, you can learn to control your empathy, and detach emotionally when necessary.

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5: Freedom and significance

Highly advanced forms, much like advanced civilizations, value freedom above anything else.

And Starseeds often clash with systematic hierarchy and authoritative figures for that very reason.

They oppose anything enslaving them, or the rest of humanity, to anyone or anything that goes against their beliefs.

Some of them even oppose traditional societal roles and order that those roles instill. Especially when they’re wandering around without purpose.

On the other hand, Starseeds are also characterized by a complete disregard for human pettiness.

They’re not easily phased by things they consider insignificant and find most human interests to be incredibly mundane.

You’ll likely find a Starseed in front of a book, be it scientific or fantasy, rather than a TV.

Star children naturally pursue self-improvement, significance, and purpose, which might cause others to believe they’re self-centered, when in fact, they’re not.

people giving aid to people in need

6: Purpose and service to others

Pursuing self-improvement is often done while searching for a purpose.

Most Starseeds have a strongly developed feeling of purpose but may struggle to pinpoint it.

It’s not unusual for Starseeds to awaken and become aware of their true self once they discover their true purpose and mission here on Earth.

But as a result of the constant pursuit for their purpose, many star people go through extensive self-improvement, becoming extraordinary individuals.

Most of them discover their mission and purpose through helping and serving others.

Selfless acts of service are often empowering to Starseeds, as it might bring them closer to their missions – serving others.

This can be difficult at times, as the takers in this world might be compelled to take advantage of you.

taurus constellation

Different Types of Starseeds Explained

Starseeds originate from all over the universe and incarnate here on Earth to teach, heal, and help up evolve our consciousness.

Here are some known types of Starseeds:

1: Sirian starseeds

Starseeds of Sirian origin come from planets Sirius A and Sirius B, some of the brightest stars in our sky.

The original inhabitants of these planets came from Vega, located in the Lyra constellation, the supposed home of our ancestors.

Both stars are now inhabited with Ascended Masters like Jesus, and water elementals like the Miengu and Merpeople.

2: Pleiadean starseeds

stars in the sky

The Pleiades is a star cluster found within the Taurus constellation, whose inhabitants exist within a fifth-dimensional frequency – a frequency that births love and creativity.

The Pleiadeans are the record keepers of Earth that live in a matriarchal society that praises women, children, and families.

They’re very similar to humans, apart from being emotionally and spiritually evolved.

3: Arcturian starseeds

Arcturians are one of the most advanced civilizations in our galaxy, which also inhabit the fifth-dimensional plane.

Their society is the prototype of how life on Earth should’ve worked.

Acturians, much like other fifth through ninth-dimensional societies, resemble angelic realms to help human souls’ transition from their passing to their rebirths.

4: Andromedan starseed (pretty common)

andromedan starseed

Andromedans are a benevolent race with telepathic powers that originate from the spiral-shaped Andromeda Galaxy.

Though quite loving, Andromedans are also intellectually developed masters of all categories of science, thanks to the balanced brain hemispheres.

These beautiful and loving beings bring love and peace to all the races enslaved by the Reptilian races, which we’ll discuss later.

5: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow starseeds

Coming from angelic realms, these individuals often possess supernatural abilities like telepathy, reality-shifting, light-emanation, clairvoyance, and energy cleansing.

Indigos are infused with, and wield powers of Archangel Michael, and can be relentless and stubborn in their intolerance of unfairness.

Crystals are more joyous and kinder than Indigos since they’re infused with the clarity and joy of Archangel Gabriel, the left hand of Judaic YHWH.

Rainbows children are often diagnosed with some form of autism, representing the latest wave of healing souls to visit Earth.

Many modern scholars debate the nature of Rainbows accompanying autism as the next evolutionary step of the human race.

6: Lightworkers (worth a mention)

Lightworkers are special Starseeds that originate from a variety of planets, realms, and planes of existence.

They always incarnate as souls that make significant impacts on humanity, and our spiritual ascension.

Their primary missions are to spread and inspire acts of kindness and love in every living being they come across.

7: Apollonean starseeds

apollonean starseed

Apolloneans thrive on learning and personal and collective scientific and spiritual development.

Most of Apollonean starseeds take interest in developing various skills and dislike societal limits and labels.

They usually take healing roles on Earth, since they have good recognition of energies, auras, spirits, and spiritual learning.

8: Reptilians starseeds

Reptilians, also known as Saurians or Draconians, are shape-shifters that seek control of many planets and their resources for selfish benefits.

They’re capable of altering their appearance and seek political and financial power that allows them to control entire societies and civilizations.

Luckily, they have a long list of enemies among Light’s agents, which combat the Reptilians.

While you can’t say for sure whether you’re a starseed or not, in the beginning, your self-realization will gradually progress as your consciousness continues to develop.

reptillian starseed

Identifying some of these traits is a good indicator of origin, and simply reading through different types might resonate within you.

Once you fully unlock your consciousness and explore your past lives, your origins will be revealed to you.

9: Mintakan Starseeds

Mintakan Starseeds are individuals who are believed to have a cosmic heritage and a connection to the star system of Mintaka in the Orion constellation.

According to the New Age movement, Mintakan Starseeds possess advanced spiritual and psychic abilities that allow them to guide and assist others on their spiritual journey.

mintakan starseeds

A few last words

Earth is the cradle of humanity, and humanity always had its eyes on the stars.

In the end, we’re not meant to stay in our cradles forever. So, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Starseed or not, you can attain transcendence by spreading love, kindness, and positive vibrations.

You always get what you give, and where one grows, others grow too.

What to do next?

Well, what do you feel called to do?

If you think you ARE a starseed, it’s very likely you came here for a particular mission or purpose. Time is limited, and it’s ESSENTIAL that you raise your vibrations as HIGH as possible. 

I made a free video masterclass that explains how you can do that, and you can watch it here